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    Best ZFS Configuration for 15 Drives

    So i'm doing a new Proxmox install and I'm trying to figure out how I should do it. I have 15 12 TB Hard Drives with a 64 core EPYC CPU and 1 TB of RAM. I've seen some people say for this I should run in a single Raidz3 that way I have 3 drives that could go out and be fine and at the same time...
  2. M

    Raid mit 6 HDDs

    Hallo ich habe folgende Hardware: AMD Epcy 7401P Asrock Rack EPYC d8 2t 8x32gb 2133 mhz RAM LSI 9361 8i 1GB 6x6tb Dell Sas 12G 7200rpm HDD Leider erziehen die Konfigs nicht die werte die ich gern hätte. 1: JBOD und ZFS Raid 5 -> 2GB Read 270MB Write 2: JBOD und ZFS Raid 10 -> 2GB Read 38MB...
  3. L

    Best ZFS Configuration for 12 18 TB HDD Drives?

    I am thinking about what zfs configuration to use. I think RAIDz2 would be great because its 2 drives for tolerance, but some people were saying not to use it with more than 10 drives, do you think 12 drives would still be fine? Thank you!
  4. S

    unable to create zfs root pool

    I have a dl380p gen8 with a p420i controller in hba mode. 2 SSDs (OS) and 6 HDDs (DATA) are installed. I tried to install Proxmox on the two SSDs in RAID 1 (ZFS). I was able to select the two hard drives and started the installation, but I got the following error message: unable to create zfs...
  5. W

    ZFS Installation: Storage Discrepancies and Overwriting Concerns

    Hi, Installed Proxmox with ZFS, choosing ZFS (RAID0) during installation with only 1 disk. I have two storage locations, local and local-zfs, both showing 2TB. Changes in one don't impact the used space of the other. For instance, downloading an ISO to local increases it by 3G, but local-zfs...
  6. M

    Raid setup

    Hi, I have 3 dell servers and while purchasing I mentioned that we need RAID 1 on all 3 drives. While installing Proxmox it also asks for types of drive and raid levels. Do I need to mention raid level here?
  7. D

    Raid on a directory

    So I'm trying to setup a backup solution for my server by using two 2tb hard drives and I want to use raid on them so that its mirrored onto each other. I can create a ZFS drive on them but I'm unable to assign them to be used for the directory, Is there a way to use the drives as storage for...
  8. I

    LVM-Thin pool failing to repair after odd BIOS/RAID controller issue

    Main Proxmox server is a PowerEdge R730xd, which has a couple of sata and SAS drives connected to the PERC H730 mini integrated controller. I just updated the BIOS and iDRAC for no real reason other than staying up to date, suddenly the pair of (RAID0, help) SSDs that store a LVM-thin pool of...
  9. R

    Proxmox 8 - Luks Encryption question

    Hello everyone, I have been thinking about fully encrypting my Proxmox 8 server which is located in an external data center. I would like to use Luks so that the encryption password is requested when booting which I can then enter via SSH. Now I have found the following instructions and have...
  10. O

    Unable to boot installation environment Proxmox VE 8.0.2

    Hello, I am new to Proxmox. I want to install 8.0.2 on Supermicro whitebox server with Asrock motherboard, Ryzen 5 CPU and Supermicro NVMe RAID card AOC-SLG3-2SM2. When I try to install from ISO, it stuck on some error related to megaraid_sas driver. I am not sure what's wrong. Windows PE and...
  11. W

    First installation - storage best practice for OS, VMs and Data in one server

    Hi there- this is my first Proxmox install, so maybe one of you could give me some guidance or point me to a good resource concerning storage organisation. I researched it but did not come to a full conclusion yet: So I am about to get a decent server with at least 8x SAS/SATA in HBA mode (no...
  12. W

    downsides of using Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 in HBA mode - ZFS

    Hi peeps, I want to setup a new Proxmox machine and I am looking at buying some refurbished HP ProLiant DL380 Gen10 which sports a Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 RAID controller. I plan to use ZFS as base file system and read that the said controller takes the role of a HBA for all non-RAID...
  13. D

    Failed to start Import ZFS pool raid

    Help. I was moving my server, and after I powered it on, it showed me the message (I attached the pic) I cannot do anything, I can't type, I can't ssh into it, nothing. It just shows this message, and that's it. It doen't allow me to write any command. I suppose one of my drives failed, but I...
  14. E

    Storage/Disk creation appears empty

    Hello guys, i have a problem. I need to connect my PBS to a PVE. To do this I need to create a Pool Storage/Disk. However, when trying to create it, it doesn't give me the option to select the disk. Both in directory mode and ZFS mode. * PBS was installed as ZFS(RAID10) on installation setup *...
  15. P

    How busy is the root disk of a Proxmox system, and which partitions are written to the most?

    Assuming a setup where there is a separate boot disk or disks, and then ZFS storage pools for the actual VMs to live on, how much traffic, on a general basis, and especially write traffic, should be going to the root disk of a Proxmox server? We have two large, multi-core hypervisors with over...
  16. C

    Proxmox 7.4 / 8.0 - PCIe RAID Controller SATA HDD's not detected

    I've been trying to access HDD that are added to the server using PCIe controller, but looks like proxmox isn't detecting it. I'd fresh installation again to another SSD to know if the OS kernels must have been issue for this and tried all methods as mention in running thread here...
  17. L

    Replacing 1TB SSDs with 2TB SSDs ZFS Pool

    Hi, I din't find a lot of Information on the exact practice on how to do it. I have a Server with only 6 SSD Slots (2 for the Boot Disk, 4 for the Storage Disk) I have 4x 1TB SSD inside a Raid 10 ZFS Pool, and I want to upgrade those to 2TB, if possible without Downtime? My current procedure...
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    Proxmox Hosting TrueNAS VM - Storage Questions

    At the beginning of the year I converted my server from running directly on TrueNAS to Proxmox with a TrueNAS vm. At that time I was able to get all the physical disks passed through to the VM and reconfigure the RAID within the TrueNAS VM, this information will become relevant in what follows...
  19. C

    Unable to unmount zfs NVME Dell Server

    Hey guys, i run into an issue with Proxmox on a Dell Poweredge R6615. I have 2x4TB Nvme Drives and 2x6TB Nvme Drives. Hardware Raid is disabled. I boot Proxmox and choose the 2x4TB Nvme as Raid 1 ZFS. When i start the Installation i get the error Message Unable to umount zfs, it can't create the...
  20. O

    Proxmox as host, or TrueNas as Host?

    Hi all, I'm considering combining my home tech into a one-machine Router/NAS/Server, with the ability for the storage to be expandable. Do you have any suggestions or input on how I best do this? Here are my thoughts so far: Parts List: In short: 8-core...


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