network failure

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    Windows 10 internet problem

    Hello, I have a server that I purchased on I installed Proxmox + Windows 10 Pro. but Windows 10 does not connect to the internet. I get an error, unknown network. how can i fix this?
  2. C

    Bridged interface not working.

    I am working with multiple bridged vms in my cluster. I have been having issues bringing up all of them on the bridge since my upgrade to Proxmox 6 (I upgraded from 5.4 to 6.2). These issues are remedied when all machines are started simultaneously, but I lack a way to bring them up together. Is...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox doesn't conect to router

    I have a mobo with ipmi so the cable isn't the problem. the boot up screen shows the ip that i set at the installation. Ping from pve to router gives back "Destination Host Unreachable". mobo is an asus z10pa-d8 net interface in use is the onboard one router is from AVM a FritzBox 7490
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    Network loss on FreeBSD guests under PVE 5.x

    Hello Since PVE5 is released we are facing an irregular issue with loosing network connection on FreeBSD guests. Interface is UP, no errors inside logs, but route to gateway just stops working. After ifconfig em0 down; ifconfig em0 up; all returns to normal. Issue is never happened with PVE4...
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    Enabling IOMMU Breaks Networking

    When I add intel_iommu=on to my boot options in GRUB, all my networking (both for the host and the guests) stops working. I have to walk over to the machine, log in, and change it back. At first glance, everything looks fine with the network (correct interfaces are showing as UP, bridges are...
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    Help with changing IP address / reinstalling.

    I installed Proxmox on my old Sony VAIO laptop with a broken screen a few months ago to play with it and everything worked fine. I left it alone and started designing an enclosure so I can print it. in the meantime, I also got google wifi. with the old router, my IP address was 192.168.0.XX so...
  7. K

    The container failed to start

    Hello everybody, I am new to proxmox and have an issue while trying to start a container. after running following command: lxc-start -n 120 -F -lDEBUG -o d.log It says that container failed to start. The content of d.log file is: lxc-start 120 20190621082914.760 INFO lsm -...
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    Problems with web-interface on PVE 5.2 host

    I freshly installed PVE 5.2 and have some issues w network: it worked well, then suddenly (while preparing VM for Graphics passthrough) I lost web-interface from external machine on same network. I managed to finish passing through GPU to one of VMs and webinterfece generally works from VM...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Previously working Proxmox host largely lost network access--dropping pings out, unable to ping, etc

    I've scoured the forums, but haven't had any luck finding a solution that works. Let me first try and explain the problem. I'm currently running proxmox 5.2.2. Recently the host seemed to just drop off and I couldn't connect to it any longer over the network (currently using IPMI to do so). I...
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    VM Network is KO after backup

    The external network connection to/from a VM is not longer functionnal after a backup about 15% of the time. I am interested in any hint about how to avoid this. The backup of a Virtual machine (CT) running in a LXC container on LVM (in /var/lib/vz) breaks the network and Proxmox VE t 5.2-6 ...
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    No network after reboot

    After restart, networking has vanished: can't ping the default gateway, much less reach anything else. Nothing was changed in /etc/network/interfaces (attached). Output from "ip link" and "ip route" is as I believe it should be. Clearly something is wrong; possibly (probably) something subtle...
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    Network problem with Intel X540-T2

    I want replace Esxi with Proxmox, but where is some problem with network. After 12 - 15 hours linux bridge vmbrX wich connected to Windows 7 guest is freeze. After each port failure host reboot improve this issue. Output of /var/log/messages is attach. I googled problem but recommendation isn't...
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    Guest container reachability over bridge

    The storage backend is SSD. The machine is an i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz with 32G of RAM. Other machines in the cluster demonstrate the same behavior. Host: vmbr0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 74:d4:35:e7:6d:4f inet addr: Bcast: Mask:
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    Proxmox 4.4 NMI watchdog and network failure

    Hi, I just received a new machine on which I installed proxmox 4.4. Installation went great, full access to wed admin, etc. However, the next day the system was blocked, screen filled with lines like Message from syslog kernel:[90524.099987] NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#3 stuck for 23s...


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