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    Move the NFS that I created on my first disk and move it to my second disk.

    Hello, I have two disks on my NUK and I would like to move the NFS that I have on one disk to my other disk in order to free up space. Is there a solution?
  2. E

    Whilst move storage from local-lvm to TrueNAS ZFS over iSCSI: Warning: volblocksize (4096) is less than the default minimum block size (8192).

    Hi! When I move a VM's storage from `local-lvm` to a TrueNAS Core based ZFS volume over iSCSI, I get the following warning: Task viewer: VM 102 - Move disk create full clone of drive scsi0 (local-lvm:vm-102-disk-0) Warning: volblocksize (4096) is less than the default minimum block size...
  3. M

    error when cloning VM

    Hi! I'm just learning, so I created a test server. I didn’t find any information about the error when cloning and moving, so I created a post There is a server HP ML150G6 2xE5520 12x2GB RAM Hardware raid 4x300GB and 1xSSD 250GB Proxmox was installed on the SSD, during installation the...
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Move virtual disk from VM to CT

    Hello all I tried to move a disk, which was originally used in a VM (ID210), to a CT (ID170). The disk is part of a LVM, the group name is data2. Now the CT is not starting and Proxmox gives the following error message: run_buffer: 322 Script exited with status 32 lxc_init: 844 Failed to run...
  5. S

    Stuck at Moving Volume

    Hello, I don't know if this is normal, but moving volume is now taking forever. I am currently moving an LXC volume from a ZFS volume to a lvm thin volume, and it is taking 10+ minutes without giving me any error nor status updates. This LXC is only 8GB in size. WARNING: You have not turned...
  6. F

    "Move Disk" ZVOL to other zpool, only allocated contents?

    I'm about to replace the HBA card used for my hdd_pool, so I want to temporarily move the ZVOL virtual drives of my VMs from the hdd_pool to the ssd_pool, just to be safe. I tested with one of the smaller virtual drives that's set to look like a 32G drive to the guest OS and has 7.52G actually...
  7. E

    /dev/loop0 read-only - Cant move lxc disk from NFS share to local disk

    Just noticed that I accidentally created one of my containers with its storage on my backup nfs mount. I tried moving the disk storage in the gui and got this error: Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/101/vm-101-disk-0.raw', fmt=raw size=53687091200 preallocation=off Creating filesystem with...
  8. J

    Move LVM disk from VM to container

    HI all, I tried to reassign the LVM disk from a VM to a container but fail - during startup it complains about wrong fs. lxc-start 109 20220918083546.325 DEBUG conf - ../src/lxc/conf.c:run_buffer:310 - Script exec /usr/share/lxc/hooks/lxc-pve-prestart-hook 109 lxc pre-start produced output...
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    Move disk / volume hangs waiting on fuser command

    FYI I run into the problem that moving a vm disk (volume) locally, hangs waiting on fuser process, which never exists. The disk was already copied and available on the target storage and also funcional after killing the fuser process. As a test calling fuser via commandline showed that the...
  10. P

    Current proxmox drive failing, need to have my proxmox installation moved to a new drive.

    Hi, I would like some help moving my current proxmox installation to a new drive. All my VM's and data are currently stored on other drives either locally mounted or via NFS. I have backed up the configuration via script but im not sure if i should just: 1. Remove the HD with proxmox...
  11. O

    Move of TPM State disk fails

    I'm trying to move a Win11 VM storage from and NFS share back to a local (ZFS) store. I moved the system disk and EFI disks, but when I try and move the TPM disk it fails with this error: create full clone of drive tpmstate0 (vmstore-NFS:500/vm-500-disk-0.qcow2) transferred 0.0 B of 4.0 MiB...
  12. S

    move disk

    Hello, I use Proxmox 6.4-9 and ceph 15.2.13. Today I move disk to another pool in ceph, after a while I have to cancel this process and I pushed cancel button, but I see ceph doesn't release space in pool storage. How can I get back this storage to values from before move disk?
  13. C

    How to move sub volume mp0 from one container to another.

    Background: container 101 had a root disk and a mount point 0, I only had a backup that included its root disk, but mp0 was excluded from the backup because I didn't have enough storage. (I'm working on full backups now which is why I want to fix this). The root disk failed to boot unexpectedly...
  14. E

    Why is the "Move disk" option greyed out? - Noob question

    Hi there, I'm new to Proxmox and my setup which has been installed with all default settings is like so: Host 3 x 1 TB SSD disks attached to hardware RAID controller in RAID5 configuration 2 x 4 TB SATA disks attached to hardware RAID controller in RAID1 configuration I'm using LVM system...
  15. Z

    Migrate/Move disk-vm on NAS Storage to Local-LVM Storage

    Hi, I have installed Proxmox version 6.1 a few days and I have NAS Storage list which disk-vm. now I would use it again in new Proxmox with Local-LVM path target with exist disk-vm. how to migrate/move disk-vm on NAS Storage to Local-LVM.
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    Moving VM disks to Ceph failing

    I've provisioned 1 Proxmox host with Ceph that has 2 SSDs for OSDs. Ceph is configured and running. I've created a ceph pool called "ceph-dev". When I attempt to move a VM from local storage to Ceph I am getting a lock error. storage migration failed: error with cfs lock 'storage-ceph-dev': rbd...
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    ZFS over ISCSI (High Load on Move Disk)

    Hi We have a setup of ZFS over ISCSI using LIO on Ubuntu 18 , and we have an issue with high IO load once we move disks that are bigger than 100GB, once the move starts the Load is low until about a half of the transfer is done, and then it's getting crazy high, our setup is very high end ...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot move EFI disk to another storage

    Hi, my VMs use an EFI disk (in addition to the standard disk). Now I want to move all disks to another storage. There's no issue with the standard disk. However, the option to move the EFI disk is not available in WebUI. This means, I need drop the EFI disk and re-create it in new storage. But...
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    Moving disk from NFS to Ceph hangs

    Hi. I'm playing with PVE 6 and have 2 storages : one NFS and another Ceph (external, not managed on PVE). Both are working fine, and I can move disk from Ceph to NFS without any issue. But not the other way arround : from NFS to Ceph, the transfert starts, and then hangs arround 3% indefinitely...
  20. K

    move disk (.vdmk) or vm to local (not local-lv)

    Hi, one proxmox is available to select lokal as target moving a disk, the 2nd proxmox offers lokal-lv only. How do I get the disk or vm moved to local? workarroud: ho can I import a .vdmk to lokal-lv ? Thanx


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