nfs backup

  1. F

    [SOLVED] Are my running and backup strategies correct?

    Hi, Really quick question. I want to make sure. I have my Synology NAS where I created a NFS share only for Proxmox. I connected to "storage" with the following options: "Disk image, ISO image, Container template, VZDump backup file, Container". If I run a Docker service on a VM with relevant...
  2. L

    Proxmox Backup extrem langsam

    Hallo, Ihr Lieben, ich hoffe, ich kann auf diesem Weg hier etwas mehr Hilfe als durch Google & Co bekommen. Und zwar handelt es sich darum, dass ich einen Container (LXC) habe und in diesem ein NFS Share gemountet ist für Paperless Daten. Des Weiteren habe ich ein NFS Share generell...
  3. X

    Can't backup on NAS (NFS): Permission denied

    Hello, I have a Synology NAS on which I created a shared drive to host my pve backups. It works fine with VM but I'm getting a permission denied when trying to backup a unpriviledged CT. The output of the backup is: I already checked on google and in the forum and I found many different...
  4. A

    Shared storage among cluster's members, one NFS per VM (ZFS underneath)?

    Sorry for the X-cross technologies/solutions/products question. Since I was suggested to use NFS to host the VM's disks (for faster migration), I wonder if I could create a NFS share for each VM, so that I can send snapshots to another storage for backup and I get complete independence in case...
  5. D

    Large backup folder 7200 files

    We have 300 vms on a few hosts keeping 12 backups. we are finding we are hitting some sort of limit with this number of backups on an nfs share previously it used to just time out , but you could click it again an it would load , now it chews out all the ram in the host till it dies. when i say...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Configuring NFSv4 storage for backups - PVE still trying random ports

    Hello all, I've just setup a nfs server ( on my NAS (a QNAP with Debian installed). The system should be using NFSv4, and so I manually edited my storage.cfg on PVE as following: nfs: nas_proxmox_backups path...
  7. I

    Backup of CT failed with 'permission denied' but VMs can backup without issue

    I have 2 proxmox servers that backup to a Synology server NAS via NFS I am getting this error when trying to backup any CT's: But if I look at the other backups (VMs) they have no issues.... Not sure what I am missing at this moment, anything that points me in the right direction would be...
  8. T

    NFS share not letting containers read or write when mounted through the webGUI

    So I have been trying to get an NFS share to work on my proxmox containers to use them to backup our websites and also the containers that the websites are on. So far I can get both the PVE and also the containers to see the NFS and read and write to it with mount when logged into each container...
  9. G

    NFS Shares hanging-on one of our PVE Hosts

    Hello, One of our Proxmox hosts is not able to connect to NFS shares anymore. Which process on that host need to be killed to for NFS shares to be reconnected? I’d reboot the NFS server which is TrueNAS but, it didn’t fix the issue. I want to avoid rebooting the PVE host as it is a production...
  10. K

    NFS/Cifs mount?

    Dell r720 - Proxmox 7.1.7 Dell r720 - Truenas 12.0-U7 They're on separate subnets but it's always been like this and they both can communicate both ways nothing has changed other than the errors just showing up one day and my backups are not working... I have no idea what it is I've freshly...
  11. L

    NFS share not correctly unmounted

    Hi together I tried to configure a new NFS share on my Proxmox Cluster. I made a mistake and deleted the working NFS share from the GUI. After the storage change I tried to remount the NFS share from the GUI with the same name. I keep getting this error: I searched the web for a workaround...
  12. U

    PVE Backup to NFS Share (TrueNAS) has poor performance

    Hi, I'm new to proxmox and started my first backup to a NFS share (TrueNAS Server) via 1G NIC. However, the backup process takes a lot of time, because the network performance mostly idles at a few KiB/s and suddenly jumps to 117MiB/s (max Performance) only for a few seconds. My Proxmox Server...
  13. R

    Is NFS sharing only works on CentOs?

    Hi, just think of a question. So today I want to create a backup folder using nfs. Imagine I have 2 vms (debian and proxmox). nfs server is in debian, and proxmox is the client. i have tried some tutorials, and for the backup (nfs systems is working), folder is already backed up itself. as a...
  14. P

    NFS share drops while attempting to restore backup

    Hello everyone! For some backstory, I upgraded my server, and I keep backups of all my containers and VMs on a NFS share. I have never had any issues restoring said backups, until today. After a fresh install of Proxmox 7.0-1, I went to restore my backups and it took longer than 15 minutes (the...
  15. C

    Same storage different device

    Hi everybody i've setup my cluster with 2 nodes. now i got 2 monobay qnap nas where storage vm backup. i would make the two nas with identical configuration (same ip address and nfs share) in order to switch between the two devices( to deploy security backups), the nodes should always recognize...
  16. scasrl

    WebUI hang when start manual backup

    Hello, today I tried to launch a backup of a vm of about 400gb, and the webgui is freeze, when the backup is finished it is back responsive, the backup was launched in nfs shared storage
  17. mircsicz

    Trying to backup to manually mounted NFSdir

    I'm starting to prepare for a migration and as part of that process I wanted to dump the VM's & LXC's to a FreeNAS hosted NFS mount. vzdump 104 –-dumpdir /mnt/nas1 –-mode snapshot 400 Parameter verification failed. vmid: invalid format - value does not look like a valid VM ID My Versions are...
  18. M

    Proxmox 5.2 fresh cluster - KVM Templates storage ?

    Hello, Proxmox 5.2 is amazing, period. However I am in a loop hole as I do not understand the following issues: I could only mount 1 NFS storage instead of 1 x each nodes, I guess this is the way to do it inside a cluster ?! I cannot copy the KVM templates on all nodes, they always stay on...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] shared backup storage

    I have a 5 node proxmox cluster with ceph storage running a mixture of lxc containers and qemu vm's. I have an extra server I want to configure as a backup storage and to mount extra partitions on the containers. (To have some extra storage for tar backups). This server is connected to the...
  20. C

    I/O cuts, hangs and disk corruption of guest during backups (Over NFS storage)

    Hi, we are experiencing regular cuts and guest system hangs during backups over a NFS share . Sometimes even root disk complete corruption (mbr corruption since we are able to see partitions after recovery attemps). Oddly the backup is done and is ok once we try to recover the corrupted system...


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