pve 6.3

  1. J

    6.3 vzdump imported to 6.0, resulting vm won't boot

    I used a 6.3 proxmox test host on my desk to migrate some VMware VMs into Proxmox. I got them booting and running on my test host. I did a vzdump to export them, then sneakernet to get them into their target proxmox clusters. The VMs I imported into a Proxmox 6.4 cluster worked fine. The VMs...
  2. J

    Web GUI shows version 6.3-3 after upgrade, but shell shows 5.4.78-2-pve

    Hi guys, I've followed the instructions at https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Upgrade_from_5.x_to_6.0#In-place_upgrade and brought myself up all the way from version 4 to version 6. However, like the title says, my web GUI and shell are showing different version numbers. Here's whats at the top of my...
  3. powersupport

    Proxmox node high memory usage but seems incorrect

    Our proxmox VE single node with ZFS (2x 4TB HDD) is showing very high memory usage. However, I have already limited the usage to "8GB" for ARC. Inside VM, when the memory usage is only 2-3 GB, the VM status on PVE is also showing correct values. However, PVE Node shows very high memory usage...
  4. U

    [SOLVED] random reboots

    I only learned today that my home proxmox server reboots frequently. Sometimes it's sufficient to just start it to have the proxmox server go down an reboot. Unfortunately, I only activated the journal today, so I can't say how long this has been happening. After activating persistent logging...
  5. A

    ballooning with windows guest issues

    Hello everyone. I got pve 6.3-2 and 2 windows VMs running server 2019. The server has 64gb RAM installed, i set each windows VM to 8GB min 48GB max i installed gemu-guest, all the missing drivers from virtio 1.185 i also installed the balloon service on each VM and it is shown as running. in...
  6. A

    how to add shared Storage to windows VMs

    Hello everyone, i have 1 Disk where proxmox is installed on and another Raid 1 mounted as /data on the host I'd like to give my 2 windows VMs read &write access to that raid / a folder on it. I'v read a few articles on sharing disks beween VMS, though it seems like there are various solutions...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Windows VM - no connection

    Hello everyone, I just installed my pve 6.3-2 like this https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_Buster followed by this https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Windows_2019_guest_best_practices Since i only have 1 IP i choose the NAT setup explained here...
  8. J

    'zfs-mount.service failed' after latest update, how do I fix?

    I was updating to PVE 6.3-2 and saw this error pop up: Setting up zfsutils-linux (0.8.5-pve1) ... zfs-import-scan.service is a disabled or a static unit not running, not starting it. Job for zfs-mount.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status...
  9. A

    Unable to create VMs - trying to acquire lock... can't lock file '/var/lock/pve-manager/pve-storage-local'

    AS titel says, i just installed pve 6.3 i did the exact steps of thos guide: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Install_Proxmox_VE_on_Debian_Buster followed by https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Windows_2019_guest_best_practices During debian install, i set up a software Raid 1. Now as i want to create...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Backup lxc Container from pve 4.4

    Hi, might sound a little stupid, but I am searching on Google since yesterday evening and don't know if I just search wrong. I tried to Upgrade my Proxmox from 4.4 to 6.3 So i backuped my VM and my Containers (via WebGUI) and tried to upgrade the Server. Well, this went horribly wrong, and...


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