1. A

    ZFS in-tree kernel builder (to avoid missing dependencies on boot)

    Dear Proxmox Community, I have a project I wrote back in 2021 I'm re-writing with Proxmox in mind. I met a local business owner who hosts his servers on Proxmox, and he sounded interested when I mentioned I had compiled ZFS modules inside a kernel, so it sparked some interest in me to...
  2. G

    Proxmox 8.1.4 - Kernel Update 6.5.11-8-pve

    Hi, I already recognized while updating to 6.5.11-7-pve some weeks ago, that pve-headers are not installed automatically like in the past. This causes a lot of hiccups with modules that shall be rebuild automatically via dkms. I have to upgrade pve-headers manually and then always rebuild the...
  3. R

    My proxmox is not booting

    Hello, there was no space on my proxmox server, I was not very good in server management. I logged in to server via ssh and I removed /lib/modules folder by mistake to arrange some free space to server. Than l Logged in to the proxmox and removed on of the VPS servers. When I try to reboot the...
  4. K

    ppp_generic module missing proxmox 7

    I'm trying to create a pptp vpn gateway to my nated webserver in a unprivileged container, but there is no ppp_generic module in the proxmox server to make available to the container. I tested the same configuration in a vm, but I don't want the overhead and the security of the pptp protocol...
  5. R

    Patch an upstream kernel driver. What's the best way? Proxmox Kernel Sources anywhere?

    Hi, I'm trying to patch a upstream kernel driver (ath.ko). Doing so should be fairly easy even though it seems a bit clumsy. It requires to install the "linux-sources" package from APT, extract the kernel source file that gets downloaded with it, patch it, compile the module and install the...
  6. S

    VIRTIO Balloon with FreeBSD (OPNsense)

    Hi, I am running OPNsense in Proxmox and I would like to get the balloon driver working properly so I can get correct memory readings in Proxmox. Right now for example Proxmox reports 3.35GB/4GB while OPNsense itself reports only 740MB is used. I have searched a lot online and found some...
  7. K

    Hilfe bei Kernel Module Update

    Guten Tag zusammen, ich beschäftige mich seit Oktober 2016 mit Proxmox (erste Berührung über Bekannte vor einigen Jahren) und möchte mein postives Feedback an dieser Stelle geben. Ich habe ein sehr dringliches Problem und müsste bis zum Wochende einen passenden Ansatz finden und erhoffe mir...
  8. B

    ifb0 and fireqos issue

    Hi All Newby here... I'm trying to run fireqos on my cloud hosted prox install but its moaning about not having the ifb modules available. Is there a way I can add this module to the kernel? Cheers! Jon.
  9. U

    installation of proxmox hangs on boot

    i installed proxmox previously but never had issues like this before. During boot time it loads the modules and at first it hung on a pcspkr issue (pcspkr already registered) and i had to go into a live environment to blacklist it. Now it hits "systemd-sysv-generator: ignoring creation of an...
  10. B

    Preventing Access to GUI

    Hello We need to find a way to prevent public from accessing the Proxmox GUI however we are prevented from doing so because of a modulesgarden auto provisioning module we use for WHMCS. Normally we would simply prevent access via IP using the firewall but considering the module need access via...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Kernel modules not loaded required for firewall "Shorewall"

    Hello! The prerequisite check of shorewall reports several kernel moduls are not loaded: root@pc4-svp:/var/lib/vz/dump# shorewall check Checking using Shorewall 5.0.4... Processing /etc/shorewall/params ... Processing /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf... Loading Modules... modprobe: ERROR: could...


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