1. O

    Proxmox node shutdown/reboot/hang without any useful logs

    I have a Proxmox node which cannot access today (it shows red cross). I check the syslog and it just say "-- Reboot -- " and something like this The problem occurs without any useful logs to find the root cause Can you help me find the cause of this, this is the 3rd time this problem occur in...
  2. M

    Send tasks logs to syslog server

    Hey, I configured logs to be sent to a syslog server using this tutorial *.* @@your_syslog_server_ip:514 but I noticed that logs generated by tasks are not being sent. How to do so? I suppose this can be related also to Proxmox VE's tasks.
  3. S


    I can't seem to get remote logging to work on Debian12 LXC containers. FQDN works on Qemu servers but the same rsyslog.conf file does not give full name from LXC container. Any idea what's going on here..?
  4. P

    OpenVPN error in syslog

    Jul 14 20:05:53 pve audit[1140966]: AVC apparmor="DENIED" operation="mount" class="mount" info="failed perms check" error=-13 profile="lxc-101_</var/lib/lxc>" name="/run/systemd/unit-root/" pid=1140966 comm="(openvpn)" srcname="/" flags="rw, rbind" Jul 14 20:05:53 pve kernel: audit: type=1400...
  5. F

    PVE logs and Proxy Server

    Hi all! I have a Proxmox Virtual Environment installed at home in order to manage some VMs for my private network. In order to see and manage VMs remotely, I configured a virtual host on another machine through apache that redirects all traffic to proxmox.mydomain.com. Now come some security...
  6. B

    Proxmox shuting down all VMs randomly

    Hi, I've been hosting my Proxmox server for about one year now and it randomly shuts down my VMs about every week or two. Theres no real damage done, it's just anoying to have to start them all again every week or two. I'm not two experienced with reading logs, so I wanted to ask if someone...
  7. G

    TrueNAS VM - using vdisk for LOG cache.

    Hallo all, Short question about my TrueNAS vm. According to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4DLChRXJog cache for log is speeding-up the performance. I dont have a complete nvme drive left to passtrough but could or should i use an virtual-disk for this job? Thnx in advance!
  8. L

    Issues with Fencing and logs being deleted

    Hello, We are having issues with one particular server proxmox 6.4 Proliant DL360 GEN9. Cluster fence it then, server goes down, logs being wiped off. Any suggestion how to fix, troubleshoot, its only this server that is having issues, but hardware seems to show no errors? Much appreciated. Ladi
  9. J

    zfs pools with ssd caching

    Hello, I have a server with 5 sata disks, one SSD (128GB) and four HDD (2x2TB and 2x4TB). I've installed proxmox 7.1 in the SSD. I want to create two zfs pools (mirrored) one with two hard disks of 2TB and another with two disks of 4TB. In the installation SSD disk I've created two partitions...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Proxmox-backup logs

    Hi, I just noticed that /var/log/proxmox-backup is using quite a lot of space. It seems as log rotation is not explicitly defined in logrotate. Is there any other setting that is taking care of this log rotation or can I just use logrotate as for any other logs? I didn’t find anything related...
  11. T

    Log rotation failed - should I be concerned?

    Good morning! My newly updated PBS 1.1-13 system encountered an error last night regarding log rotation. The root disk is 64GB with not much used, and I don't see any obvious issues. () 2021-10-07T00:00:00-07:00: starting task log rotation 2021-10-07T00:00:00-07:00: task log archive was not...
  12. T

    Sync Task Status Error

    Hi everyone, Every time that I issue a sync job and wish to view the task window, the log is blank and the status tab shows the attached error (Bad Request (400) parameter verification errors parameter 'upid': value may only be 128 characters long). After the sync job is done, and I got to...
  13. C

    pveproxy disabling access log

    Simple question, how do I move or disable the log? I am using nginx in front of it which I can significantly reduce writes by using its flush and buffer parameters, but pveproxy seems to have no documented way of manipulating its logging.
  14. L

    backup image name in live-restore task log

    Hi guys, when restoring a VM via full-restore (i.e. the old way), you log the name of the backup as follows: new volume ID is 'local-zfs:vm-102-disk-0' restore proxmox backup image: /usr/bin/pbs-restore --repository root@pam@localhost:chunks4tbnvme101 vm/101/2021-05-17T11:32:02Z...
  15. S

    API Internal Server Error [500], but requests complete?

    Hi everyone, We're in need for some help here please. In short, some of the API requests return with 500, but complete anyway. We're on proxmox-ve: 6.2-1 There are no errors in /var/log/syslog in fact here is one of the successful attempts: Jan 7 15:47:45 xxx.xxx.xxx pvedaemon[42603]...
  16. T

    Listen to the latest tasks on the dashboard

    Good night, I wanted to know from the developers if there is any interest in adding to the Dashboard the last jobs executed or the jobs executed in the last X hours for example 24 or 48 hours, as well as having longer tasks for example. I say this because my interest is to place the dashboard...
  17. J

    PVE: REST API vs cmdline commands vs web-GUI

    Does the web-gui (6.2-11) produce some sort of "command log" for the (presumed?) commands it runs upon receiving a command from the web-based user? I'm a command-line oriented sysadmin, and I'd eventually like to be able to manage all things without the web gui, or at least using it minimally.
  18. grin

    [SOLVED] garbage collection spam logs by repeatedly failing due to running backup

    There is a backup taking 12h+, which is okay. GC is daily. Now, GC isn't happy when trying to clean up files of an active backup: 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: starting garbage collection on store pub 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: task triggered by schedule 'daily' 2020-08-23T18:34:00+02:00: Start...
  19. I

    E-Mail wird nicht auf dem Tracking- und LOG-Bildschirm angezeigt

    Hallo Proxmox-Team, Ich habe das Routing pro Domäne auf dem Zimbra-Server implementiert. Wenn ich E-Mails an Hotmail und GMail-Adresse sende, sende ich E-Mails im Proxmox Monitoring Center und in den LOG-Datensätzen. Meine Adresse mahbubarice.com.tr wird über Proxmox als ausgehendes Gateway...
  20. I

    Mail Not Displayed on Tracking and LOG Screen

    Hi Proxmox Team, I Implemented Routing as Per Domain on Zimbra Server, When I Send Mail to Hotmail and GMail Address, I Send Mail in Proxmox Monitoring Center and LOG Records, My mahbubarice.com.tr Address is Used as Outgoing Gateway via Proxmox When I Send Mail to akturkgroup.com.tr Address, it...


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