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    New Proxmox Setup with OPNSense Advice needed

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this... moderator do let me know if this is not appropriate. I have ordered a CPU N100, 16GB DDR5 Ram, 118GB P1600X Intel Optane SSD, 4 Ports Intel i226. Currently I also have a 3 Nodes Clusters. With only 2 Nodes running at a time, 1 running my...
  2. S

    influxdb https error with Proxmox "500 Can't connect to (hostname verification failed) (500)"

    Hallo, Ich möchte Influx DB in der Docker Version influxdb:2.1-alpine über https verbinden. Ich benutze zur Verbindung der https Connection Self Signed Certificats. Die Zertifikate sind von einer eigenen CA und auf Proxmox bestätigt bzw. hinzugefügt. Das Problem "Don't know Certificat" ist schon...
  3. T

    Sending metrics to Influxdb2

    Hi, thanks for any help and comments in advance. I am using InfluxDB and Grafana to visualize server metrics. While using a standardized type of installation, the Proxmox host has different FQDN pve.x1.domain.local and pve.x2.domain.local etc. but the short name is always only "pve". While I...
  4. P

    Tasks in Grafana/InfluxDB

    Hi Team, Thank you for your Virtualisation software, Would you please advise is there any way to get Tasks(logs) of Proxmox Virtual Server in Grafana/influxDB and if it is already there is under which name ? Thanks Ashish
  5. S

    proxmox 6.4-14 + influxdb metricserver missing stats

    Hello, I am using proxmox : Kernel Version Linux 5.4.174-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.4.174-2 (Thu, 10 Mar 2022 15:58:44 +0100) PVE Manager Version pve-manager/6.4-14/15e2bf61 and Influx : ii influxdb 1.8.10-1 amd64 Distributed time-series database. At...
  6. M

    Send metrics to influxdb

    I got a influxdb setup and I want to send metrics from Proxmox, the settings for using metrics is at best crud. It requires a few things. I found this link: I have added the server to status.cfg. I added the other info to the GUI setup. I spun...
  7. F

    InfluxDB VM name number/string

    Hello ! I have an error, I have a VM with the name "test" and another "123" Only the "test" VM is monitor and I have this error in syslog srv01 influxd[14520]: ts=2021-06-11T17:28:02.485659Z lvl=info msg="Failed to write point batch to database" log_id=0UdKidnl000 service=udp db_instance=X...
  8. M

    Influxdb Tag Values

    I'm currently running a PVE Cluster (4 nodes, 6.3-3) and have the external metrics server configured (influxdb), and measurements are being sent to it successfully. However, a lot of the grafana dashboards created by the community make use of Tags (host=<<hostname>>) yet when I explore the...
  9. P

    Influx: calculate outbound traffic

    Hello, I've setup an influxDB server to collect proxmox data and I want to calculate the daily outbound traffic from every VM. I'm using this query and I want to verify that the number I'm getting is the correct one, so I can update my ERP and check if bw usage has been extended. SELECT...
  10. N

    External Metrics dictionary and VM disk size/usage?

    Hi There, Is there a dictionary which defines the external metrics (and their meaning) that PVE pushes out to (for example) InfluxDB? For example, It's not clear to me how I'd get the VM disk size (and ideally usage but I suspect this is not possible from the metrics alone?) for the disk...
  11. P

    Proxmox & InfluxDB: Missing data

    Hello, I'm trying to setup InfluxDB server to store Metric data from Proxmox (v6.1-3) servers, but I'm not getting VM data (nics/cpu etc). I have created an influxDB server that runs on UDP Port 8089 I have created status.cfg with my influxdb server/port. I have connected to InfluxDB server...
  12. F

    Proxmxo External Metric Server - list and explanation of metrics

    Hi, I am in the process of re-organizing my Proxmox Grafana dashboard and would like to display some storage metrics, similar to what's shown in Proxmox's "Summary" screen: Where can I find a list of all the metrics that get written to InfluxDB/Graphite and their explanation, so I can identify...
  13. U

    [SOLVED] Issue setting up influxdb

    To my understanding, to send metrics data you need to follow these instructions : I have followed these on one of my machines : cat /etc/pve/status.cfg influxdb: xxxxxx server 172.30.x.xx port 8089 xxx are...
  14. I

    External monitoring with authenticated infuxdb

    Hi, is there any way to send metrics to authenticated external influxdb to a database? Thanks
  15. R

    PMG and Grafana Stats with InfluxDB status.cfg

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to have some Grafana Stats for Proxmox Mailgateway in InfluxDB with Grafana Dashboard? With Promox PVE no problem ( ) Is there any way to have External Metric Server for Proxmox Mailgateway? Thanks!
  16. N

    Can't export proxmox metrics in influxdb

    Hello, I recently started to implement a supervision solution onto my proxmox server, Seeing strange cpu usage of my containers by gathering data from telegraf (inside the containers) I have decided to use proxmox metrics. I have followed the "tutorial" ...
  17. C

    Proxmox & Grafana

    I have been setting up Grafana to monitor my proxmox server but have a couple of queries. I have created a CPU usage graph but it's showing the % incorrectly, see screenshot below This is the setup for the stats The stats are going from Proxmox to InfluxDB and then to Grafana Any...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] External Metric Server with authenticated influxdb

    Hello people, good afternoon from the sunny, hot, melting Amsterdam. I have an influxdb server here used by a lot of metric collections and would like to push proxmox metrics there, however I didn't find a way to configure the username and password. Do you know how to do it? I'm aware of...
  19. T

    External metrics server and missing data

    I'm currently setting up external metric and have some issue with data that I was expecting but there is no data. I'm using Grafana with influxdb and use this wiki page for guidence influxdb: server
  20. H

    strange behavior of pvestatd+influxdb

    Hello, I'm adding pvestatd's stats into influxdb+grafana. status.cfg works with influxdb config with no problem, but I have several partial behaviors depending on (I guess) kernel version. With last version (4.4.49-1-pve) I have no diskio stats, and with previous 4.4.XX versions I have no stats...


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