1. X

    Ruleset for whitelisting outgoing email receivers

    Dear forum We are looking for a rule set that will automatically whitelist the recipient's email address when the email is sent. Do you have any idea how to solve it? Best regards
  2. K

    Stop proccesing mail after rule triggering

    Hello there How to implement to stop process any rules after first rule triggered? For example - when AV rule detect virus in letter - do not process next rules like spam detect. Now our rules look like (see att). Logs are: Aug 12:57:06 antispam postfix/smtpd[321288]: connect from...
  3. D

    Enabling Firewall breaks connection to all VMs

    Hello, I have a proxmox server running 7.4-13. When I try to enable the firewall on datacenter level, all connections to my VMs break and I can't ping them. Even those VMs which have no firewall enabled in VM Firewall and Hardware settings. Also my NFS mount from my TrueNAS VM breaks...
  4. CarstenMartens

    [SOLVED] Mailfilter Regelsatz per CLI anpassen und akt- bzw. deaktivieren

    Hallo, nachdem wir heute von einem unseren Kunden der ein teures Ticketsystem benutzt, wegen einem Fehler in diesem mit Mails zugebombt wurden, würde ich gern wissen ob Wer-Objekte per CLI geändert werden können und Regeln als solches deaktiviert bzw. aktiviert werden können. Danke für die Hilfe
  5. P

    Cluster Firewall

    Hi Guys, I have 4 Server cluster i am trying to apply firewall rule to block 1 IP range from another interacting or accessing but i am unable to do so, i have been scratching my head since morning if someone can enlighten me a bit it would be great. firewall is enabled on Datacanter->Node-> VM...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Mail Filter wird nicht angewendet

    Ich habe einen Mailfilter für eine Header Translation konfiguriert, d.h. die Sender-E-Mail wird bei ausgehenden Mails geändert. Filter: Von: Aktionsobjekt: Feld: from, Wert: D.h. es kommt eine E-Mail von unserem Mailserver (Kopano) zum PMG...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] iptables rule to allow access from one VM (private ip) to second VM (public ip)

    Hello Who can help with understanding such question. I have two VM with private ip addresses. One of them have rules to allow access by several ports from outside to public ip of the Proxmox. So rules work - I have access to VM from outside. iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -d 116.XXX.XXX.99...
  8. hoffmn01

    [SOLVED] PMG Disclaimer - HTML and Text only possible

    Hello Forum, we recently changed our mail gateway infrastructure to PMG and we are quite happy with it. Nevertheless we do have one issue. We use HTML disclaimer we add with the action/ruleset in PMG. Is there any reliable way to have an alternative disclaimer for text only mails? How can we...
  9. H

    pmg-smtp-filter cannot remove rule

    Hello, I have writte some time ago a blacklist rule which should block sender with the tld ".xyz" After a while I removed the rule and deleted all entries belonging to it but in the logs of both nodes I see this: Feb 8 09:44:56 xxxxxxxx pmg-smtp-filter[1647]: WARNING: ^* matches null string...
  10. G

    SPF rule

    Guys, good afternoon! All right? I would like to use the PROXMOX email gateway as AntiSpam for a Microsoft Exchange server, however I would like to create some rules that I am applying and it is not working. For example: In "Mail Proxy" "Options" I deactivated the option "Use SPF" because I...
  11. I

    Accepting Only Allowed Attachments

    Hi Proxmox Team, I'm Adapting on our Proxmox MG Structure, Instead of Blocking Individual Mail Attachments, Accept Only Specific Mail Attachments How Can I Write the Rule?
  12. J

    How to create a rule matching both (logical AND) criteria?

    Please forgive my dumbness as I'm new to Proxmox Mail Gateway, but how do you create a "logical AND" rule? For example, I want to match a mail if at the same time: To: a certain address Subject: include a certain keyword I've tried using multiple "Match Field"s in a single What object and...
  13. O

    Are my rules corrects for securing proxmox

    Hi. Are my rules correct? Thank you in advance. I have performed a full tcp and udp port scan with Zenmap and the proxmox host appear completely without open ports. ------------------------- Rules are applied on the main cluster ,not node: any INPUT connection from my static ip, also...
  14. F

    Rules with object/quarantine and whitelist

    Hello I created "What Object" who block mails who have field contains "newsletter@" and make following action : - quarantine - Modify spam subject -> OK it works! But if user whitelist a mail blocked with this rule, the whitelist doesn't work (I tested with differente priority + and -)...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Inverse match in filter rules

    Hi there. The filter engine of PMG is really great, but there's something I can't achieve : inverse match. For example, I'd like to Bcc every inbound email to a specific address, except if the original dest is (because this email receive a tons of email I'm not interrested...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] Update SpamAssassin Custom Rules and Apply Them

    Not sure if it's a bug or a case of user error, however if I apply changes to my SpamAssassin rules, I don't have a mechanism to 'live update' the rules with the new Customized SA rules. The headache I run into with this is several custom patterns have been added live, and I've had no way to...
  17. P

    Access Proxmox over VPN

    Hello I'm new, need some help. I am running Proxmox 5.0.23 on my Server and installed Pfsense in a Virtual Machine. Now I use OpenVPN to access some Services in my LAN. Everthing works but Proxmox is not available. I can't ping the IPv4 adress and read something about internal firewall on...
  18. C

    Firewall: How to define rule only valid for Proxmox host?

    Hello! According to wiki, all rules defined in /etc/pve/firewall/cluster.fw are "cluster wide firewall rules for all nodes". Question: Where should I define rules that are only valid for the host but not overall for all nodes? THX


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