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    Terrible Network Upload Speeds from Proxmox Host

    I've had fun building a plucky little homelab on Proxmox 8.1.4 running kernel 6.5.13-1-pve. It's installed on an HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC, with the OS installed on a SATA SSD, there being a 4tb NVME btrfs pool, and there being multiple HDD's connected via USB3. Services are run an an...
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    Network speed slows down during rsync

    Hello everybody! I have proxmox cluster 2 nodes Virtual Environment 7.4-17 and NAS. Without any cluster FSs. Just EXT2 Dirs and LVM.No ZFS. Network between two nodes and NAS 10Gbit. iperf3 between hosts confirm it. I have NAS with NFS export an 10 Gbit network. I have NFS mountpoint /mnt/point...
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    [SOLVED] Network speed stuck at 100Mb/s - Proxmox VE 8.0.2

    Hey, I've just installed Proxmox VE 8.0.2 on two different types of PC and I'm having the same issue. They both are stuck on 100Mb/s network speeds, not sure where to go from here. I did fresh install's just last week and made sure they are both up to date. root@TestLabServer:~# ethtool eno1...
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    Proxmox VE Virtual Windows Network Adapter Speed Problem

    I have a server with Proxmox operating system installed, and I have created a virtual Windows 10 machine on it. The server is equipped with a Mellanox dual-port network adapter, each port capable of speeds up to 25 Gbps. When assigning the network adapter to Windows, I chose the virtIO model...
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    Windows Server Upload slow during no other Upload but fast with

    On a Windows Server 2019 VM on a Proxmox host (7.1-11 PVE, 5.13.19-6-pve kernel) I'm having a strange problem: The upload to a new Synology DS1621+ is horribly slow (1-3 MB/s). The fun part is, as soon as I start another upload to anything else in the network both uploads become fast. The...
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    Bandwidth throttling for PVE backup job

    Hi, I got an issue with backups from my proxmox PVE system to a file share. The problem is, that the file share is on an older model HPE MicroServer. If I write to it over a long period of time with gigabit speed it tends to „take a break“ to write all the data to the disks. When copying from...
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    No 2.5GbE connection on Intel NUC 11 pro

    Hello all, I just bought an Intel NUC 11 Pro and wanted to run some VMs on it via proxmox. First, the installation did not work and aborted with an error. Now I tried the new version with the 5.11 kernel and the installation goes through cleanly and everything works. Unfortunately the network...
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    Slow Internet Performance in the VM

    Hello, I have an internet connection speed problem in my VMs. The Proxmox server has an excellent connection. I installed Centos7 on the vm. Here are the speed test results of the Proxmox and a VM: Proxmox: root@ns5004254:~# ./speedtest-cli Retrieving configuration... Testing...
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    Slow network speed on VMs, but not on host

    Hey there! I got a very strange issue; Sometimes my network speed is throttled to 100 Mbps. But I got 1000 Mbps at home. For example; If i download something on host, its downloading in 110MB/s (normal speed) - but if i download from VM, it's downloading in 10MB/s. It's like its changing from...
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    Network speed limited to 100Mbit/s

    Hi I'm using proxmox to run nextcloud on my homeserver. All's setup and running as needed. I realized that my up- and downloads are slow and limited to 100Mbit/s; eventhough I've a gigabit standart NIC and Router. Would b very cool if someone could tell me how I edit the interface to 1000Mbit's...
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    KVM VM Internet Upload Speed Conciderably Slower

    Hello, I have a ubuntu 18.04 guest running in a KVM due to kernal modifcations for a WireGuard server to run on it. When preforming a speedtest with speedtest-cli, I get the following output: Testing download speed... Download: 73.61 Mbit/s Testing upload speed... Upload: 3.60 Mbit/s Which is...


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