proxmox 5.4

  1. B

    Proxmox does not see the network

    Good day, there is not a large data center of two nodes (dell r440 and dell r740). After not much downtime, proxmox on the dell r440 stopped seeing the network, idrac works stably. Ports changed, cords changed. Everything is fine with r740. Proxmox version is 5.4.144-1-pve. Thanks in advance...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] Storage mit Fragezeichen

    Seit mittlerweile einigen Wochen beginnen alle Proxmox, mit denen ich intern oder extern zu tun habe, die Storage nicht mehr zu erkennen! Egal ob "data"- , "local"- oder Backup-Storage. In weiterer Folge werden dann auch die VMs alle mit Fragezeichen und ohen Daten angezeigt. Würde für mich...
  3. M

    LXC Container von defekter Hardware wiederherstellen!

    Habe ich ein kleines Problem mir meinem Proxmox 5.4. Habe einen Hardware defekt und möchte jetzt meine LXC Container von den HDD's die dort verbaut waren sichern und dann auf den neuen Proxmox wieder drauf geben. Die LXC Container liegen ja unter /var/lib/vz/images/ als .raw Datei dort. Kann ich...
  4. G

    Proxmox 5.4 -> 6 Cluster completely down after upgrade

    Hello all, first I wasn't able to perform the pve5to6 command which the Proxmox guide stated, So i wasn't able to confirm stability of the environment, however it's a pretty low configuration setup.. 2 Nodes were in a functional ProxMox VE 5.4 environment, several VMs and containers were...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] SteamVR outputting only green color when used inside VM with GPU Passthrough

    Hello, At work we have a rig running Proxmox. We have four "Windows 2016 Server" virtual machines. For each VM we have dedicated GPU (2x GTX 1080, 2x GTX 1080Ti with GPU passthrough). We are also passing through HTC Vive headset to the VMs and everything was working fine the last time I used the...
  6. A

    Problems mounting a CIFS storage

    Hi Eveyrone. I have a NAS Lacie Cloudbox whit CIFS. And Proxmox 5.4. When execute pvesm cifsscan <ip> it's show the shared folders. But when i try to connect with: pvesm add cifs Prueba --server --share Family --username admin --password <password> --smbversion 2.1 or pvesm add cifs...
  7. A

    Problem mounting a CIFS storage

    Hi Eveyrone. I have a NAS Lacie Cloudbox whit CIFS. And Proxmox 5.4. When execute pvesm cifsscan <ip> it's show the shared folders. But when i try to connect with: pvesm add cifs Prueba --server --share Family --username admin --password <password> --smbversion 2.1 or pvesm add...
  8. D

    Networking between PFSense VM and PVE went down. Internet was up.

    I am baffled by this one. I run a one machine PVE environment running OVS with everything going through PFSense via two vm bridges. Everything has been working great, but this morning something unusual happened. Network connectivity between my VMs and PVE were down. Connectivity between PFSense...
  9. P

    pve5to6 fail on "Resolved node IP"

    People hi! I 'm facing a new problem. I would like to update my version of proxmox (currently 5.4) on a server where I have only one node currently. By following the documentation I could see that a very useful command allows to see the compatibility "pve5to6". After execution of this...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Problem LXC mariadb debian 10

    People hi! :) I just noticed an anomaly on a lxc container freshly installed with a debian 10 template. Indeed, after installing the container I launched an "apt update && apt-upgrade" then "apt install mariadb-server". Here is the error message I just had: systemctl status mariadb.service ●...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Proxmox container no internet

    Hello everyone, I have a problem that I can not solve on a SCALEWAY GP1-XS instance. I installed debian 9 on it then proxmox 5.4. Good for this part, I can connect to the proxmox web interface without any problems. I would like to give the opportunity to my LXC containers to access the...
  12. H

    Proxmox 5.4-6 VMs very slow

    Hello, I have a slow problem with my VMs (linux / windows) under proxmox, despite the server is efficient server (12 CPU, 64 GB RAM), I gave the machines a lot RAM and CPU but still the slowness exists, as well as the internet connection is perfect Regards, Thank you,
  13. I

    Proxmox Cluster with different versions & upgrading

    Hi This post is in two parts. Currently have a cluster of 4 physical servers running proxmox 4.4-15. I want to add a 5th server to the cluster but running 5.4. Before I do this do they play nicely together? Is this scenario supported and even possible? Part two of the question. I want to...
  14. W

    Can't access web gui to configure new install

    I just installed 5.4 for the first time following some tutorials, and everything went smoothly and I can login successfully from cli. But when I attempt to go to the displayed IP address:8006, I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I'm concerned that during the install I put in the wrong IP address, or...
  15. mhagen

    Network card getting: rename4 ? Predictable Network Interface Names

    So i know that most people still have "ethX". But i like the "Predictable Interface Names" and therefore use them. Only my "new" chelsio cc2-n320e-rs dual 10g sfp+ card doens't play nice for some reason? It gives me a "renameX" interface. with is not editable in the GUI and is "random"...
  16. D

    Cannot install on 3 NVMe with RAIDZ-1

    Hi. I'm trying to install Proxmox 5.4 on RAIDZ-1 on 3 NVMe drives, but I'm receiving the error "unable to create zfs root pool". NVMe are correctly recognised and I can configure RAIDZ-1 on them: But I'm receiving the following error: Could you help me please?
  17. B

    proxmox 5.4 passwordless ssh does not work

    I created 3 brand new ProxMox 5.4 nodes, clustered them together and the passwordless ssh does not work when ssh'ing from one to another, or viewing the shell from the ProxMox GUI console. Is this a bug? I did not have to do anything to the keys to get password'less SSH in ProxMox 5.3 Note, I...


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