1. G

    Dell Controller RAID PERC H745 VS ZFS de Proxmox

    Buenas Tardes, espero todos se encuentren bien es un gusto saludarles. Actualmente me encuentro en un dilema sobre que modo implementar para el control de las unidades de almacenamineto. Resulta que adquirí el Servidor DELL PowerEdge R450 y tengo tiempo investigando acerca de proxmox y quise...
  2. R

    EXT4-fs Error with Raid 10

    Good day, we have sudden problems with our Proxmox host systems. Without any indication of failure, the main partition "/" is set to read-only. Obviously there is a data loss in parallel. The error currently occurs on two systems with Proxmox 6.3-1. A software Raid 10 is installed on both...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Proxmox unexpected behavior after installation

    Hello, I reinstalled proxmox recently(because I wanted to change from raidz-2 to raid10) - previously I was using all 5 disks, but with raid10 obviously I had to use 4, so I did(but 5th drive was still connected all the time) During installation I checked "--do not use--" on 5th drive, but after...
  4. jmcorrea

    Add SSD to RAID-10 ZFS?

    Hello! we have 2 servers with local ZFS pools. The pools are configured with the same type of disks. They have 3 x 120GB SSD and 4 x 4TB HDD. I set the 3 SSD as a physical RAID 5, there runs Proxmox on one partition and ZFS logs and cache on 2 other partitions. Then, with the 4 HDD I set up a...
  5. F

    Install to hardware raid. Do i need lvm?

    Hello. I'm newby in proxmox and need some consultation. I have fresh server with hardware raid controller LSI Megaraid and configured raid10 with 4x3Tb SATA. I want to install debian and over it - proxmox. How to right partition must be when i setup debian? Do i need LVM volume for my virtual...
  6. D

    Adding Raid10 LVM storage shows 100% full on GUI.

    Goal: Create 4 drive RAID10 over LVM and add that storage to Proxmox. Problem: When I add raid10 lvm storage, Proxmox gui shows %100 full on the storage && shows ~4T of space instead of respecting raid10 mirrors and show ~2T of space. Creating a mount point and mounting to a folder on root...
  7. T

    2008 Mac Pro

    Hello, I have a 2008 Mac Pro populated with 6 4TB disks. I can boot the Proxmox installer from both USB flashdrive and USB CD Drive. I cannot access the installer unless I pass the acpi=false flag to Grub. After that, the installer starts fine. During installation, I configure the installation...
  8. S

    Best setup for 4xSSD RAID10

    Hello community :) I currently plan on using proxmox to build my new virtualization environment. Before I actually rent the server for my project, I want to ask you about the storage possibilities I've got. What I'll order: 4x 480GB DC SSD So question is: What's the best way to build this...
  9. S

    Need your help about proxmox strategy

    I have actually virtual server (KVM) on an very low profiles servers (Atom C2750, with 8G RAM and one no entreprise SSD disk). As I don't have redundancy (only 1 disk), I firstly use DRBD between 2 server to have some RAID1 security, but DRBD was often broken, so I buy an QNAP (ES1640DC-V2) in...
  10. S

    ZFS Config with 4 SSDs/4HDDs

    Hey together, so I'm still somewhat new to the server virtualization environment in general and Proxmox in specific. I'm currently still in a preliminary testing phase but I would like to define some core aspects of the configuration for production usage. My use case summarized: A mix of dev...
  11. S

    Right RAID Settings with Proxmox 5

    Hi, most of our servers have 6-8 SSD Hard drives with RAID Controller that include 1GB-2GB Cache now, the question is what is the recommended configuration for Proxmox 5 focus on Availability and best performance: 1. Hardware RAID 10? 2. ZFS with RAID10? 3. Hardware RAID1 with ZFS Raid0? 4...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] Install on RAID-10 (6 nvme SSDs)

    Hello! I'm trying to install Proxmox on Raid-10 of 6 SSDs Pci-ex. Proxmox gui installer can't create pool during installation. If i install proxmox on Data SSD and then create ZFS storage from my nvme ssds - everything work fine. I tried to install Debian Jessie on ZFS Raid-10 root (6 NVME...
  13. C

    IO Delay 50% or higher on fresh install

    Fresh install on fresh 1TB RAID 10 array this image was from restoring a VM from the local HDD (i only have local drives) that was a < 50GB LZO backup and everything slowed down a LOT, this is a fresh install that i just installed today.. made sure to update everything so its all freshly up...
  14. C

    VZdump issue after replacing drive in raid

    Hello, I have ran into an issue recently that I haven't been able so find a solution on (Google seems to turn up no results). My node has 4 VM's (2 Windows, 2 Linux) that are on an LVM storage made up of a raid 10 array. One of my drives had failed and I replaced it, rebuilding went fine and...
  15. K

    Restoring Cluster

    I have two identical servers running the latest version of Proxmox. Each server has 2 NIC's, one for public networking and other for clustering. I have no shared storage yet, but I plan to add it when I reach certain amount of servers. These two were in a cluster. Cluster was created on a...


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