ssd cache

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    Ceph SSD Cache for HDD Array. Which pool do I add to proxmox? SSD or HDD

    I am a beginner to proxmox and ceph. Currently in the middle of testing for deployment to a production environment. What I've done (hopefully to help others puzzling over the same issue as well as to verify that my work is correct): 1. Install PVE and Activate CEPH 2. Added 2 x SSD drives...
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    Optimal Drive Configuration

    Good day, I've been tinkering with Proxmox for a bit now, and I'm wondering what the best tactic is for drive configurations. I'm using an R710 with an h200 (which I'll be converting into JBOD HBA shortly). Along with this is 30gb of ram and 3 storage devices: 1x Samsung 870 Evo 250GB - SSD 1x...
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    Can i used part sizefrom hard disk for cache or must use full size?

    Hi all, I have proxmox VE server and i want to add cache and i want to use 100Gb from 1000Gb ssd hard disk on ZFS, can i make it ??
  4. G

    New Proxmox server - considerations and disk layout

    Hello, Currently I have an old server at home I wish to upgrade. This server is an old i5-2500K, with 16GB of RAM, a 120GB SSD for booting and a Areca RAID controller with a 2x500GB mirror and a 6x2TB Raid 6 volume. Current OS is Windows Server 2016. I use it for the following purposes: -...
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    2 SSDs as cache - Striped?

    I have 2x 512Gb Samsung 860 PRO drives (MLC) ready to go in to my pool of spinning disks as cache. But I wonder what the best set up would be for this. I want to have both write and read cache but to be able to max out my 10gbe connection they need to be striped. So should i stripe these drives...
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    Ceph and local cache on SSD

    Hello, we are planning to create 2 clusters: Cluster 1: Compute Nodes (Proxmox 5.2); Cluster 2: Storage Nodes (last version of Ceph) with initially 32 TB of storage on HDDs and at least 4 TB on SSD for mixed workload. In red some questions Cluster 1 3 x Compute Node CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon...
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    Erster Homeserver: Passthrough, ZFS, SSD Cache, Partionierung - Hilfe gesucht

    Hi zusammen, der Titel verrät es: Ich baue meinen ersten Homeserver zusammen, der vor allem als schneller Fileserver für die Foto- und Videobearbeitung und für eine Ubuntu und Windows VM mit entsprechenden Diensten (Plex, Nextcloud, Docker, Time Machine, etc.) dienen soll. Nun bin ich am...
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    Windows Server 2016 Slow Write Speeds on NVME SSD?

    I have a Samsung 950 PRO PCIe NVMe 512gb M.2. I just installed Proxmox to test-out Windows Server 2016 in it. I went with viostor because that's the only driver during the install windows accepted, expect for SATA and IDE but they are too slow. Super fast read speeds!!! 6,550 MB/s. But crazy...
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    Adding SSD for cache - ZIL / L2ARC

    Hello, I´ve installed the latest Proxmox 4.1 via iso on one of my dedicated servers. The specs are: CPU1: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (Cores 8) Memory: 24061 MB Disk /dev/sda: 750 GB (=> 698 GiB) Disk /dev/sdb: 750 GB (=> 698 GiB) Disk /dev/sdc: 120 GB (=> 111 GiB)...


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