hp proliant

  1. A

    HP Proliant proxmox setup with black screen or out of bounds issue

    Hear yee! hear yee! Come one, come all HP owners in dire need with your new mistress Proxmox! Have yee restless nights, forced away from thee slumber, as the machine quietly beeps and the fans constantly roar as you murder it ! Follow this path closely - and the comments even more- for I am...
  2. C

    "Smart Array Advanced" seems not to be actived

    Hello, When my HP Proliant boots, the smart Array Advanced box is not checked. Do you know why, and who can I check it ? :)
  3. N

    ACPI Error on HP Proliant DL360e Gen 8

    Hello, When trying to launch my proxmox, errors appeared in the console to connect to the pve. I'm on an HP Proliant DL360e Gen 8. Can you help me ? Thanks.
  4. S

    Ceph 3 Nodes / Mixed Drives

    Hey all, I'm setting up Proxmox at a religious institution where they received 3 HP Proliant servers as donations - they're a bit old but suffice for their needs. Basically these will be running their UniFI SDN some VMs/CTs, OpenVAS, etc.. nothing too crazy. I haven't setup a Ceph cluster...
  5. M

    HP proliant dl380 G6 == no go?

    I'm trying to install proxmox on a HP ProLiant Dl380 G6 and all I get is that I need to load the kernal first. What to do?
  6. D

    [SOLVED] HA VMs and Containers Freeze on Node Thermal Shutdown

    Hi folks, I'm having an annoying issue with Proxmox HA + Ceph clusters on HP Proliant hardware. Whenever a component fails (Fan in this case), the server powers itself down to prevent data loss. The problem is that this tells Proxmox HA to shutdown all VMs and CTs living on that node as part of...
  7. A

    Watchdog stop sistem halted DL180 G9 P440

    Hello. I am facing some issues with a HP proliant DL180 G9 with P440. I was using the 4.4 ver with no issues. After purchase a new DL380 G10 and install proxmox 5.2 on it, I have try to install proxmox 5.2 in the G9 server. When I restart the server, I receive a "Watchdog did not stop issue...
  8. K

    Proxox ZFS SMB (CIFS) Share?

    Hi Guys, I have an HP ML10v2 which i want to use as an all in one server (hypervisor, fileserver, LXC). I have installed Proxmox (choose ZFS RAID 0 during install) on the internal HDD 500GB 7200RPM seagate. after that i installed samba and did the following: zfs sharesmb=yes rpool/DATA While...
  9. S

    Keyboard does not work during installation

    Dear, I'm trying to install proxmox on a HP Proliant 360G5. When I start the installation, I am able to press enter to choose " Install Proxmox VE". But when i need to accept the "GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE", the keyboard (and the pc mouse) stops working. I have tried a couple things...
  10. J

    "Video mode not supported" when trying to install Proxmox on an HP Microserver

    I have an HP Proliant Gen7 Microserver with 8GB of RAM. I'm trying to install Proxmox from a 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive plugged into the internal USB port. The first time I tried to install Proxmox on it, the installer worked perfectly, but I changed my mind halfway through the installation...
  11. R

    VM migration when server fail.

    Hello everybody! There is a cluster of two nodes (Proxmox 4.3, HP DL380 G9 Servers), HP MSA 2040 SAN connected via FC 8Gb. LVM shared for both nodes. Online and offline migration goes perfectly. The problem is when we are testing HA and restart to the one node or make disconnection to the...
  12. N

    additional hdd as storage

    hi, proxmox VE 4.1 is running on an ssd on my home server. i would like to add three attached hdd to the filesystem; preferably as one logical volume (raid 5?). i have never configured a raid, or even attached additional storage, on linux before. usually i worked with one drive which had been...
  13. LnxBil

    Kernel crashes on DL360

    Hi, I write this post to have something for future reference. I found similar problems on the forums, yet not exactly the same one. I debugged a strange reoccurring crash on one of my DL360 with kernel 4.2.6-1-pve. The same crash happens on stock Debian Jessie kernel, but never on older kernels...
  14. S

    High average load (idle) PVE 4.1 With Brocade 1020

    Hello, First, sorry for my bad English. I have 3 servers (HP DL160 G6) with all the same specs, revision and firmware versions (latest). 2 of 3 servers having no problems after the upgrade tot Proxmox 4.1 and are running just fine. The 3th server is having problems that te average load is...


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