proxmox 5.0

  1. J

    Problems with MV windows server 2012 standard R2 in console No VNC

    My version of proxmox is: 5.0 - 30 Hi. I have installed proxmox and I have created a virtual machine with Windows server 2012 to star R2. I have managed to install it correctly with the virtio disk, network and RAM drivers. After installing the operating system and configuring the admin...
  2. N

    Proxmox vm network loss

    Hi, We are having proxmox nodes with version "Virtual Environment 5.0-23 ", we could see some of the vms network are dropped all of a sudden with no errors in node logs. And on vm reboot the network is back again. We had checked all logs meanwhile we are unable to find any information...
  3. K

    Ideal LVM setup?

    I forgot about the easy of use of Proxmox when I was looking to make my laptop into a virtual host. I was getting ready to install PM5 when I started to wonder about how to optimally setup my 2TB SATA drive.
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Read-Only-Filesystem on high I/O

    Cheers, since I started using proxmox, I am having serious issues in "high" (i.e. peak) I/O cases. Setup description Computiation power and memory is not an issue. The system is running on a HW-Managed RAID5 array, alltogether ~8TiB, about 20% used. About 10-15 VMs are running on it with...
  5. V

    Very Serious Backup/Restore Issue in PVE 5.0

    Over the weekend I blew away two Proxmox hosts (clustered) and reinstalled the hypervisors from scratch (two single nodes). Because I had backups of everything, I thought I'd be fine to just restore the backup files and continue working. The hosts have multiple backups of most containers/VM's...
  6. F

    lxc_conf - conf.c:lxc_create_network:2888 - failed to create netdev

    Hi, I have just upgraded one of my proxmoxve nodes from 4.4 to 5.0 whith the following command: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sed -i 's/jessie/stretch/g' /etc/apt/sources.list && sed -i 's/jessie/stretch/g' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pve-enterprise.list && echo "deb...
  7. Z

    Install Proxmox VE on Debian Stretch

    I'm doing the tutorial: What could I be doing wrong? When I do apt update && apt dist-upgrade I get: root@pve:/home/XX# apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y Ign:1 stretch InRelease Hit:2...
  8. Y

    Proxmox 5.0 Kaby Lake and IGD (graphics) passthrough for Windows 10

    Hello, I’m trying to setup a fresh install of Proxmox 5.0 on Kaby Lake and I would like to configure a VM with IGD (graphics) passthrough for Windows 10 and several CT for Linux. Computer is Zotac Xbox CI549 based on i5-7300U It should be more or less...
  9. F

    ProxmoxVE 5 do not progress after disk option

    Hello, I want to test out proxmox for our dev environment and when trying to install it (using USB boot stick) i get to the disk option dialog and i'm able to see the SSD device that we want to use and i can click the option button. I tried to change a few things in option and also leave it...
  10. L

    Windows 10 vm mit Soundunterstützung

    Guten Tag liebe Techniker, ich will über eine Windows 10 VM Sound abspielen. In den Einstellungs- bzw. Hardware-Reitern gibt es nichts hinzuzufügen Es gab auch schon eine handvoll Artikel im Netz zu finden, aber Windows 10 spezifisch konnten mir diese leider nicht weiterhelfen. Danke für Eure...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] noVNC script error (version 5.0)

    noVNC encountered an error: Script error. When I start console I get this error, do any of you know how to remove it? I have just updated my system to proxmox 5.0
  12. T

    Proxmox 5.0 LXC Data Corruption after upgrade from 4.4

    Hi, yesterday i upgraded my Proxmox Cluster from 4.4 to 5.0. My Backend is an IBM Storvize Fiberchannel SAN with LVM for shared access. At first everything looks good, containers and VM starting except i had to build SSH Key trust again in my cluster. Trouble starts after creating new...
  13. H

    Really low Fsync on fresh Server

    Hello there, I'm currently moving my Server to a new one and started with a fresh installation. I installed Debian Stretch Minimal and ontop Proxmox with the actual Version. I have tried with and without Software Raid and got similar results with pveperf which is confusing me a bit. heres the...


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