1. A

    Instantiate VM from qcow2 image

    Hi All I have a qcow2 image of Redhat VM. My understanding from the storage guide is that only directory backend that supports qcow2 image. My question is if I have imported a qcow2 image on the directory backend, can I instantiate a VM on some other storage type, like LVM ? I want to use...
  2. A

    last missing enterprise feature (on shared block storage / SAN)

    Hi, I know that there is already "LVM over iSCSI/FC" for shared block storage (SAN) which carves out LV from a shared VG/LUN for individual VM disks - but with no snapshot and thin provisioning support my question is why is there no (extended) storage plugin which provides 1.) "QCOW2 over/on...
  3. H

    qcow2 convert error

    I didn't know in which forum I could've asked, so my apologize for my asking here. Converting a qcow2 image to qcow2 image won't been done properly. Error while comparing with base disk: "Content mismatch". Using -c flag (compressing) will fix this issue. Why is that? actually using the above...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Shared SAN inkl. Snapshots Unterstützung

    Hallo zusammen, gibt es aktuell Pläne einer Verwirklichung von SAN (iSCSI / SCSI) Support mit Snapshot Funktion bzw. den offiziellen Support eines shared Filesystems um qcow2 verwenden zu können? Falls nicht, gibt es eine Empfehlung welches shared Filesystem hier evtl. gut und sicher in einer...
  5. Y

    Enable Storage to store qcow2

    I created a ZFS RAIDZ storage. What must I do to make this storage support qcow2?
  6. J

    Deleting snapshots from qcow2

    I'm currently writing a script I can invoke from the command line to delete old snapshots in a qcow2 file. I often have more than 10 old snapshots. If I have an arbitrary qcow2 for a VM with arbitrary snapshots going back some months, is there a difference between deleting snapshots from...
  7. D

    New VM F5 Networks BigIP qcow2 or ISO

    Hello, I am preparing to deploy and F5 Networks BigIP onto Proxmox v8.1.4 In my preparation I have been scowring the internet for what looks to be pieces and parts, which is OK... I'm documenting every step. I have seen several posts about downloading the qcow2 image... check As I started...
  8. K

    Usage of QCow2 disk in Proxmox

    Hello all, It's probably a dumb question but I'd like some clarifications on QCow2 file and Proxmox. I came from a a basic CentOS + KVM environment and converted it to Proxmox and I don't understand certain aspect. - Why do I have to run "qm importdisk" on qcow2 file before being able to use...
  9. V

    qcow2: Resize disk

    I am using the qcow2 image from Debian 12 for a local vm. I followed the instructions to get and put the file in a new template structure, created a base VM and attached the qcow2 as a virtio disk. The original size once attached was 2GB with about 1.5GB already used. I want to resize this to...
  10. I

    Replication on Qcow2

    Are there any plans to support VM replication where QCOW2 files are used
  11. P

    Adding rust mounts within a VM

    I'm running a VM where the boot drive is on ssd's. I'd like to have one of the directories on the OS be backed by my spinning rust pool. On lxc containers I can select a storage option and a path to mount it at within the container, how would I do something similar for a VM? I may have...
  12. J

    Where can I put a .qcow2 image so that non-root users can use it to create a VM?

    My end goal is for a non-root user to import a .qcow2 image in order to create a VM as part of a CI/CD pipeline. I'm currently trying to use the Ansible proxmox_kvm module. Unsurprisingly, I'm hitting the following error due to permissions issues: $ ansible-playbook -i inventory.yaml...
  13. O

    Unable to remove qcow2 from old template

    Please see attached image i am trying to remove it. I had a template but the 3 VM's i created i selected Full Clone to make them independent of the template But i cannot move it please can you tell me why or how i fix it? https://i.imgur.com/BtHRxDc.png qemu-img: Could not open...
  14. A

    Why VHDX showing massively larger once converted to QCOW2?

    I did a P to V for a windows machine that created a 175GB vhdx file and then when converting the vhdx file to qcow2 it now shows as 1TB, this makes no sense? The following command is what I used to convert the file: qemu-img convert -O qcow2 DELLM4400.vhdx DELLM4400.qcow2 -p
  15. H

    No boot baremetal windows to qcow2 converstion

    So Im trying to do the whole convert an existing baremetal windows installation to a KVM. I have been following this tutorial: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Migration_of_servers_to_Proxmox_VE I just had to use different file locations because my PVE storage was too small for 240gb...
  16. E

    Urgent - VM deleted but config still here

    Hey every ! so here is my issue, I was doing some networking and had to shutdown my servers, but when I pluged back everything on (like always I have autorestart 1 day per week) But then.. my windows server wasn't booting up.. this is what I get : I think the VM image got deleted but I don't...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Restoring .qcow2 file after Proxmox reinstallation

    I recently reinstalled Proxmox on my system, and prior to the reinstallation, I had an OMV (OpenMediaVault) virtual machine (VM) running on a 4TB HDD (with 1.5TB of total storage in use). However, after reinstalling Proxmox, I encountered an issue when attempting to mount the disk again using...
  18. V

    qcow2 sizing issue

    Hello all, I have a few questions regarding qcow2 images sizes because right now I am really confuzed... Let me describe a bit about a situation I deal with. I have 1.4 TB array with contains just one single VM with 3 separated qcow2 images: # ls -lah -rw-r----- 1 root root 17G jun 14 10:44...
  19. P

    qm importovf error

    I'm trying to import a Tenable .ova into Proxmox so I follow these steps. 1) Downloaded the .ova from - https://www.tenable.com/downloads/tenable-appliance?loginAttemted=true&loginAttempted=true#tenablecore-nessus 2) Used scp to transfer it to my Proxmox 3) Then I used tar xvf example to get my...
  20. H

    Unable to boot "Arch-Linux-x86_64-cloudimg.qcow2" with OVMF (UEFI) BIOS - Even with Secure Boot Disabled

    Proxmox Version: 7.4-3 I am trying to install Arch Linux via the official cloud image, which lists Proxmox as a tested provider: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Arch_Linux_on_a_VPS The page above details the Proxmox installation process in the table, with a link to the cloud image being...


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