1. V

    zfs raw vm taking up full space after migration

    Hi I have four VMs on a ZFS pool: NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT pool01 18.7T 2.97T 128K /pool01 pool01/vm-100-disk-0 530G 3.30T 189G - pool01/vm-100-disk-1 7.52T 9.63T 882G - pool01/vm-101-disk-0 6.66T 3.12T 6.52T -...
  2. S

    Converted from Hyperv wont start

    Hi I have convert Windows 11 from HyperV to ProxMox. Windows wont start. What is wrong ? I have: SCSI Controller: VirtIO SCSI Single Disk: SCSI Disk Format: RAW please help Sokoban3
  3. S

    Problem to add converted disk

    Hi I have convert from HyperV a Windows Server 2022 to ProxMox in RAW. I have 2 disks. We called them DiskA and DiskB. DiskA is contains boot disk and DiskB cointans data. Its working with only DiskA But when I added DiskB want the windows do not start. I'm using: SCSI Controller...
  4. A

    No network traffic for qcow2 hard disk IO over NFS

    I have a Ubuntu Desktop VM with two hard disks. Both reside on an NFS server and the connection is 10GbE. One disk is in raw format and one in qcow2 format. The image files are called vm-106-disk-0.raw and vm-106-disk-0.qcow2. Both are 200 GB in size and attached using VirtIO SCSI controller and...
  5. S

    Exporting VM from Proxmox

    Hi Im hoping someone can help. I am looking for a way that I can export a VM from my Proxmox server to my PC so I can create a forensic image using FTK Imager. This is for a university project involving Digital Forensics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  6. jsterr

    Thin Provisioned Windows-VMs use full capacity in Proxmox Ceph after migration

    Is there a way to make them use just the space they are really using? I read alot about trim and discard, but it seems like theres not a easy way- Any tips? Im trying it myself currently, but yeah if there are any experience you wanna share, I would really appreciate it. Example: VMware-VM 40GB...
  7. J

    Converting RAW to qcow2 - For Snapshots

    My current installation of Proxmox 6.3-2 is configured for my vms to run on a local SSD. I have the SSD setup as an LVM. I wanted to test the snapshot feature, but I receive an error, "The current guest configuration does not support taking new snapshots" I found I can use the "Move Disk"...
  8. S

    storage migration failed: error during cfs-locked 'storage-XXX' operation:

    Hallo :) Ich habe bei mir ein kleinen Cluster aus drei Nodes und einen Server 2016 als Storage Server. Dieser Server besitzt mehrere NFS Freigaben für den Cluster wo eine Freigabe für VMs dient. Dieser ist eine einzelne SSD die nur dafür genutzt wird. Wenn ich jetzt versuche eine VM darauf zu...
  9. A

    Windows and FreeBSD guests: qcow2 vs raw?

    Recently my colleagues asked me to set up several Windows Server (they need both 2008R2 and 2019) and FreeBSD (10 and 12.1) on our Proxmox hosts. The host server is brand new server free of anything so we go with 6.2 install, and it has h/w raid with LVM and ext4 on it (yes, old-schooler, I...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Mehr Storage wird belegt als genutzt wird?

    Hallo Community, ich bin leider ein wenig irritiert. Alle meine VM´s und Container liegen auf einer SSD.(Ich benutze RAW für die Images, SSD ist als normales dir eingebunden) Als beispiel verwende ich einmal meine nextcloud VM(134): Hier habe ich einen Speicherbedarf von 3.53GIB. Alles schön...
  11. A

    Clone drive from a VM to another

    hello everybody! looking for help as i was not able to find an answer by myself as i'm pretty sure this had to be aske once :-/ I have a VM (ID 100) running some container on stored on a RAW drive (disk1) I've setup a new VM (ID101)with the major update released and wanted to try docker on...
  12. E

    Same RAW for both CTs

    Hello I'm using two LXCs, and is it possible to use the same RAW file for both containers? CT 100: CT 102: Common HDD: VM-100-disk-0.raw When I try to run container 102, the runtime stops due to an error. root@prox:~# systemctl status pve-container@102.service ●...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Migration from Hyper-V - stuck on Booting from Hard Disk...

    Hi all, I am beginner with Proxmox and I have a problem with migration a VM (cPanel) from Hyper-V 2016 I have converted the VM from HyperV to cp.raw qemu-img convert -O raw cp.vhdx cp.raw dd bs=1M if=cp.raw of=/dev/zvol/NVME/vm-100-disk-0 zfs list NAME USED AVAIL...
  14. N

    Recommendations for Proxmox local Filesystems (2 standalone nodes maybe moving to cluster later)?

    Hi All, Proxmox seems to offer a multitude of options for filesystems on the local disk(s). I started off by installing the default options on my 1 Node standalone server and noticed it configured the local 500GB SSD as follows: local - Directory - 94GB: /dev/mapper/pve-root (according to "df...
  15. B

    How can I mount Raw disk for inspection and modification

    Following this guide I created a KVM by using this: qm importovf 999 Win2003.ovf local-lvm I want to access the system disk to use chntpw to see the windows registry, see if which of this registry branch exists: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\] OR...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] get .raw from local-lvm

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me how can I get the .raw of an image that is in a local-lvm? I would like to get it to send it through scp to another pc as a backup. I'd prefer doing it in this way to have the image and not a snapshot. Thanks
  17. Y

    How to copy\move vm disk(raw format) from already dead Proxmox 4.4

    Hi! I have Proxmox 4.4. with native "local-lvm" storage with raw virtual disks. I need a backup plans for different emergency situation. For example one such situation: My server with Proxmox 4.4 can't boot(and I can't forced it).Reinstall Proxmox and restore VM's from backups is a good idea...
  18. W

    check_MK (raw) unter Jessie problemlos installierbar?

    Hallo. Ich habe einen RasPi, der ein paar Komponenten via SNMPv2 überwacht. Nun dachte ich, dass man da ja auch den Proxmox-Server (selbst) mit aufnehmen könnte. Daher habe ich versucht, das Paket check_MK (raw) für Jessie (bzw Proxmox 4.4) zu installieren. Leider hat das jede Menge...
  19. I

    Raw disk size issue with passtrough usb key

    Hi all, we installed Proxmox 4.4 using ZFS RAID 1 and 2 x 1.5TB HD. Then we created 2 VMs, one of these (201 VM) has a 230GB virtual HD (Virtio) and 2 USB key (passtrough mode) that Proxmox see as unused disk 0 and 1. The 2 pendrive are used from a software, into the 201 VM, to ckeck the...
  20. P

    LXC mount options / trim

    Hey. is it possible to add a mount option like discard to an LXC RAW storage? If not, is it save to use something like that to trim runnings VMs from the Host-Os: fstrim /proc/<PID of LXC init process>/root Thanks for your help!


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