1. D

    Not able to reach internet from LAN with PFsense

    Hello guys, I started to install a Proxmox VE on a server as a Home Lab to host some services. Those services needs to be accessed from anywhere. Basically, I've followed this tutorial: But I think...
  2. P

    PBS Router permanent hinzufügen

    Guten Morgen, ich habe mal eine Frage bezüglich dem hinzufügen einer permanenten Route. Wenn ich eine Route wie bei angegeben hinzufüge, dann funktioniert diese bis zum neustart (z.B. ip route add via...
  3. S

    Is the Doc about NAT maqueraded trafic wrong ?

    Hi, I've PVE installed on a debian VM (A) on VMWare for testing purpose, before doing it on bare metal. Inside Proxmox, i've another guest debian VM (B) with which I try to access the internet thru a natted and maqueraded interface configured on debian A, but can't. I've followed the official...
  4. P

    can't get ping to default gateway

    I'm trying to connect to my proxmox server(normal desktop pc) from my laptop and my proxmox server to the internet. They are connected via ethernet and a small hub( which works perfectly fine, I can ping from my laptop the default gateway). ip addr, ip route, ip neigh output: do you guys have...
  5. S

    I cannot reach the VMs in the cluster subnet

    Hi, I have installed proxmox on an OVH cloud, following a restart of the cluster I can no longer reach the VMs of one of my subnets. In practice I have a vm that has the wan in the subnet 192.168.3.x / 24 and from the cluster it is not reachable. below I am attaching the configurations set on...
  6. C

    Network configuration, 2 routers, Management-network w/o DNS

    Hello, I have configured the network for usage of 2 routers. There's a management network to router A and another network to router B (FritzBox). The management network does not provide DNS, and therefore internet access via router A is not working. Currently I...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Routing to/from VM from outside PVE

    Hi, Today I tried to connect to/from a VM to/from the outside of the Proxmox host. Much trial and error with routing with not the desired result. Proxmox host (vmbr0) and VM in same subnet. Proxmox host and VM can ping each other both ways. Proxmox host and outside computer can ping each other...
  8. D

    Add a static route on a container

    Hey, I am trying to create a static route on my LXC Container. I executed the following command: sudo ip route add 64:ff9b::/96 via fe80::1 dev eth0 But some why this doesn't work. Does anybody know why? :D Greetings
  9. B

    Add route on Proxmox host through GUI?

    Is it possible to add a route entry through the GUI for a Proxmox host? I could of course add i the route in /etc/network/interfaces as a post-upp directive but this file is updated by Proxmox when changing stuff in the GUI so I'm afraid it will get overwritten. In summary, what is the...
  10. E

    static route LXC Ubuntu 18.04 container

    How to add a static route to an LXC container with Ubuntu 18.04, since the network configuration is no longer in the interfaces file
  11. S

    Routing with IPv6

    After a looong strugle with RADVD I finally got Proxmox LXC containers to receive IP:s (and even DNS) from pfSense firewall on WAN side. Woohooo! Problem is that RADVD is REALLY picky about working unless you offer it /64 CIDR network (and it really does not like my /48 network.) I still can't...
  12. I

    need to add route to proxmox

    what is the best (cleanest solution ) to add a route (persistent ) i need to do it in each proxmox node
  13. A

    containers unreachable until traffic is issued outbound

    I have an intermittent problem with containers. On boot, their network is unreachable until I manually lxc-attach them and ping out. This only happens to SOME containers but there doesnt seem to be any common denominator. How are routes propagated when a container is powered on? how can I...
  14. T

    Connection to my router

    I really cant connect proxmox to my router. My router is in: and I want proxmox with this network params: address netmask gateway I am really trying to set it up chaning /etc/networks/interfaces I have even deleted all the networks and...
  15. C

    No access to loc and dmz network with PVE host being router

    Hello! I have configured 2 additional networks, loc and dmz, on the PVE host: root@pc4-svp:/var/lib/vz/dump# cat /etc/network/interfaces # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5). source...
  16. C

    Clients in subnet B cannot ping clients in subnet A

    Hello! I have setup a network with 2 ISP, 2 gateways, 2 subnets (see attached graphic) on Proxmox VE host. ISP A is connected to Fritz!Box (router A), ISP B is connected to eth0 of Proxmox VE host (router B). Subnet A with gateway (= router A) is connected to...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] How to configure 2 default gateways for 2 public IPs

    Hi! PVE 4.x is running on server with 2 NICs. eth0 is connected directly to ISP providing public IPv4. eth1 is connected to Fritz!Box home network. The attached graphic could help to understand the architecture though: For any NIC eth0 and eth1 a Linux-Bridge is defined: vmbr0 and vmbr1...


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