PVE 7.2 Issues with thick LVM on iSCSI


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Sep 15, 2022
I've poked around the forums and search engines but I can't find a clear answer on how to get a new thick LVM volume built on top of an iSCSI LUN to show as available on all nodes in the cluster. I have a 5 node HA cluster with a small iSCSI SAN for some storage. When I add the new iSCSI LUN in the PVE GUI it's picked up by all the nodes in the cluster. When I create the LVM volume on the iSCSI LUN it only shows up for the node it was created on. No combination of pvs | pverescan | vgscan gets the LVM volume discovered by PVE. Once I reboot a node then the LVM is detected.

Any advise on what step I am missing would be appreciated and I'd be happy to help update documentation around that.
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What is the output of pveversion?
What is the context of /etc/pve/storage.cfg after adding new lun?
What is the output of "lsscsi" on each node (at least two) after adding the new lun?
What is the output of "lsblk" on each node (at least two) after adding the new lun?
What is the procedure you are using to create the LVM?
What is the context of /etc/pve/storage.cfg after adding LVM?
What is the context of "lsblk" on each (at least two) node after adding LVM?

When you say the LVM is detected - which node did you reboot? Does it stay detected after reboot? Repeat the above steps after rebooting the node.
How often do you add luns?

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