1. E

    [SOLVED] Management interface inaccessible from VPN after changing bridge port.

    I had Wireguard setup and everything run fine. But if I change proxmox bridge vmbr0 ports to another port or bond the interface is now inaccessible while using VPN (see chart). Cant ping bridge IP neither but everything else run fine. ip route get output from proxmox to vpn client:
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Ceph and Storage Networking Configuration

    I have a three node cluster. Each node is an HP 600 G6 DM with the built in 1GbE port and a 10GbE add on through the Flex IO port. Each nodes gigabit port is connected to my UniFi Dream Machine on the (VLAN2) network. The three 10GbE connections are connected to a USW-Flex-XG. I plan...
  3. M

    Access Web Interface on other Interface than the one used in installation

    Hi, I installend 8.1 using the IP Therfore I can access the Web Interface on I added a VLAN on vmbr1 with IP I can ssh to the machine with But i CANT access the web interface with Is there something to configure? auto...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Cannot connect NFS on VLAN second interface

    So I reconfigured my proxmox cluster to put the web interface on a different vlan. My network interface is now running on VLAN20 while the rest is now on VLAN10. Here are the network interfaces configured for my 2 nodes (My second node only has a single 2.5g interface so I used Linux VLAN to...
  5. A

    VM Interface Shuts Down

    Hi Guys! Some of my VM lose their network connections on random time and when I check the issue, It leads to turning off and on the network interface to solve the problem. Proxmox Version are 7.4.3 and 8.0.4 on different networks. Any idea how to solve the issue?
  6. C

    Host PVE behind PFSense on same PVE

    I'm doing this for a proof of concept. I've got a single Proxmox server with a single NIC, connected to a router. The gateway of the router as an example is and I have access to IP's and (all not real IPs). Is it possible to configure a vmbr0...
  7. Y

    Proxmox ignores Firewalling on interface at host level, but accepts at vm level.

    hi, i have a proxmox setup (7.4-3) with 2 seperate physical interfaces. both are conennected to the same LAN segment ( one is bridged to vmbr0 (managment of the host itself) and proxmox has an IP address on that interface. the other network adapter is a usb adapter (bound to...
  8. L

    Redundant network links to storage

    Proxmox cluster consisting of 3+ nodes and TrueNAS storage. NFS share for VM disks and CT volumes. Dedicated network for storage access. Connected via 10G fiber switch and interfaces. We have experienced a failure when link between node and storage was down. All the linux guests continued to...
  9. P

    Assign a VLAN directly to a physical interface

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a hard time setting up my network right now. I have an Opnsense firewall running on the proxmox server. The server is connected to a switch and I can use VLANs normally. But now I have had the idea that I would also like to assign a VLAN to a physical port directly on...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Interfaces name

    Hi guys Host: OVH I'm trying to create a VM with 8+ failover ips. The problem is only ens18 to ens23 is being accepted. The network is not starting: Apr 12 19:48:07 Router systemd[1]: Starting Raise network interfaces... Apr 12 19:48:07 Router ifup[762]: Cannot find device "ens24" Apr 12...
  11. B

    Need some help figuring out a VLAN Trunk over VMs

    Hey everyone, still getting some things figured out. So i've been working trying to get some networking up and running. I've tried a few solutions i've seen online but havent gained much traction personally, so i figured i'd reach out. This is my interface setup at the moment auto lo iface lo...
  12. D

    Public IP can access on Port but inside my VMs i cant acces over the Public IP the Port

    Hey, Ich habe the Problem that i cant access inside my VM to use the 3306 port from mysql that hosted on a other vm inside the local network. my Interface.conf # network interface settings; autogenerated # Please do NOT modify this file directly, unless you know what # you're doing. # # If you...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] How to remove network interface using Proxmox API?

    Hello. I can add network interface using this command: curl -X PUT -k -b PVEAuthCookie= -H "CSRFPreventionToken:" -d net24=model%3Dvirtio%2Cbridge%3Dvmbr3334 -H 'Authorization...
  14. B

    Can't get IP address to interface

    Hello Before few days I was working on some project and I was able to connect with GUI on server. After few days I tuned on server and I see that it does not have IP address on interface eno1. I tried same stuff as before few days, checked cables and ethernet ports and nothing is working...
  15. A

    Can't ping anything beside gateway from server

    Hello, this is my first time configuring server and things like this. I was able to get address from DHCP server and now I can ping gateway. But still can't link outside of network or any other PC in room. I can ping server from other computer. eno1 should be my working interfaces (I hope so)...
  16. W

    Running pfSense VM on a single port host (resolved)

    Situation: -home user -my old physical router died yesterday -I created a hyper-v VM on my desktop (which has two NIC ports) and got pfSense running as my temporary router -I want to move pfSense to my proxmox host Background: Home user, very limited *nix skillset (ie: I can follow directions)...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] mit Internet verbunden aber keine Verbindung zum Server

    Guten Tag ich habe heute eine zweite Festplatte an mein Proxmox System eingehängt und seit dem war dann meine erste Festplatte als unbekannt angezeigt und als ich dann neugestartet habe hatte ich überhaupt keine Verbindung mehr zu dem Server der ist mit dem Internet verbunden kann auch Google...
  18. J

    No GUI after enabling IOMMU

    Hello, First time using Proxmox. Had GUI working fine, then enabled IOMMU and now the gui does not work. It should be reachable on I have confirmed that the pve service is up and running. I've attached pics of ip addr, interfaces and IOMMU groups / lspci. Apologies I'm...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] Webinterface EMPTY_RESPONSE

    Hallo, ich habe heute früh versucht auf meinem Proxmox Intferace zuzugreifen aber daraus wurde nichts da jedes mal wo ich versucht habe mich mit meinen Anmelde daten anzumelden ging es nicht. Sobald ich den 2FA Code eingegeben habe hat es nur andauernd geladen um mir zu sagen das es angeblich...
  20. Z

    [SOLVED] Can not ping gateway

    Hello, today I've decide to update proxmox from 6.3 to 6.4 but i have discovered that one of my node can not access internet and can not ping the gateway. Ping result: ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host...


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