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    another volume 'dpool2' already exists

    Hi all. I've searched this forum but no solution helped me. Here the point: I have 2 nodes. PVE-01 and PVE-04. and virtual machine 103 on pve01 with 3 storages/3 disc's I have replication from pve01 to pve004 that did not work. 2024-02-14 09:59:00 103-0: start replication job 2024-02-14...
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    Need Help Removing Node from Proxmox Cluster

    Hello Proxmox Community, I hope this post finds you well. I'm currently facing an issue with my Proxmox setup, and I'm seeking advice on how to gracefully remove a node from a Proxmox cluster. Issue Summary: I accidentally created a Proxmox cluster with only one node, and now I'd like to...
  3. T

    Persistent device names for USB drives containing hypervisor?

    Good day everyone, long time listener first time caller.... I am a CS student and recently picked up a great deal for a home lab: I have an intel H2000WP 4 node server with 512GB ram and 8x xeon e4-2600v2 series cpus. I decided to use proxmox as my hypervisor, and installed all instances to...
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    [SOLVED] I want to connect external Proxmox server with my local cluster

    Hi, I want to connect my external proxmox server which is in other network with my local cluster currently with 3 nodes connected. I tried installing a VPN in the external server but when I try to join the cluster I got this error during the conection: permission denied - invalid PVE ticket...
  5. M

    Ideal HA node config on a budget + Ceph nodes as two separate data pools?

    After spending some time learning that SAN is the traditional storage route and that Ceph + "hyperconverged" is actually encouraged now that we have the technology, I am a little lost on how to proceed with my home lab. I don't know if using Ceph would be like trying to shoe horn a new...
  6. J

    Add node to a cluster from another network

    Hi, I'm kinda new to proxmox and i wanted to know if it is possible to add my proxmox server in my friend's cluster who's in another network ? And if this is indeed possible, how can i do it ? Here's some screenshots so you can see how the issue look like. Thank you very much for reading my...
  7. Y

    One LVM for multiple nodes

    Hello all, We have a cluster with 3 nodes. On one node hard disks have been added and configured as LVM. The idea is to make this LVM also available on the other nodes. Therefore, the other nodes were added to the LVM in the cluster administration and the checkboxes for "Activate" and...
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    Ein LVM für mehrere Nodes

    Hallo zusammen, wir haben ein Cluster mit 3 Nodes. Auf einem Node wurden Festplatten hinzu gesteckt und als LVM konfiguriert. Die Idee ist, dieses LVM auch auf den anderen Nodes zur Verfügung zu stellen. Daher wurden auf der Cluster Verwaltung bei dem LVM die weiteren Knoten hinzugefügt und...
  9. S

    Reinstalled proxmox but "pve-old" created and I cannot recover existing VMs

    Hi everyone, I recently tried to get into my Proxmox Server but had too many problems booting so I decided to reinstall Proxmox on a new NVME that I added to my motherboard along with my already existing NVME SSD that already contained my existing Proxmox server. Upon installing on the new SSD...
  10. N

    Unexpected behavior when physically move nodes

    Hello, I would appreciate if you can throw some light over these issues that we experienced recently. Scenario Originally we have a 3 node proxmox cluster (node-1, node-2, node-3) with many VMs in a productive environment: Hardware: Dell R740 SO: Debian 10.3 Buster Proxmox version: 6.2-4 SAN...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] lrm (unable to read lrm status)

    I had a server die this past week and I removed it from the infrastructure. I can confirm that the server is out of commission and is pulled from the rack. I removed the node and all is well, or so I thought. The cluster is giving me an issue with regards to it seeming not being able to find the...
  12. H

    local node address: cannot use IP not found on local node

    Hello there (i'm french an dnew here) , i have to install a cluster between two nodes but when i try to join the second nodes to the fisrt (where the cluster is set ) , the GUI and the CLI send me the same errors : i search on the forum but i don't find any response to my issue Thx to all
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    replace sfp+nic in a ceph cluster

    I need to replace a 10gb sfp+ 2ports nic with a similar nic that provides 4 ports instead of 2. This particular nic is serving the internodal ceph network in a meshed network configuration, so no switches inside the ring. I'm in a production 3 node cluster with ceph and latest proxmox. replica...
  14. R

    Cluster Communication

    Hello All, Sorry I know this has been asked before on multiple threads, but I have a slightly different setup then normal and was wondering where to start looking. I have only two nodes currently. Third one is in the works. But for now I have two nodes. PVE01 and PVE02. I had to switch out the...
  15. E

    Can be deleted local-lvm?

    Hi everyone, I have a 6 nodes cluster with proxmox. I use nfs storage because it permits me to snapshoot and vm migration so, I am not using local-lvm in any node. Can I delete local-lvm and expand root partition to take advance of my local storage? Is there any problem if I do it? Sorry for...
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    Cannot query HA resource details with pvesh

    Proxmox version: 5.2-8/fdf39912 I'm trying to find out, which node a vm is currently routed to, so I thought this command might be useful: pvesh get /cluster/ha/resources/vm:101 However, it only sends back the following error message: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at...
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    How 4 nodes cluster vm are still running when 2 nodes

    Hello, I have 4 nodes cluster with the same server specifications. when 2 nodes die, 2 other nodes are still running (after restarting themselves) but the vm does not run, with the statement "waiting for quorum". is there a way that when 2 nodes die can be handled by 2 other nodes so that vm...
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    VM gone after joining cluster

    Hi, I created a cluster wit 3 proxmoxs nodes and when I addedd the fourth node, the virtual machines that where on this 4th node are gone. I see that the images of these VM are still located in /mnt (which is a 2TB second hard diss) Is there any way I could recover these VM? Can I copy those...
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    [SOLVED] Cluster without vlan / vrack (ovh)

    Hey! I want to create a proxmox cluster but don't have the possibility to create a vlan(vrack). I don't want to use the cluster for HA, just for migrating Containers between the nodes. Are there any problems with this or can I just use the external IPs? My second question: What if I have...
  20. C

    Add node to cluster failed

    Hi, just installed a new pve 5.1 node to expand my cluster. # pvecm addnode ip_address - resulting in: 400 Parameter verification failed. node: invalid format - value does not look like a valid node name the cluster currently consists of 2 nodes: root@b1-2:~# pvecm status Quorum...


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