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  1. P

    Migrating KVMs and OpenVZ from Proxmox 3 to Proxmox 8

    Hello forumers, I am working on the migration from old Proxmox 3 VE to the newest version. As I know one of the simplest ways to move KVM from old environment is using backup and restore options: In case of containers it should be converted from OpenVZ to LXC because OpenVZ isn't available...
  2. C

    Proxmox 3. Network borked. Help Fix!

    Help. I have proxmox 3 running on a bare metal machine. The 65GB OpenVZ container cannot reach the internet, DNS serves are configured right, During debian upgrade (not sure), something changed the network config of the containers, possibly the bridge, venet, or vmbr0 ?! Whatever happened...
  3. C

    Upgraded to debian 8. Proxmox gives errors.

    I upgraded to Debian 8 on the physical linux machine which proxmox VE is installed on. root@machine:~# apt-get upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these. The following packages...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] Update CentOS 7.5.1804

    After the last update of today in Centos 7.5, the virtual machines hosted in Proxmox 3.4 have lost the network and only lift 3 processes, so they remain 100% inaccessible. In addition to Proxmox 3.4 I have virtualizations with Proxmox 5 (I do not know if this version happens) and OpenVZ7, which...
  5. M

    List VM/container details

    Hello, all. I have multiple versions of proxmox running. I'm trying to automate reporting and provide a dashboard that'll show which VMs and containers are running on which nodes. On version 3 there is a very helpful one: "pvectl list". It shows all the data I'm after: VMID, Name, status...
  6. J

    Problem permission /etc/pve/nodes

    In my proxmox 3.4 installation I can not write to the /etc/pve directory. root@proxmox26:/etc/pve# pveversion pve-manager/3.4-1/3f2d890e (running kernel: 2.6.32-37-pve) root@proxmox26:/etc/pve# pvecm status cman_tool: Cannot open connection to cman, is it running ? Please Help!!!
  7. L

    What mean this messages in log file ?

    Good day to everyone. Can anyone tell me what mean this messages in /var/log/syslog Sep 21 10:50:01 pve dlm_controld[3181]: daemon cpg_join error retrying Sep 21 10:50:01 pve fenced[3164]: daemon cpg_join error retrying Sep 21 10:50:02 pve pmxcfs[2950]: [dcdb] notice: cpg_join retry 21250 Sep...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] OpenVZ containers going offline every night

    Hi, everyone! I can't figure this out. I'm having some containers go offline every night at approximately the same time, for about 5 minutes at a time, I'd say 2-3 times over a couple of hours. For sure this is related to backing up, but the weird thing is that I disabled backups for these...
  9. M


    ;) For security purposes this post has been removed.
  10. T

    Newb Needs (Paid) Help

    I have a proxmox 3.4 server that was setup for me with a window VM and a Container with VirtualMin on it. Now, I have a new server and I want to do the same but it's all over my head. Looking to pay someone for the help. Here is an example of what I need:
  11. M

    Ways to pass a user Authentication token?? (EDIT)
  12. M

    proxmox running as a trial on a dedicated server

    Hello, i have Proxmox running on a dedicated server, the installation seems to have gone well, but now when creating a VM this is also okay when we only run live mode, but for some reason when we run an install and restart, the vm no longer boots... Any help in this would be much appreciated...
  13. R

    Starting node takes 10 minutes... before boot

    If I reboot proxmox, all nodes come up really fast as it should. But one Node need 10 Minutes before it begin to boot. I start the VM 105 and open the VNC-Viewer on it. Screen keeps Black for 10 Minutes. After 10 Minutes I see the Boot-Process starting in VNC. Why are there such a delay...
  14. gallifrey

    Proxmox 3.4 Cluster Problem

    Hallo zusammen Ich habe es nun endlich geschafft das mein Cluster kaufähig ist. Leider habe ich aber immer noch Probleme z.B wird der Node angezeigt. Aber ich kann nichts machen, im web GUI kommt immer Loading dann communication failure 0. Ich habe hier im Forum schon nachgesehen, das eine...
  15. B

    Backup erfolgreich aber nur 1KB groß

    Hallo zusammen, das Backup eines OpenVZ-Containers ist beim mir nur 1KiB groß und enthält nur die Datei ./etc/vzdump/vps.conf. Die Log-Ausgabe des Backup-Jobs zeigt auch keinen Fehler an. Ich habe nun schon versucht das Backup mit den verschiedenen Kompressions-Verfahren zu erstellen...
  16. S

    Problems understanding HDD sizes

    Hi to everyone, I had to admit that I am quite new using Proxmox. So far I've configured it and it's been running for a while. In fact, I have 2 servers running Proxmox separately. In the first one I use ZFS as a filesystem. In this case I have 2 x HDD (750GB each) on raid-1. The main thing...
  17. D

    A few questions

    Hello, I am running a Proxmox 3.x machine on SYS Dedicated and 2 Proxmox 4.x on OVH Dedicated. Would like to migrate Existing KVM from SYS machine to OVH machine, yet I do not have enough SPACE for a BACKUP on SYS machine anymore. What are my best options to safely migrate existing KVM...
  18. J

    Windows 2003 VM stops unexpectedly during backup

    Hi, Sometimes the VM stops right after the backup is started. VM is Windows 2003 Web Edition SP2 x86 - Windows's system.log just says about unexpected shutdown - Proxmox logs show nothing but vzdump error about not running VM What else can I check? Any help is appreciated.
  19. R

    KVM guest no Internet-Access

    I use Proxmox 3.4. This is the /etc/network/interfaces of my Proxmox-Host: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway pointopoint post-up echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth0/proxy_arp...
  20. I

    [Error] OpenVZ failed to Failover on Proxmox-3.4

    [Help] OpenVZ can't Failover On Proxmox ver-3.4 <-- failed but for KVM 100% success with drbd storage. and OpenVZ & KVM 100% success Live Migration.


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