1. S

    Problems with IPv6 passthrough, can reach vm, but vm cant reach proxmox nor the internet.

    Hi, i currently have some issues with ipv6. My plan is to create a setup like this: "proxmox <-> opnsense <-> vms". I'v allready successfully setup ipv4 with nat and all stuff, which works fine, but i would also like to use ipv6. With my current setup i can reach opnsense with it's ipv6 from...
  2. P

    OPNsense not getting WAN IP

    I'm switching over from an Omada router to OPNsense. I have it installed as a virtual machine with Proxmox. LAN seems to be working fine, but I can't get a WAN IP address. I don't believe that my ISP requires that I provide them with the new mac address because I've switched routers in the past...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Strange issues with Proxmox and OPNsense on Hetzner root-server

    We have quite a few installation running OPNsense on Proxmox and they all run fine. Since a couple of months we also have one instance on a Hetzner root-server (EX101, Intel Core i9-13900) that causes me a lot of headaches and I still cannot figure out the cause for these issues: - getting the...
  4. O

    Proxmox & OPNsense - 10% of the performance vs. Bare Metal, what did I do wrong?

    Hi all, having some problems which I hope I can resolve because I *REALLY* want to run Proxmox on this machine and not be stuck with just OPNsense running on bare metal as it's infinitely less useful like this. I have a super simple setup: 10gb port out on my ISP router and PPPoE credentials...
  5. C

    Running OPNSense on Proxmox on a Protectli FW4B (without IOMMU)

    Hello everyone, NOTE: in my message below, I make assumptions and guesses based on my research, but it’s very possible it’s full of mistakes and misunderstandings on my part…o_O To preface: I am pretty new to OPNsense (although I had just a bit of experience with pfSense), and entirely new to...
  6. S

    Proxmox with a Separate Host Running OpnSense in Hetzner

    Hi all, I'm working on my first setup at Hetzner and I can't find any examples of what I am attempting to do. I'm hoping for some insight, an interfaces config or step by step if it's available would both be very helpful! While there's plenty of instructions with regard to hosting OpnSense...
  7. M

    Hetzner Dedicated 1IP Proxmox mit OPNSense - VMs haben kein Internet

    Hi, ich bin Neu hier und habe wahrscheinlich wie schon mehrere Menschen vor mir dasselbe Problem. Ich habe die anderen Posts schon durchgesehen und nichts gefunden was mir geholfen hat. Vorweg bin kein Linux Profi, habe aber Spaß an der Materie. Meine Ausgangssituation gerade: 1x Dedicated...
  8. E

    Lab - Hardware Requirements

    I figured its always best to start with what are my current goals or ideas that should lead the discussion for specific items. I think my use case is pretty basic (hoping) and look forward to any feedback. It's pretty easy to overshoot the types of equipment or tech needed, and while I don't...
  9. B

    OPNsense/PFsense firewall rule to allow LAN access to VLAN

    Hi there, I’m using OPNsense as a firewall and VLAN. But I’d like to access (SSH mainly) the VMs at the VLAN from my LAN, but every firewall rule I make on the VLAN seems to block the LAN. Ping or SSH from LAN results in a time-out. What am i doing wrong? Firewall rules VLAN below: Pic1: I’ve...
  10. T

    Unable to forward Onboard NIC to OPNSense

    Hello there! I just started using Proxmox VE 7.4 (6.2) as of last week with a Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 Tiny I got off Amazon Renewed, mainly for the purpose of running it as an OPNSense router and as a host for Home Assistant OS, plus a few Docker containers. So far, I've been able to install...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] High availability with 2 VMs

    I want a highly available OPNsense setup in my Proxmox cluster. OPNsense has native HA features, but they require some manual tweaking to set up and I don't want to run a separate OPNsense VM for each node in my cluster. So I had the idea of just setting up two VMs on separate nodes and have...
  12. D

    Bridge NIC Passthrough for use in LXC

    Hi to all, After struggling with briding WAN/LAN in pfsense/OPNSense VM I decided to use NIC passthrough for my LAN interface. I had heavy packet loss when using bridge LAN interface in pfsense/OPNsense, this topic on reddit gave me hints and I had no more issues after using NIC passthrough for...
  13. P

    external OpnSense provide vlan but not works on proxmox

    Hello everyone, I have some servers on OVH connected via vRack. actual confuguraton: there is a vm inside hyper-v with opnsense, this one act as router and firewall. Opnsense gives addresses (no dhcp enabled) to all the entity in the net (hypervisors and vms), at the moment opnsense works only...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] Execute host command after starting guest.

    ref: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/how-to-pass-vlan-0-priority-tags-to-pfsense-for-dhcp.112374/ I need to set a bridge flag to pass certain traffic to the vm. The problem is the bridge does not exist until *after* the vm is started. echo 8 > /sys/class/net/fwbr105i1/bridge/group_fwd_mask...
  15. K

    Proxmox Pfsense in VLAN cannot access from external pc connected with managed switch

    i'm trying running pfsense/opnsense on proxmox in a single nic pc and a managed switch. I configured a single VLAN aware bridge to my physical port enp6s0. i added two network devices vtnet0 (tag=2) for LAN and vtnet1(tag=100) for WAN. i gave LAN static ipv4 . My physical managed...
  16. J

    Access to VLANs on Proxmox that have been defined in external OPNSense laptop

    Hi, I currently have a Proxmox server-pc (1 NIC) running amongst others an OPNSense VM. In the OPNSense VM I defined a LAN with several VLANs. In Proxmox I created a VLAN aware virtual NIC vmbr1 (the LAN) and every VLAN is attached to its own connection which is vmbr1 and a tag) I am able to...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] OpnSense -> Unifi -_Proxmox (Probleme mit VLAN)

    Hallo Zusammen, ich hoffe, ihr könnt mir helfen. Folgendes ist vorhanden: Vigor 165 -> OpnSense mit 6 NICs -> Unifi Controller im Docker meiner DS918+ und diverse Unifi Komponenten -> Laptop mit Proxmox Host als Test. Hinter der OpnSense ist ein Unifi USW-16 PoE Lite. Am Port 7 hängt die...
  18. N

    OPNsense VM - BSD panic

    Hi New using Proxmox, I have been trying to run OPNsense in a VM, already tried both available bios and machine configuration but the BSD kernel always enters in panic mode. The closest I have gotten to finding the cause of the problem is this post in the lxc forum. But I have not been able to...
  19. D

    Proxmox Cluster mit CEPH Storage und OPNsense

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin derzeit dabei, ein Homelab zu planen. Es gibt jedoch noch einige Bereiche, bei denen ich unsicher bin, ob sie umsetzbar sind. Meine Idee ist es, ein HA-Cluster mit 3x U59, jeweils mit 16 GB RAM und 500 GB SDD, zu betreiben. Nun habe ich zwei Fragen zum Setup: Ist es...
  20. B

    Proxmox FW needed or not with an OPNsense VM?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make my own router/firewall with OPNsense as a VM in Proxmox. What's not clear to me is if I can let OPNsense connect to the internet directly, or if that put Proxmox at risk and thus I should add the Proxmox Firewall to be safe? In both cases Proxmox will be...


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