pcie passthrough

  1. W

    GPU passthrough no hardware acceleration possible in VM.

    I have a Fujitsu Primergy TX2540 M1 server with 2x Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2407v2 and 64 GB DDR3 ECC Ram. I also have an AMD Firepro W2100 in the system. This is GPU passthrough in a Windows Server VM. I would like to convert videos with GPU acceleration. The graphics card is connected to a...
  2. W

    PCI Passthrough with NVIDIA HGX 8 x A100 40GB - VM does not start

    Hi, I`m new member on the forum, but I`m working with Proxmox for a while. I run into quite confusing problem and need advice. Below I will describe my problem and hardware on which I am working. Host is a Supermicro AS 4124GO-NART with NVIDIA DGX A100 8-GPU 40GB working on my University...
  3. F

    Win10 VM ramps up RAM usage until a cirtain point. (driver locked usage)

    Hi all, The problem is that after a fresh boot the Win10 loads and loads more RAM until about 98%. Then the system still runs stable but the VM is wasting huge RAM that I want to share with other VMS by ballooning. Here is my system: Proxmox VE 8.1.3 64GB RAM VM: Win 10 Enterprise 22H2 VirtIO...
  4. T

    Help me boot into a PCI passthrough GPU (5700xt)

    Error code: swtpm_setup: Not overwriting existing state file.kvm: ../hw/pci/pci.c:1637: pci_irq_handler: Assertion `0 <= irq_num && irq_num < PCI_NUM_PINS' failed.stopping swtpm instance (pid 17041) due to QEMU startup errorTASK ERROR: start failed: QEMU exited with code 1 I am trying to pass...
  5. R

    2 GPUs, 2 VMs not working as intended

    Hello Proxmox Forums, I am trying to pass through 2 GPUs to 2 VMs. I have gone through the process of enabling and setting up PCIe Pass through. It works for 1 VM. But when I go to start VM number 2 with the other graphics card set, I get this error kvm: -device...
  6. L

    MalfTLP, BadTLP, errors preventing PCIe passthrough of MT7612EN WLAN mini-PCIe module

    I'm having trouble getting passthrough to work with a mini-PCIe WIFI module (MT7612EN). With a fresh install of Proxmox 7.4 from ISO, when trying to activate passthrough of the PCIe WIFI module to a VM it throws a "MalfTLP" error. Pretty much all devices have their own IOMMU group including...
  7. N

    Dual 3080 GPUs work in a single VM, but not if I split them to have one each in two VMs.

    System Setup Proxmox 8.0.4 Supermicro H12SSL 1 Nvidia 4090 3 Nvidia 3080 Machine q35 virt101 - 3080 PCI Device 0000:02:00 virt103 - 4090 PCI Device 0000:01:00 I had virt 105 with two 3080s, PCI Device 0000:81:00 and 0000:82:00 Everything works great with this setup; I shut down 105, cloned...
  8. G

    Win 10 VDI w/GPU Passthru - Desktop Lag/Jitter Troubleshooting

    Hello, I'm building out a VDI model for specialized workstations for a host of reasons, but the primary being malware resilience. I believe if I build a Windows desktop platform underpinned by Proxmox, I'll be able to leverage the PVE for rapid restore of the guest in the case of a Windows...
  9. L

    Issues with M.2 NVME ssd

    Hello, I recently added a NVIDIA Quadro P400 as a 2nd GPU to my Proxmox Node for plex transcoding and PiKVM. My Hardware thus consists of ASRock x570 Steel Legend AMD Ryzen 7 5800x NVIDIA RTX 3060 NVIDIA Quadro P400 2x M.2 Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIE 4.0 ssd 2x sata 3 ssd's a bunch of sata hdd's...
  10. L

    Is it impossible to setup pcie passthrough for Proliant gen8 servers ?

    Hi My server is DL380p gen8 server, and I did read about and test various solutions but ALL of them failed. I must admit that most of them are about GPU passthrough, and I just need to passthrough my p420i controller from proxmox to truenas (and a sas hba later). So is there any proven way to...
  11. F

    WinXP + PCIe Passthrough

    Hi, I want to replace an old WinXP test machine with an Proxmox VM. The software is very specific and not compatible with any newer OS and there are several PCIe cards that are used. So Proxmox and a modern HW seemed to be a promissing solution for that problem. I was able to activate PCIe...
  12. K

    Can't boot VM when it has 2 GPUs assigned (pcie passthrough)

    I'm trying to passthrough 2 GPUs to the same VM without luck. If I boot it with only one of them configured, the VM boots and everything works as expected. But when I configure both at the same time, the VM doesn't output anything nor collects logs (checked multiple logs inside `/var/log` and...
  13. SonGon

    HotSwap not working with a controller PCIE passthrough

    Hi i’m trying to setup in Proxmox with 2 U.2 SSD drives in a Windows Server 2022 Stantard VM to been used as disaster recovery offsite backup to be taken away once a week (one installed in a detachable tray to be swapped with a second drive) and i’m having problem trying to make hotswap work on...
  14. V

    Identifying PCIe SATA Controller

    Hello, I am having a bit of trouble working out what to do with a newly installed PCIe SATA controller in my Proxmox VE. I have installed this card and it connects to 2x HDD hot swap bays on the front of my box. I have confirmed it is working, proxmox sees a drive I have in the bay and lists it...
  15. J

    Hardware upgrade can no longer pass through pcie (Unkown Header type 7f)

    Old hardware: Asus rog x570 crosshair viii hero (wi-fi) 5950x 128gb - 3200 1080ti x2 sas hba New hardware: Asus ProArt B650-Creator AM5 (BIOS AGESA NOT b yet - soon) 7950x 128gb - 4200 1080ti x2 sas hba Both motherboard configurations have 3 pcie slots (8x 8x 4x) when all three are...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] AMD GPU inaccessible after VM Poweroff: Unable to change power state from D3cold to D0,device inaccessible.

    Hi Mates! My AMD GPU can't be accessed after VM poweroff. When I first turn on the host, start VM, the GPU which is passthroughed can work normally ( for me the GPU is 5700XT), and I can also see the VM screen on my monitor. But after I shutdown the VM, I would see this error: vfio-pci...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] VM issues when running simultaneously with another VM

    New Proxmox user here. I have a TrueNAS Core 13.0-U5.2 VM. It is installed in a WD Blue SSD named VMs_CT_Main. I have passed through a Dell H310 HBA to it with 8 HDDs attached. Below is the config of the TrueNAS VM. kristian@pve:~$ sudo qm config 100 [sudo] password for kristian: agent: 1...
  18. P

    Kernel 6.x produces "PTE Write access is not set" Error

    After the default upgrade (first within PVE 7.4 and now with PVE 8), the as default installed Kernel 6.x prevents my VM with a GPU passthrough to boot properly. Within the dmesg log, the error [DMA Write NO_PASID] Request device [c7:00.0] fault addr 0x27af3000 [fault reason 0x05] PTE Write...
  19. H

    Help With Stuttery Games in VM

    On my proxmox server (R7 5700X, 48GB RAM, Proxmox 7.4, Kernel: 6.2.11-2-pve) I have a vm running Arch Linux for gaming with a RX 6700 XT passed through to it. In most games I see performance within margin of error of running bare metal, but some games, most notably Sea of Thieves and Forza...
  20. M

    Need help with GPU passthrough in Proxmox: NVIDIA RTX 3060 not working properly

    I've been trying for weeks to get GPU passthrough to work in a Windows 10 guest vm in Proxmox. I'm having trouble troubleshooting, or even understanding what I'm doing, since I feel like I've been following multiple guides at once and implementing any/all advice I find on forums. A few weeks...


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