1. B

    VM Ubuntu start on console but not on server screen.

    Hello, I have a proxmos 7.4 running on an iMac. I'm connected to web GUI from another computer and I've created a ubuntu VM. I can start the ubuntu vm and I see it on the console but not on the server screen. I think I miss something. Could you help me ? Thank you. Bugs
  2. M

    iso has no os cannot boot

    I'm having difficulty with the iso installer having gflashed to usb it isn't eve recognised as a bottle drive I'v tried several sick and have used both etcher on a Mac and dusimage writes in linux I've also tried too boot an iso in parallels on my ma and again it isn'y recognised as having a...
  3. J

    ZFS mit OMV VM extrem langsam

    Moin zusammen, ich habe aktuell einen Proxmox 6.2-4 mit einem Intel i3 8350k und 32 GB Ram. Jetzt habe ich einen Raidz1 mit drei 4 TB Ironwolf Platten. Den ZFS Pool habe ich per VirtFS in der OMV VM bereitgestellt und eingebunden. Wenn ich in der Konsole auf der OMV VM bzw. dem Proxmox Host...
  4. L

    Install on Mac Mini 2018? (Macmini8,1)

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had any luck installing ProxmoxVE on a 2018-era Mac Mini (Intel). I have a few of them with 32-64GB of RAM and 10GbE and wanted to turn them into virtualization hosts. ESXi 7 does support them but I would much rather play around with Proxmox than boring old...
  5. R

    Duplicate MAC Addresses Generated for Bonded Interfaces on Identical Server Hardware

    Greetings fellow Proxmox users and moderators. First I want to thank the Proxmox team and developers for creating an amazing product. I have been a Proxmox user for only about 2 years but a Linux admin for about 15 years. Regrettably I have not created a forum account until now, however I...
  6. I

    What is the Proxmox MAC address block or range?

    Like the subject says really. For $reasons I need to create a new VM from the command line. For the network adapter I need to specify a MAC address. To this end, I'm wondering if Proxmox has registered a MAC(OUI) block or range or prefix which we could use to generate out MAC's from. I mean I...
  7. W

    Windows VM and VMID Awareness

    Good day all, Apologies if this has been asked before but multiple web searches have not provided an answer. I have a need to be able to quickly spawn a linked clone with a specific VMID. When the clone boots into windows for the first time I want a powershell script to query its VMID...
  8. N

    Use one main MAC address of the server for all IP machines

    I have a server from hetzner, and install proxmox on it. My configuration is simple, and it's my "/etc/network/interfaces" file: auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp6s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address XX.YY.ZZ.TT netmask gateway...
  9. G

    OPNsense CARP/MacSpoofing issues

    Ì'm having some issues with macspoofing on Proxmox as my CARP Master/Backup VIP's are flapping in state between the servers and stay that way they are set. I have checked: Disable hardware checksum offload Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload Disable hardware large receive offload...
  10. G

    [SOLVED] same MAC address after restore

    I want to make a clone from a productive CT to use it as an independent staging server. I made a vzdump Backup of the production CT and afterwards used this backup file as ostemplate when creating the new CT. Now I changed the hostname and the ip address of the new CT. I see that the new CT has...
  11. E

    find CT by MAC

    Hi, is there a way to find a CT with its MAC? At least the pve search box does not support searching by MACs. Is there any command on the node I could try? ip a | grep "<mac>" Does not work. Thank you in adcance
  12. T

    2008 Mac Pro

    Hello, I have a 2008 Mac Pro populated with 6 4TB disks. I can boot the Proxmox installer from both USB flashdrive and USB CD Drive. I cannot access the installer unless I pass the acpi=false flag to Grub. After that, the installer starts fine. During installation, I configure the installation...
  13. M

    Can't seem to get this VM to boot... any ideas?

    I've been trying to get a VM of macOS running in Proxmox for a while. I recently created a new VM and set it up by following the instructions found here: All I can seem to accomplish though is getting it to boot to...
  14. A

    Mac os guest performance

    Hi all, I finally succeeded installing mac os as a guest on my remote proxmox server. One of the problems I have having now is that performance is very slow (and CPU load is very low). Performance is low if I use Proxmox console as well as going through Screen Sharing and VNC client. I don't...
  15. M

    Feature request...

    Hey guys. So... I can't even begin to tell you how much I admire, and love your product: Proxmox VE. I have a feature request. I believe it's been asked for in the past and the subject often disappears, fading into the background. The feature? Full macOS (previously Mac OS X) support as a...


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