1. sa-learn and HA Cluster

    Hey all, i have here 2 nodes in an HA Cluster. On node 1 I used the command sa-learn to learn spam mails: "sa-learn --dbpath /var/lib/amavis/.spamassassin --progress --spam /var/spam/" I noticed, that on node 1 the folder "/var/lib/amavis" exists, but on node 2 it is not. Have i do the...
  2. Much SPAM Email Allow On PMG

    Hi, Could you please help me, i get much incoming SPAM, there are any best way to handle SPAM ? like Hardening or tuning any configuration on PMG ? Also i have question about Mail Filter, i have rule like this : - Rules Name : Allow Spam ( Level 0 ) - Action Object : Accept & Modify SPam...
  3. DerDanilo

    [SOLVED] User address in mail header

    We found a weird issue on several PMGs filtering mails exposing other users addresses in the mail header. This is GDPR wise an absolute fail and should be fixed asap. Apparently the spam header lists "Sender email is commonly abused enduser mail provider (......... list of other users...
  4. error: gpg required but not found! It is not recommended, but you can use "sa-update" with the --no-gpg to skip the verification.

    Hello everyone, If I trigger sa-update via proxmox web-gui, I have the following error: error: gpg required but not found! It is not recommended, but you can use "sa-update" with the --no-gpg to skip the verification. How can I fix it? Regards, Oliver
  5. sa-learn ham mails in quarantine

    would it be feasible to train the bayes-database with emails the user released from the quarantine as ham? - sometimes false-positives get caught by the quarantine. - the users will usually notice, and release these mails from the quarantine. - my idea is to use this information to train the...
  6. using spam-bar instead of spam-stars

    traditionally, our (pre-PMG) exim4-mailserver has used spamassassin's `$spam_bar` to indicate the spam-level with `+` signs, e.g. X-Spam-Score: +++++++ now PMG uses `__SPAM_STARS__` instead, which is similar in concept, but uses a different characters (`*` instead of `+`), e.g. X-Spam-Score...
  7. SPAMASSASIN not update

    Hi, i have a Proxmox Mail Gateway version 5.0-61, and when try to update my spamassasin database the update show this msg: Update available for channel -1 -> 1832222 http: (curl) GET http: // /updates/MIRRORED.BY, FAILED, status: exit 22 error...


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