san storage

  1. V

    Shared Storage with FC-SAN

    Hello, I'm trying to get the best storage possible using fiber-channel SAN. With Multipath, I'm able to get the SAN appear as disk on my nodes, and I'm able to create a PV/VG on it. So I have now a Shared storage based on LVM, on my SAN, available on all my nodes. The only issue I get, is...
  2. Y

    Advice for a redundant SAN?

    What is the best Open Source solution to create a SAN for a 13 node proxmox cluster? I wouldn't want to use a product that after a year I find the license cost doubled or the company going bankrupt ;-) In the past I tried with Ceph.. but the snaps were much much slower than ZFS and over time...
  3. A

    SAS Multipath

    Hey evreryone! I was able to get guidance on getting my SAS disks to show up in Proxmox. I have two Dell R350s and a Dell EMC ME4012. Each R350 has two SAS cables connecting to controller A and B. When I look at the disks I see.. So the ME4 3.84 TB and 1.20TB disks show up twice. Same way...
  4. K

    Proxmox, 6 node cluster with FC - Emulex HBA cards - SAN Volumes

    Hi Support, We are planning to setup a six node Proxmox env with SAN connectivity (FC - Emulex HBA cards), I couldnt find online documentation on how to add the block SAN volume into cluster nodes. Can you please help share procedure, appreciated for your support.
  5. U

    PVE 7.2 Issues with thick LVM on iSCSI

    I've poked around the forums and search engines but I can't find a clear answer on how to get a new thick LVM volume built on top of an iSCSI LUN to show as available on all nodes in the cluster. I have a 5 node HA cluster with a small iSCSI SAN for some storage. When I add the new iSCSI LUN in...
  6. T

    setup san fc storage as a backup device

    Recently we have purchased a HP MSA 2060 FC which we are using it as main storage for VMs. However, we have another san fc storage which is dell powervault MD3800f. we would like to know the best practice way to setup the dell storage as backup for the VMs. I just confused how to add a block...
  7. S

    san storage in proxmox

    hi all , I have proxmox server , this server connected to san storage to get 11TB , my problem is he read 4 disks with same storage , for example #lsblk sdb 8:16 0 12T 0 disk └─sdb1 8:17 0 12T 0 part sdc...
  8. T

    proxmox external scale up storage

    Hello, I am looking for a SAN storage solution in scale-up configuration if possible in HA for VMs and lxc containers under proxmox. The ceph solution is very attractive in tandem with proxmox in a scale-out configuration but the hardware I have does not allow me to do it...
  9. M

    The best File System to buid up a Proxmox cluster

    Hello I am volunteer administrator for a non profit organization in France . We have received a donation of an old hardware configuration with 2 servers and a SAN appliance: 2 Serveurs IBM 7944 52G 1x Six-Core Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHz (12 MB cache), 1x 4 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 MHz LP SDRAM...
  10. Y

    Software Defined Storage Solution

    Hi Guys. I´m thinking of using either TrueNAS or Windows Server with it´s Storage capabilites. I´m not really sure which one to focus to have it as a Storage backend for my proxmox cluster which consist of 5 nodes. Mainly i want to have a very fast storage with high IO. Disks and everything...
  11. P

    FC SAN Storage multipath with Proxmox VE 6.3

    Hello All, We are testing ProxmoxVE 6.3 in our environment. We have the configuration setup as below: 1. 2 * HPE DL360 Servers - Proxmox VE 6.3 installed in each. 2-port FC HBA in each server. 2. Cisco MDS 9148 SAN Switches. 3. QSAN Xevo 2026 AFA with FC HBA 4. Jetstor 812 FXD with FC HBA I am...
  12. Z

    iSCSI: storage '<name>' is not online, VM working, no possibility to backup and/or migrate

    Hello! I'm running a PVE 5.2 cluster with 4 nodes. The cluster is attached to a SAN, an HP P2000 G3 iSCSI. VMs are hosted on the SAN. The first controller of the SAN failed. Everything is running on the second controller, but I can't manage PVE anymore. Although VMs are running, it seems that...
  13. Y

    Witch 40G Card for a Omnios San Storage Setup ?

    Hello, I'd like to install a test cluster with shared iSCSI storage / SAN. I read that the recommended solution is to use it as storage Omnios/Comstar. Can anyone recommend an Omios compatible 40G QSFP+ network card? ( tested ) I'm reading Illumos compatibility list, but is not so reliable, i...
  14. C

    Multipathd wird erst nach LVM geladen wenn LV existiert

    Hallo, ich habe eine Testumgebung aufgebaut (PVE 6.1), bestehend aus 2x IBM X3650M3 und 1x DS3524. Das SAN ist direkt via SAS redundant angebunden unter Verwendung von multipath. Die SAN-Volumes sind in Proxmox vom Typ LVM shared angelegt. Soweit funktioniert alles zufriedenstellend. Sobald...
  15. Y

    The Best Solution to build a Redundant SAN

    Hello, What do you recommend for a ZFS redundant two-node SAN? I Will use ISCSI to connect it to proxmox. My Storage configuration should support from 80 to 160 Tb of storage space. Thanks!
  16. J

    iSCSI connections to SAN

    Hi, I have a number of proxmox hosts, and some connected to a Dell/EMC SAN. On most of the connected hosts i have added an iSCSI connection to the san and then either used the luns directly or added an LVM volume on top.However i'm trying to set up a new host now, and i can add the iSCSI...
  17. aasami

    [SOLVED] WARNING: PV 0tO1MK-jzPE-WKj4-RBi6-Ev9t-4Yvf-jXgNGF on /dev/sde was already found on /dev/mapper/san3

    Hi, I have a PVE cluster where all nodes are connected to several SANs using multipath. However one PV in LVM complains, that it is using one of the paths instead of multipath device: [node5@15:35 ~]# pvdisplay WARNING: PV 0tO1MK-jzPE-WKj4-RBi6-Ev9t-4Yvf-jXgNGF on /dev/sde was already found on...
  18. K

    Proxmox Cluster,SAN Storage FC,Over-Commit Storage,How?

    Hello, I'm looking Solution PVE storage types. Setup Proxmox Cluster(HA) with SAN Storage Fibre Channel. I Setup LVM Storage types missing problem : Doesn't over-commit in the LVM space VM. I Setup LVM-THin Storage types missing problem : Doesn't Migration VM What should i use Storage...
  19. I

    Problems with SAN when writing large IOs - need to set max_sectors_kb

    Hello Proxmox Community! We've got a 6 node Proxmox cluster running the current version of proxmox 4.4. The disks of our VMs are located on one of our 2 multipathed iSCSI SANs. We got a new one this year and rebuilt our network with 10 GbE DAC Ethernet, a physically seperated 10 GbE LAN and...
  20. F

    Setup SAN storage

    Even this was already discussed in the forum, i'm opening a new thread because i didn't find a solution. We are in the process of setting up a small cluster (3/4 nodes), with no HA requirements. To each of this nodes the same SAN LUN is presented. The problem is: how we format and share the...


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