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    Shared storage for HA

    Can I have 3 servers with 3 drivers? I will use 2 drives for local storage (i.e. raided) and 1 drive for Proxmox HA (shared storage)?
  2. W

    Proper configuration of HA in a HCI configuration

    Hi, Is there any recommendations (or things to avoid) when configuring HA in an HCI deployment with Ceph? especially regarding Fencing? Regards.
  3. F

    2 Node HA with external QDevice

    We are currently running a single proxmox server to host our VMs, and I would like to build some redundancy. I was thinking of ordering an identical spec server to basically have a mirror. We also have some old servers laying around we can use for the quorum as I've read that you need 3 servers...
  4. P

    iSCSI, LVM and HA confusion

    So I have a simple 3-node Proxmox lab + Synology NAS. My goal is to be able to build images using Hashicorp Packer and create VM's using Terraform declarations based on those images later. As far as I understand in order to create a VM from an image the storage of this image must exist on a...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] HA Migration creates a lot of dublicate disks

    I have a Cluster of 3 and would like to migrate them. However we found out that it just creates a lot of dublicate disks. So I have been migrating a TestMigrationVM around all 3 nodes. I would like to post the Output of a Migrationg which takes really long for just one disk of 8GiB. I have no...
  6. L

    Does cronjob work when quorum is not available?

    Hello, I have a three node cluster (n1, n2, n3). n1 and n3 are always running, n2 is kind of a cold standby. I just wrote a short script, where n1 or n3 are powering n2 on, when each other node is not available. It's my intention to have a valid quorum (2 of 3). The script works perfectly when...
  7. D

    Shutdown (Poweroff) VM via terminal session

    Hello everyone, our cluster is using HA however, I noticed that at the moment when the shutdown or reboot command is sent through the terminal, the HA starts to actively turn on the machine Please tell me how to get around this or how to increase the ON timeout to turn on the machine
  8. F

    3 node HA cluster Proxmox with Ceph, node crashed, replace node

    We have a 3 node HA Proxmox Hyperviser cluster with ceph. One of the nodes (third node) has a problem and seen offline in the cluster. We would like to examine the 3rd node. In order to do so we disconnect it from the cluster but this causes problem with the working two nodes and we cannot...
  9. S

    Add Node prevent reboot HA

    Hello, Question, we want to replace some new in the cluster, so remove old node, add new node (and this 6 times). Previous experience we have is that sometimes during the process off adding a new noding something goes wrong and all the nodes will reboot(fence) itself. We wan't to prevent this...
  10. R

    Proxmox HA and Ceph

    Hi there! Im trying to learn more about Ceph storage so we can use it in an upcoming installation. We have a database running on windows server that most of the company relies upon. I was looking into getting a 4 blade server and running proxmox ve on 3 of the blades and pbs on the last blade as...
  11. A

    Setup GlusterFS with Linstor DRBD for High Availability

    Hello everyone, I created a 6 nodes cluster running ProxMox 7.4. High Availability is on. Every node has 2 nvme ssd dedicated to the storage and 10gbit dedicated connection. OS runs on different drives. These ssd are a zraid-1 volume and are part of a DRBD storage pool. VM disks are stored...
  12. N

    Enabling HA made all Proxmox nodes reboot

    Hi all Just some info about our environment: * Proxmox 7.4-3 Enterprise * 4 nodes in 1 cluster - * 1 dedicated for GPU workloads and as "extra resource when patching etc." * 3 others for all other workloads. * Each of the three are running with a 256 x AMD EPYC 7742 64-Core Processor...
  13. J

    HA replication without automatic migration

    Can I do HA replication without automatic migration? I want to start the container manually on another node only if necessary after analysing the situation. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  14. N

    [SOLVED] Why does my PVE-Cluster migrate VMs and CTs when issueing the start command?

    This has started happening ever since PVE 7.4.x I can reproduce the issue 100% of the time when (bulk) stopping VMs and CTs on one Node, then (bulk) starting them back up again. As soon as the start command is issued, the VMs and CTs will migrate to a different Node, although they should just...
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    [SOLVED] High availability with 2 VMs

    I want a highly available OPNsense setup in my Proxmox cluster. OPNsense has native HA features, but they require some manual tweaking to set up and I don't want to run a separate OPNsense VM for each node in my cluster. So I had the idea of just setting up two VMs on separate nodes and have...
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    [SOLVED] Second server in HA reboots when loosing quorum?

    Hello everyone I wanted to try the new CRS features and added some machines and my two servers into an HA (I know, only 2 votes and so on). But still wanted to try it. Did some updates on one server, migrated all the VMs to the second server and pressed reboot on the first one. Just a minute...
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    Proxmox VE HA issue

    Hello Dear Proxmox Forum, We had two Proxmox VE nodes and one tie breaker nodes. We have added two additional proxmox VE nodes. When we checked the services, we realized some warnings. HA is looking fine in GUI. But in the CLI, it seems like there is something wrong. We really don't know what...
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    Proxmox HA storage and performances

    Hi. I have multiple proxmox 7 clusters for different needs. On a "staging" cluster (for staging / preproduction infrastructure) I don't have any HA. But on the production cluster, I configure two ceph storages (SSD and HDD). Developers have always pointed out to me that deploying code is...
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    Ceph konfiguration "which node is on which USV" for ideal replication?

    Hi All, I have a 6 node proxmox setup with Intel Nucs in my house as HA cluster. Currently I use Glusterfs to provide a shared FS, but I think about changing to Ceph. The Nucs are spread over 3 places in the house with own USVs and in sum provide a big "distributed replicated storage" - that...
  20. P

    HA starts VM after proper shutdown

    Hi all, i have a 3 node cluster. In my HA section i created a group with all nodes and i added my VMs as resources (in this case VMID 200). If i shutdown the VMID 200 from console/ssh (using "shutdown -h now" or "poweroff") or using "shutdown" from PVE GUI, the VM goes down but after a second HA...


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