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    Best practise sharing NFS to proxmox cluster?

    Hi, I have a small cluster with 3 nodes, configured for HA. Most of my data is on the same network as the cluster, on a Drobo connected with thunderbolt to a Mac, running Catalina. (Yeah, ewwww I know) I was planning on moving my services off the Mac to begin with, over to the cluster, and I...
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    HA Cluster Replication Question

    Hello, I would like to set up a Proxmox HA cluster with 2 nodes. I can't use Ceph with only 2 nodes, so I wanted to try replication. With replication, you can set the container to be replicated every 15 minutes, for example. But then I asked myself a question: If my container is running on...
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    High Availability + Replication = Disaster

    Hi, I've configured HA and replication, but when I actually reboot a server, the failover fails stating that the volume already exists at the target node. Some helpful info: I have 8x nodes my goal is to have replications every 15m when there's an event that causes a failover, either a quick...
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    HA With proxmox & PFSense

    Hi all, I’m a little confused on how I would achieve this goal..... I’ve been tasked with migrating over our existing PFSense VSrv & setting up HA in the event a server fails or VM fails. I have setup a Proxmox cluster [ 2xDell R630 as PMS & 1xDell 3040Wyse running debian as a QDevice to...
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    [SOLVED] HA shutdown policy

    I was going through the HA shutdown policy. Can you explain the difference between Conditional and Failover? Is failover a subset of Conditional?
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox local-lvm stops when 2 servers in a cluster of 3 dies?

    I have 3 servers in the cluster, each server has- 1. 2 HDD hard drive and hardware Raid 1 for local storage and os storage 2. 1 SSD for Ceph use for HA. I have 2 VMs in local-lvm(ext4) and 2 in Ceph storage. My Ceph HA is working fine, it only fails when 2 out of 3 servers die. However I...
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    [SOLVED] What happens when one of the raided disks dies in a 3-server HA system?

    Indeed, Proxmox will not work when 2 out of 3 disks die in shared storage. My question is what happens when 2 disks in servers are RAID 1(shared storage) and one of the disks from two servers die? Will the Proxmox server use the raided disks or will it die?
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    How to live migrate VMs?

    I am already using HA, Ceph, 10G network, and shared storage. I noticed my VMs are restarting.
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    Increase HA cluster VM migration speed.

    I have built 3 Proxmox server HA-Ceph with separate management and HA network using a 10GB switch. While testing I found that it takes around 30-40 seconds for a VM to migrate from 1 server to another. How can I increase the migration/fencing speed also how to setup live migration I notices...
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    [HA] Cluster Resource Scheduling - filling in the missing pieces (from the docs)

    I have read the docs on HA top to bottom and back to top: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/High_Availability I can't get my head around the resource scheduling, because: "The cluster resource scheduler (CRS) mode controls how HA selects nodes for the recovery of a service as well as for migrations...
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    How to start with HA and replication in an existing environment - understanding concepts

    Hi guys i am using proxmox already for some while, but since i had only one physically node available for some time, i have always relied on the automated backup snapshotting. In case a container failed, i have recreated a backup. backups are stored in the cloud for extra security. Now i have...
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    Migration failed - Error: migration aborted

    I can interact with my VM fine in console, but I cannot migrate it to another node in the cluster. Other VMs I do not have such problem. Task log shows task started by HA resource agent 2023-12-15 10:49:35 starting migration of VM 106 to node 'cobra-s-pm01' ( 2023-12-15 10:49:36...
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    2 Node Proxmox Ceph Cluster

    Hello, we recently got new Servers for our organization and havent really had experience with Proxmox before. We migrated everything from VMWare to Proxmox. Worked really well. Now we are facing the problem that we dont have Node failover since our Pool min_size is 2. A little bit about our...
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    Shared storage for HA

    Can I have 3 servers with 3 drivers? I will use 2 drives for local storage (i.e. raided) and 1 drive for Proxmox HA (shared storage)?
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    Proper configuration of HA in a HCI configuration

    Hi, Is there any recommendations (or things to avoid) when configuring HA in an HCI deployment with Ceph? especially regarding Fencing? Regards.
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    2 Node HA with external QDevice

    We are currently running a single proxmox server to host our VMs, and I would like to build some redundancy. I was thinking of ordering an identical spec server to basically have a mirror. We also have some old servers laying around we can use for the quorum as I've read that you need 3 servers...
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    iSCSI, LVM and HA confusion

    So I have a simple 3-node Proxmox lab + Synology NAS. My goal is to be able to build images using Hashicorp Packer and create VM's using Terraform declarations based on those images later. As far as I understand in order to create a VM from an image the storage of this image must exist on a...
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    [SOLVED] HA Migration creates a lot of dublicate disks

    I have a Cluster of 3 and would like to migrate them. However we found out that it just creates a lot of dublicate disks. So I have been migrating a TestMigrationVM around all 3 nodes. I would like to post the Output of a Migrationg which takes really long for just one disk of 8GiB. I have no...
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    Does cronjob work when quorum is not available?

    Hello, I have a three node cluster (n1, n2, n3). n1 and n3 are always running, n2 is kind of a cold standby. I just wrote a short script, where n1 or n3 are powering n2 on, when each other node is not available. It's my intention to have a valid quorum (2 of 3). The script works perfectly when...
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    Shutdown (Poweroff) VM via terminal session

    Hello everyone, our cluster is using HA however, I noticed that at the moment when the shutdown or reboot command is sent through the terminal, the HA starts to actively turn on the machine Please tell me how to get around this or how to increase the ON timeout to turn on the machine


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