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    GPU passthrough on Lenovo thinkpad P15 gen 1 laptop

    I have a beefy laptop that I have contemplated for a long to turn into my virtualization platform. It is maxed out with 128 Gigs of RAM and an nvidia RTX 5000 that has 16 GB GDDR6. Memory Interface. My primary consideration revolves around the potential underutilization of the GPU in the event...
  2. T

    Proxmox auf Notebook ThinkPad T480 - Wie Display zuklappen ohne ausschalten?

    Moin liebe Proxmox Freunde, ich bin neu auf dem Bereich und für den Home Assitant, habe ich mir das Proxmox BS auf dem Notebook Linovo ThinkPad T480 installiert. Leider fährt das Notebook herunter, wenn ich das Display zuklappe. Weißt jemand, was ich unter Proxmox BS oder BIOS des Notebooks...
  3. B

    io error on Truenas VM

    Hello, Im newbie here just got into proxmox and im trying to build a homeserver using a on old laptop (HP Pavilion dv6-7080ee) for simple smb file sharing and some movies database (normal file sharing and Jellfin each on separate VMs). I am using 4 external usb hdd 3 500GB 1 1TB , i found a...
  4. R

    Turn off Proxmox primary monitor.

    What I am trying to achieve? I have a laptop with Intel Core i5 2410M processor and 6GB RAM. I have 2 hard disks. I want to keep installing Linux Mint in drive 1 and Proxmox in drive 2. The GRUB is installed in drive 1 (Linux Mint). What is the problem I am facing? I want to turn off the...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Kernel - how to enable ACPI?

    Hey there, My machine is running 7.2 VE and I want to fully disable my dGPU by using an ACPI call to benefit thermals and power saving. Though, when installing acpi-call-dkms the acpi_call module won't get built. The error states the following: ACPI disabled in this kernel, not building module...
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    [TUTORIAL] How to set up Proxmox VE 7 on a laptop (workstation) with wifi (wlan)

    Tested on a Lenovo Thinkpad P1 gen2 with the Proxmox 7.1-2 iso. An ethernet connection to internet is required during the installation process (because iwd is not installed by default). 1. Plug the ethernet cable 2. Install Proxmox 3. Reboot and login with root 4. Update the Proxmox...
  7. D

    Improving battery health when running Proxmox VE on a laptop

    I'm running a Proxmox VE on a laptop computer and because it's always on 24/7 I'd like to make sure the battery lasts long. I figured our that Linux OS has a built in support for limiting battery threshold simply by: (for example to 80%) cat 80 >...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Successful experience with laptop GPU Passthrough

    Hello. This is the story about my expirience with laptop GPU Passthrought to virtual machine. I used Clevo N957TC laptop (aka Hasee ZX7-CT5DA) and Proxmox 7.0-8. As u can see at system block diagramm GPU of Laptop has personal video-out (HDMI and DP). I connected a monitor via HDMI. The first...
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    Battery Info not available to guest VM

    Hi, Im pretty new with Proxmox so hopefully this is not a super dumb question: I have managed to get my proxmox server up and running on an old Samsung laptop (i3, 8GB RAM) and have installed a couple of VM's (Debian 10 and Home assistant - I think it uses Alpine Linux) Anyway, everything works...
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    Copying a virtual machine onto a pc/laptop

    Thank you so much for this wonderful environment that you have created. I've been reading over the thread and have been unable to find the answer. How can I backup an Ubuntu OS virtual machine onto a drive and run it as the OS of a laptop? My server unfortunately prefers sine wave ups which is...
  11. N

    How to configure a vm for internet access?

    Hello. I'm trying to get my vm (puppy linux) connected to the internet. I'm currently using my wireless network card on my laptop (host), however I've realised that I cant bridge it to the VLAN (I believe it has something to do with multiple MAC addresses using the device). So I've tried routing...
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    Proxmox + Optimus Computeur + Gnome or Panthon desktop = crash

    Hello everyone, I'm a student in a french informatic school and I've got the project to turn my laptot in a VM server using proxmox OS. But my laptop must also be in the same time server and client, I want to be able to connect on the vm from the laptop that host the vm in the same time. Here...
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    Proxmox on Debian on laptop

    I am trying to install Proxmox on my laptop so I started following this tutorial and now I am kind of stuck. I need some help with the LVM thing as you can see on this picture...


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