1. G

    [SOLVED] Slow write I/O for Windows guests

    Hi, PVE 7.4 here. There's something wrong with my Windows guests. No matter the underlying hardware, I have very poor performance in I/O for write operations. Like, 1.3GB/s in read and about 100MB/s in write. I tested using both my Ceph storage and local SSDs. I have latest VirtIO drivers...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] slow performance caused by ZFS trimming

    This issue has been solved. This thread is for anybody having slow I/O performance and searching for keywords. The cause might be ZFS trimming the rpool. I’m running proxmox version 7.3-1 on a Supermicro A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F with HP SSD EX920 1TB for the rpool. My proxmox node was unresponsive. VMs...
  3. T

    VM I/O Performance with Ceph Storage

    Hi everybody, a while ago we set up a three node Proxmox cluster and as storage backend we use the built in ceph features. After a while we noticed a strong decreasing of I/O Perfomance in the VMs when it comes to writes of small files. Writing a single big file at once seems to perform quit...
  4. J

    High I/O delay

    Hi, I'm facing high a strangely high I/O delay. I have 3 times A Dell Poweredge 720XD with (almost) the same configuration. The main specs are that are the same over all three servers are: - 26x 500gb SSDs in a ZFS pool (RaidZ3) ashift 12 with a block size of 256K - 380GB of ram - Dell Perc...
  5. K

    [SOLVED] Not founding any I/O sound devices when connecting to o Windows10 VM via Remmina RDP

    Hello , when i connect to my windwos10 VM via RDP connection from another windows device i'm getting the sound working without any problems, but in Remmina RDP connection from an Ubuntu 20.04 computer i can't get any sound device running. as i read in another thread i have tried to use SPICE as...
  6. M

    scheduled backups keep failing can't figure out why

    Massive Proxmox newb but I have a Proxmox setup and my scheduled backups keep failing and i'm trying to figure out if my storage is in danger... this is from the error listed whereit shows that the backup had errors.. : "var/tmp/vzdumptmp395447_110' failed: exit code 11 INFO: Failed at...
  7. enoch85

    L2ARC, PCi/SSD

    I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I can't decide what would be best. More RAM, and additional L2ARC - and in that case which type? Proxmox is currently running on a HP DL380 G9 with one PCI-E slot available, so I could get a card that supports NVMe and add around 250 GB fast...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Host freeze input/output error

    I have installed proxmox 6.3 INTEL NUC10I7FNH (64GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) a week ago and added a Debian VM and it has been working fine. 3 days ago I added another Debian VM and then a Windows 10 VM. Ever since the guests have been halting and the host has been throwing Input/Output error to every...
  9. Y

    I/O LXC Graph stop working after Proxmox5 to 6 Migration

    Hello, in my 3 node cluster ( ZFS ) after Proxmox6 upgrade, LXC VPS I/O Graph have stop working. ( Complitly flat ) pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.2-2 (running kernel: 5.4.65-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.2-12 (running version: 6.2-12/b287dd27) pve-kernel-5.4: 6.2-7 pve-kernel-helper: 6.2-7...
  10. E

    KVM slow I/O with DL380 g8 + 1gb cache

    Hi all! I've got a HP DL380 G8 running with 2x300GB 15k SAS in RAID 1 and 4x300GB 15k SAS in RAID10. Controller has 1GB of cache, Write Cache is enabled, BBU is present. Controller status is ok. I've just set it up (yes, raid resync is long done) and moved my VMs from my other server. LXC...
  11. E

    [ZFS] SSD High I/O (Standalone Installation)

    Hi, I have a Proxmox standalone installation and have high I/O when working in any instance running in raid ssd. proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.0.21-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.1-3 (running version: 6.1-3/37248ce6) pve-kernel-5.3: 6.0-12 pve-kernel-helper: 6.0-12 pve-kernel-5.0: 6.0-11...
  12. C

    Komisches Verhalten beim Migrieren

    Hallo, Wir haben einen neuen Proxmox Server da die anderen 4 im selben Cluster bald voll sind. Nun wollten wir einige wichtige Server die mehr Leistung brauchen migrieren. Der erste Server war kein Problem. Die Migration verlief problemlos. Beim zweiten funktionierte ebenfalls alles...
  13. K

    big load on proxmox node

    Hi all, i have some strange issue with my proxmox node server, the issue is that when i powerup a openvz container (small one 1gb memory 20gb hdd) the nodes just freaks out - means that loads goes 200+ i/o is 99% and this load/io is cused by kswapd* process. Server is: 2x six core 2.8 72Gb...


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