1. innostus

    Uncontrolled shutdown

    Ones in a while, my PVE server shuts itself down. But not a clean shutdown. VM's are not shutdown before the servers stops. What I can find in the logs: Mar 07 00:00:52 pveserver pvefw-logger[28347]: received terminate request (signal) Mar 07 00:00:52 pveserver systemd[1]: Reloaded PVE...
  2. B

    Proxmox shuting down all VMs randomly

    Hi, I've been hosting my Proxmox server for about one year now and it randomly shuts down my VMs about every week or two. Theres no real damage done, it's just anoying to have to start them all again every week or two. I'm not two experienced with reading logs, so I wanted to ask if someone...
  3. Y

    Stop looping task "STOP"

    How can i stop some "shutdown" task regarding a failed nodes in looping ? The "stop" task button is not clickable .. Thanks!
  4. gurubert

    Clean shutdown of whole cluster

    Hi, what is the recommended procedure to shutdown a complete PVE cluster including HA resources? The manual only talks about maintenance of single nodes, but sometimes it is necessary to shutdown everything. We have observed that a simple shutdown on all nodes is not sufficient as HA fencing...
  5. U

    Random Server Reboot

    Hi All, New to the Proxmox/Homelabbing so bare with me as I try to provide details. Running Prox on a Dell 720XD - couple of VMs, containers, etc. Nothing crazy and things have been stable. Today - randomly, noticed that the game server I was on shutdown. I could not find anything Hardware...
  6. M

    NUT with UPS shutdown

    I have installed nut on proxmox and managed to define the UPS. NUT successfuly executed a FSD, but not sure how to actually turn off the UPS, so an automatic poweron after power has returned would be executed. What I don't fully understand: 1) Do I need to manually call upsdrvctl shutdown in...
  7. M

    Fast CT shutdown, very slow (minutes) CT stop

    Hi, In another thread I’ve asked for some help about why Proxmox does not fully shutdown and test stuck for minutes with a black screen and blinking cursor. I’ve noticed this strange behavior: root@pve:~# time pct shutdown 101...
  8. L

    Proxmox Shutdowns after daily activities

    Hi, newbie here, Every day since I installed proxmox my laptop, it always shutdowns without any interaction. This happens only at night arround 1-3 pm. I can only see the following logs Nov 22 02:13:52 pve smartd[640]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], SMART Usage Attribute: 190...
  9. M

    3 Node Proxmox HA Cluster (NUT Shutdown) / Shutdown Policy

    Hallo, ich betreibe mehrere 3 Node PVE HA Cluster (7.2-7) ohne Ceph (nur lokales ZFS mit Replication). Alle drei PVE Server sind an eine USV/UPS angeschlossen, welche bei niedrigem Batteriestand den Shutdown triggert. d.h. Alle drei Nodes werden (mehr oder weniger) Zeitversetzt...
  10. Z

    VMs gehen automatisch aus, bei inaktivität.

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Community, ich möchte hier gerne mein aktuelles Problem mit euch teilen. Ich bin vor ein paar Tagen in das Hetzner RZ gezogen, nutze ganz normal PVE 7(2-11) und habe aktuell zwei VMs auf Proxmox laufen. Beides sind Windows KVMs und auf beiden laufen 24/7 Softwares, die den...

    BUG? PROXMOX stopped all guest vms on clicking shutdown at node

    Hello everyone, today I pressed the "Shutdown" button in the upper right corner after selecting my single node on the left hand side. No HA, no Ceph, just a single PROXMOX 7.2-7 machine. I expected the system starts shutting down all guests and shuts down itself afterwards like with the...
  12. DynFi User

    Shutting down all VM / CT in parallel

    I would like to know if you know how I can shutdown ALL VM / CT in parallel ? (as in the GUI). I have setup a script to shutdown VM, CT and then set the noout flag on the CEPH Cluster and finally shutdown the server. Problem is that the script iterates with a for loop (which causes VM to be...
  13. P

    Proxmox Hypervisor shutting down intermittently

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue where my proxmox hypervisor shuts down intermittently. I noticed as i try to access my vms from my laptop and they were off, only to realise the whole hpervisor shut down totally. I just booted it back up and it seems fine but it happened twice...
  14. E

    Proxmox PVE Server (Host) shutting down while backup of VM

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago my server running just a Windows Server 2016 VM keeps shutting down while running a backup. Ive tried running a backup while machine is stopped but makes no difference. I dont observe any error or messages in /var/log/syslog file as it happens suddenly. Had a UPS but...
  15. K

    VMs shutting down unexpectedly

    Hi Everyone, my VM (Win-Server 2022) is shutting down unexprectdly and i have to turn it on and after 1-2 days it happens again and again. i saw somewhere that Windows is not activated that is why it shutdown itself automaticly. (Windows is activated) will be happy to know if someone can...
  16. powersupport

    VMs not migrating when the node is down

    Hi, Today, we have a power failure in one of the nodes and went shutdown, but none of the VMs in the node migrated to another node, may I know if anyone can advise on this? Thank you
  17. D

    Container/VM shutdown nach bestimmter Zeit

    Liebes Proxmox Team, gibt es eine Möglichkeit eine VM und einen Container nach einer bestimmten Zeit herunterzufahren? Wenn ich z.B. in meiner Host console "qm shutdown 100 -h 60" eingebe, soll die VM in 60 Sekunden herunterfahren. Nach ausführen des Befehls kommt diese Fehlermeldung: "Unknown...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Shutdown Container

    Liebes Proxmox Team, Gibt es ein Befehl, den ich in die Konsole vom Host eingben kann, der dann einen Container sauber herrunterfährt? z.B. Möchte ich ein Shutdown beim Contaimer 115 machen. Wenn ich "qm shutdown 115 eingebe", kommt ein Fehler, dass 115 keine VM ist. Welchen befehl müsste ich...
  19. D


    Hello dear Proxmox team, Dear Proxmox Team, Our server is connected to a UPS. In the event of a power failure, the VMs on the server should shut down cleanly, as should the physical servers. Is there a template for a script that shuts down the individual VMs before the physical server...
  20. A

    Host hangs on shutdown because of stuck vms

    Hello, Suppose we have a VM that is stuck for a reason and won't respond to a shutdown command(for example, booted a live cd, guest agent not active, etc) - either issued manually via the UI or triggered when trying to shutdown the host. If this was a manual shutdown, it can be easily fixed by...


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