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    Wrong Password!

    I have a fresh install of proxmox ve 8.2 and after I have set everything up I logged into the machine using my web browser, went straight to creating a VM. After my VM was created I logged into it and suddenly I lost connection to my server. I thought it might of been an error in my network...
  2. D

    "change password failed: user 'johnsmith' does not exist (500)"

    Proxmox 8.1.4 - So I created a new user successfully. I select the user and press "Password" and type in a new password. I get an error that says: change password failed: user 'xxxxxxxxx' does not exist (500) The user is there so what is the real problem? I am using the "root" account.
  3. M

    user created - unable to log in

    hello all. simple question and probably simple question. i created a user - gave him permissions (even tried making them root). while creating the account there isn't an option to set a password. Not a biggie - but isn't that where most other environments do it? In the end, I am not able to...
  4. D

    Set root password not working

    Hi all, i have a issue when installing proxmox on my local network. Every time i install Proxmox and go to the web gui my set root password isn't working. My setup isn't connected to the internet and i m using the PAM authentication. SSH isn't working as well. Thx for the help in advance!
  5. K

    How Do I Reset My Proxmox GUI User and Password

    I have a Proxmox server setup. I WAS using the username: crow and password: magic to log into it on both the command line and also on the web GUI but seeing that it was pretty simple and unsecure, I wanted to change the username and password. I first added a new user using the adduser command on...
  6. P

    VNC password gets resetted everytime the VM is shut down

    Hi guys, I have recently installed Kali as a VM in proxmox and configured VNC because I need indipendent browser access; however, I go in the monitor section and type "set_password vnc mypass -d vnc2", everything works until I shut down and restart the VM: I get "Authentication error" although...
  7. F

    Root problems

    Months back I disabled the root account on my cluster. Now I'd like to add another node to my cluster, but it requires root's password. After enabling root again, I am unable to log in via the web GUI with root@pam. All other logins work fine. I can SSH just fine with root@pam as well...
  8. R

    New container - password and SSH keys

    When I create a container, I have the option to inform password and/or SSH key. If I inform SSH key, it's allowed not to inform password. In case only SSH key is informed, how can I access via shell at Proxmox itself? Since I didnt' inform a password, this seems to be not possible. My case is...
  9. H

    Proxmox Failed all of a sudden mentioning that CPU was blocked for more than 25s...

    Hi there, I'm a beginner in Proxmox. Actually, everything was working perfectly fine until I installed 2 additional hard disks in my server. All of a sudden, I had an error mentioning that CPU was blocked for more then 25sec... I restarted and the server and now it's telling me that I'm in...
  10. E

    External VNC console on Proxmox 7

    Hi all, I have attempted setting up an external VNC console for a VM using the instructions on the Wiki. This send to be either out of date of net relevant for PVE7: root@lair-pve01:/home/eroux# qm monitor 102 Entering Qemu Monitor for VM 102 - type 'help' for help qm> change vnc
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    SECURITY information for pveXX.yy

    Hello everybody, I upgraded from Proxmox 6.4 to 7.0 yesterday. It is a cluster consisting of 3 nodes and Ceph. This morning he sent out mails with the following content. pveXX.yy : Jul 7 00:06:40 : ceph : a password is required ; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=nvme ct2000p1ssd8 smart-log-add...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] Reset user password in VM

    My team and I made the huge mistake of not saving the credentials of one of our VMs. That VM got populated with customer data and in no time we came to the conclusion we had lost access to that very VM. We used Ubuntu 18.04. We know the name of the user but the password does not want to work...
  13. R

    Can't connect to the login page

    Hi, I can't connect to the login page https://192.168.X.X:8006 but my password is correct ( I can connect as root on SSH session ) can someone help me ? Regards, Raphaël
  14. C

    Root account forgot the password

    Hi all, since a couple of months i have a strange issue login to my proxmox server. The root account password it's not recognized and when i try to login to web console I see " Login failed. Please try again ". If i ssh with root account I see the error "Access denied". The VMs are all online...
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    Proxmox Web GUI constanlty asking for password

    I am new to proxmox I just started using it. But the web GUI interface asking me for the password to log in again and again after some time interval. Does anyone know the fix?
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    Upgraded to Proxmox 6.0 ISO Container lost password.

    Good day team, I upgraded my nodes to 6.0 with ZFS and replication between node 1 and node 2. I restored Containers from a backup I made before the upgrade as I did a complete rebuild of the 2 servers from scratch. Everything went good and the performance I get from ZFS and 6.0 is good. But...
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    Ubuntu VM Root Passwort vergessen

    Hallo, bin neu hier und hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen. Ich verzweifele daran mich an einem Ubuntu VM anzumelden. Leider ist das Root Passwort nicht mehr auffindbar. Gibt es einen Trick dieses über den Host zu ändern ? Ich habe es schon mit dem Befehl "pct enter 500" versucht. Dann kommt die...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] Can't login to Ubuntu 18.04 container created from supplied template

    Hi, I created an Ubuntu 18.04 container under Proxmox 4.4 from the supplied template. Didn't supply an SSH key, just a password. But when I try to login on the console I type: root <enter> and then shortly after it says Incorrect login There's never a prompt for the password. How do I...
  19. D

    Two Factor Authentication For Proxmox

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to add two factor authentication for the proxmox login for extra security. I having hard time finding a tutorial and the documentation is not very clear. Anyone Can help me set it up ?
  20. C

    Cannot login via web interface but SSH works

    Hello! I have a problem on my Proxmox. Few days ago I lost the ability to get at web interface. Proxmox tells me that login or password is incorrect. But if I try to connect using ssh - it works. What should i do? I'd greatly appreciate.


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