install failure

  1. W

    Proxmox install - mbr not overwritten error is 6

    Good Morning! I've wiped a PowerEdge 520 that was running VMWare ESXi 6.7. It has a PERC H310 with a total of about 2.7 TB Disk space. I tried installing Proxmox VE 8.2 to test and see if we can shift away from ESXi It goes through the initial install and then does the cleanup disks and...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] When installing pve 8.2, there is a problem with the output to the monitor.

    Hi, I ran into a problem when installing PVE 8.2, after selecting the installation mode in grub, the monitor does not display an image, asks to bring the configuration to 1920 by 1080 60 hz, tried gui and tui modes (vga connection on the board), also connected a DVI video card.
  3. K

    Pci bus error security uncorrected

    Installation error. My system: Xeon e5 2667v4 atermiter x99 gtx1070ti I think this is possible due to the edited Bios. Is it possible to bypass this message during installation? And will this cause real errors to be ignored? I'll try installing it with standard BIOS one of these days.
  4. J

    installation stuck in GRUB

    Hi all. I'm new to Proxmox and I wanted to install it on my old DELL T610 server before installing it on one of my production environment servers (DELL T140). I followed the instructions on to setup the USB, but as I booted from it, it got...
  5. G

    VE won't start after re-install

    I am learning. I had a small server running (2c/2t, severely underpowered box). I reinstalled that server several times just fine. Got used to making VMs. Then I borrowed two computers from work (6c/12t much better boxes). I installed on those two machines just fine. I made a cluster; I made...
  6. L


    Hi there! I fighting the following problem, when I start the VM and I try to install Windows Server 2022 through the official .ISO image, the installation freezes after loading the files here: Furthermore, it causes a memory leak into the VM: I'm not able to install Windows Server, and...
  7. G

    `Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load` Haults proxmox install

    i get: Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load Intel firmware file intel/ibt-1040-0041.sfi (-2) error that stops my install. im on proxmox 7.4.1 install using an i5-12400 and MSI PRO B760M-A with 128gb ddr4 ram. rest of the error reads; Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load Intel firmware file...
  8. S

    Ubuntu Desktop VM "installation phase causing proxmox to crash/reboot"

    Hello, I am having trouble with setting up a Ubuntu Desktop VM for quite a while and unable to find any resources that helps. Initial intention was to setup a jellyfin server with GPU passthrough however I realized that I couldn't even get pass the basic installation without crashing the...
  9. Z

    PVE 8.1-1 installation fails with unsquashfs-error

    Hi Community and a happy first Advent, I can't figure out why my installation fails and desperately hope for your help My installation of PVE 8.1-1 keeps aborting with the following error: command 'unsquashfs -f -dest /target -I /cdrom/pve-base.squashfs' failed with exit code 1 at...
  10. O

    Unable to boot installation environment Proxmox VE 8.0.2

    Hello, I am new to Proxmox. I want to install 8.0.2 on Supermicro whitebox server with Asrock motherboard, Ryzen 5 CPU and Supermicro NVMe RAID card AOC-SLG3-2SM2. When I try to install from ISO, it stuck on some error related to megaraid_sas driver. I am not sure what's wrong. Windows PE and...
  11. T

    [SOLVED] Installation is in hung status and can't move to next stage

    Greetings, I am trying to install proxmox on my home desktop as a home lab. I downloaded the latest ISO from proxmox website and made a bootable USB using Etcher. When I tried to install, i have the following situation. The process gets suspended but there's no any error messages. It says SGX...
  12. siggib

    Machine won't boot

    I followed the instructions at to add proxmox to an existing Debian machine. Since I had recently upgraded this machine from Bullseye to Bookworm, I replaced all mention of Bullseye with Bookworm, and installed pve-kernel-6.2...
  13. M

    Unable to Install on HPE Gen10 Microserver

    Hello, I'm trying to install Proxmox 7.3 using the Proxmox install ISO file onto my HPE Gen10 microserver, however, I'm having difficulties. Firstly, if I use a HP Smart Array logical volume I can get Proxmox installed but then the server doesn't boot as it says the volume is not a boot...
  14. S

    Proxmox Installation Error on legacy devices

    Hello all, This is my very first post on this forum. I have recently bought a used 2012 HP Proliant server for a homelab test environment. *This server does not support UEFI*. For the last 2 weeks I have been battling to install Proxmox to the point of desperation. The main problem seems to be...
  15. A

    7.3 install failed with error "Cannot run in framebuffer mode"

    Hello, first time Proxmox user. I have a new setup - 1. Intel 13th Gen 13900K CPU 2. Gigabyte Aorus Pro Motherboard 3. No GPU Installation of Proxmox fails pretty early on (right after the DHCP lease) with the error "Cannot run in framebuffer mode". After checking TTY2 around the X.Org Server...
  16. A

    hp dl380 g6 crash after click install proxmox VE

    Hello, i have a hp dl380 g6 after boot usb2 media with rufus and boot server . when i click in the "install proxmox VE" button my server go to the dark screen and I can't proceed with the installation process. My server is healthy and even I installed esxi method for testing I even booted...
  17. F

    Fresh install hangs on loading initial ramdisk.

    Fresh install hangs on loading initial ramdisk. Hello everyone. I am trying to install Proxmox 7.3.1 it is a new computer, Intel i7, Asus B460M-A motherboard, with 32G Ram, HD 1T. When trying to install I see that the equipment literally hangs after " Loading initial ramdisk" appears on the...
  18. L

    White blank screen on proxmox barebones install

    Hi there, complete newbie here, i'm trying to install proxmox for the first time (on a pretty old pc i have here), and when i click on "install proxmox" on the installation wizard, it always give me a white blank screen, i've already tried 7.2, 7.1 and 6.4, and i get the same results, and i...
  19. P

    Proxmox Installation findet PCIe SSD nicht

    Hallo liebe Proxmoxgemeinde, als Newbe versuche ich Proxmox zu installieren und scheitere gleich zu Beginn. Proxmox erkennt die eingebaute SSD nicht bei der Installation vom Boot Stick. Die Config ist: Dell Optiplex 7050 micro mit i5, 1TB PCIe SSD. Die SSD wird vom Dell BIOS natürlich erkannt...
  20. F

    Grub install failed during a recent Debian update

    Hi all, I have Proxmox installed on a ZFS mirror. My server has been up and running for over one and a half years now and I have had no major issues. I am current running: pve-manager/7.2-7/d0dd0e85 (running kernel: 5.15.39-4-pve) My zpool looks like this: pool: rpool state: ONLINE...


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