pci pass-through

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    Error start virtual machine

    I don't understand why my virtual machine won't start, it gives me this error I am a beginner in using proxmox
  2. M

    Help with VM start-up error QEMU. with PCI passthrough,

    HELP Cant get this thing working. Trying to get my NIC into a PFsense-OPNsense VM. Once I get the VM started without, but once I add any of the X520-DA4 ports to the VM it no longer starts. I am getting a QEMU error code 1. Other VM's I plan on adding, once I get the router going. IOMMU is...
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    Proper way to dump vBIOS with NVIDIA.

    Hi all. I'm folowing the guide on proxmox wiki to make a GPU passthrough with my GTX 1060 (latest vBIOS), but I've got stuked on rom-parser to identify if the card is UEFI (OVMF) compatible. If I blacklist the video card and try to use the wiki command like root: cd...
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    Help! Old Hardware, Old Problems with PCI-E Passthrough (again)

    I have posted this information to reddit as well... but I have been having some issues getting PCI-E Passthough working correctly on my older gear. I wasn't sure if cross-posting there or somewhere else would be effective or not, but either way I was hoping to get some assistance in getting...
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    [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough with RTX 3090 Doesn't work & DMAR Errors

    Hello dear Proxmox Community! :) I'm trying to set up GPU Passthrough with my Nvidia RTX 3090, but i can't get my card to work. Current software version: My hardware: Bios settings: My /etc/default/grub : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet intel_iommu=on iommu=pt...
  6. L

    HELP! Passthrough VM kernel panic - PVE 7.3.3

    Hello I've experienced this VM crash on a stock pve-manager/7.3-3/c3928077 (running kernel: 5.15.74-1-pve) [EDIT] there's a more explicit log message in the 2nd crash, see my second message below The VM worked well for 24h before the crash. The machine is a Celeron MiniPC that I've reinstalled...
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    USB PCIe device dead on boot - xHCI host controller not responding, assume dead

    Hello all, I'm having some trouble getting a PCIe usb controller working with my system and I'm not sure where the exact problem is. As an FYI, I am successfully passing 3 GPUs (1660 Ti, 3060 Ti, and a RX 6400) and 2 usb controllers (they are motherboard controllers and NOT pcie add-ons) as well...
  8. M

    Vm does not boot up after removing single Gpu from cluster

    Hello; I am new on proxmox I have a cluster running with Proxmox version 7.1-7, Cluster has a Nvidia-RTX3060 and Nvidia-RTX3090 GPU. I have Passthrough both GPU without any problems, and have been working with ubuntu vm's using both separate GPU however recently I had to remove RTX3090 gpu from...
  9. V

    Can't passthrough a Firewire/SATA PCI card to Windows 7 VM

    Hi! So as the title says I'm trying to passthrough the PCI card to a Windows 7 VM. This card has both a Firewire controller as well as a SATA one. I have the two controllers bound to vfio, IOMMU is enable, the drivers for the controller are blacklisted and I have followed the official tutorials...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] PCI-E pass though crashing system

    My Truenas core vm is crashing when I try to pass my HBA to it. Both Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d is enabled in the bios. I've gone through all the whole of 10.9: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/pve-admin-guide.html#qm_pci_passthrough root@BarryProxmox:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve...
  11. S

    Open Nebula VS Proxmox

    Hi All, We have set up a new HPC and the HW / Software provided suggested using Open nebula as a virtualization environment so we can public services. Has any of you had any experience working on a proxmox in an HPC environment? We would like to be able to "divide" GPUS into smaller pieces...
  12. P

    NIC PCI-Passthrough

    Abend zusammen, Wie „sicher“ ist eigentlich PCI-Passthrough? Ich bin aktuell am überlegen folgende Konstellation zu bauen: 1 Host mit einer zusätzlichen Netzwerkkarte. Die Karte hat 2x 10G. Die beiden Ports sollen per PCI-Passthrough an eine Virtuelle OPNsense weiter gereicht werden. Hinter...
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    [SOLVED] PCIe Pass-through HP Z420

    Moin, ich möchte gerne das PCIe pass-through meines Proxmox-Servers aktivieren. (Hewlett-Packard HP Z420 Workstation/1589, BIOS J61 v03.96 10/29/2019, CPU XEON E5-1620 v2) Dazu habe ich die folgende Anleitung genutzt: https://www.thomas-krenn.com/de/wiki/Proxmox_PCIe_Passthrough_aktivieren...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] PCI Passthrough issue

    Hey guys, second run at trying to get PCI passthrough working within proxmox, Server - 2630L v4, supermicro x10srl-f, Quadro T400 and Intel 4x1gbe nic GRUB If you change this file, run 'update-grub' afterwards to update # /boot/grub/grub.cfg. # For full documentation of the options in this...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] USB 3.2 ASM3142 Pass-through Windows 10 Requires Reboot to Initialize Ports

    Hello Proxmox Forum, I originally posted this on the Proxmox subreddit but am re-posting here as well for visibility. Original post is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Proxmox/comments/t0o75j/usb_32_asm3142_passthrough_windows_10_requires/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 I just bought...
  16. T

    PCI passthrough Error code 43

    Hello I have been trying to set up passthrough to my Windows guest. I tried following different tutorials. Overcame several issues. I feel I am almost there. But also I feel almost like quitting. Installed latest driver on windows guest and it gives error 43 for the device. I am at a point...
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    PCIe Passthrough

    I have seen the many threads but I promise I'm a special case here. I have Proxmox VE installed with ubuntu and windows VM which I have two different tasks. Long story short I can physically see my graphics card as a passthrough option but once I go to initialize the VM doesn't work. I have...
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    [SOLVED] Configuring Proxmox for PCIE passthrough NVIDIA GeForce 9600

    Hiya Before I get too into the weeds.. I've been following various guides how to pass through graphics cards to windows VM .. some success but still getting this Code error 43 in Windows Device Manager. So before I go any further I wanted to check if anyone knew .. can I even use this card for...
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    PCI Passthrough

    Hallo, ich habe bei mir Jellyfin in einer VM laufen. Hierfür benötige ich meine GPU welche ich durchschleifen möchte. Hardware: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AsRock B450 Pro 4 NVIDEA Geforce GT710 PCI - Passthrough Egal wie man es macht, beläuft es sich im Endeffekt alles auf das IOMMU Feature. Doch...
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    Comet Lake (Intel 10th Gen 10100-10900k) UHD 630 Passthrough I need some help.

    After spending the last 2 weeks gouging my eyes out trying to make this work, I am finally asking for help. I have a ASRock B560M Pro 4 with a Core i9 10900(non k). The IGP on comet lake barely works on linux requiring the use of this https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/412664/ kernel...


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