1. X

    VMs hang at reboot or do not recognize data disks

    Hello All, I’m new to Proxmox but not virtualization, I’ve used VMWare in the past so I get the gist of it. I first installed Windows 11 as vm to make sure I knew what I was doing in Proxmox, Win 11 installed fine and I could see all 8x8GB drives so I knew my HBA card was working. My issue is...
  2. Z

    mark question offline node and disk hangs on lvcreate/disk move

    Hello, when try to disk move to another Storage the task stuck on 0% and when cancel it then the web GUI goes offline and after check `/var/lock/lvm` is locked P_global V_thin2 # ls /var/lock/lvm P_global V_thin2 /var/lock/lvm# lsof P_global...
  3. N

    Storage replication hangs regulary

    Hey together :-) ! We have a setup of 23 hosts and a bunch of LXCs running on them. We are using the replication feature to replicate all ZFS resources. Everything beautiful! But regularly we face the problem, that something freezes. When this happens, we find the following state: - LXC doing...
  4. J

    Server Proxmox freezes randomly

    Good afternoon, I'm having issues with a Proxmox server that randomly freezes and requires manual reboot. Any ideas? Thanks Proxmox Version 8.0.3 PowerSupply = new Clean install with new disk ssd wd green Only one VM winserver2019 MotherBoard: GA-B250M-D3H *Dmesg Attached Before hung...
  5. F

    My Server Hangs

    My server computer hangs and can't be accessed. at first boot it can but after a few days it hangs can't be accessed it has to be rebooted and it can come back why is that? CPU(s) 4 x AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Quad-Core Processor (1 Socket) Kernel Version Linux 5.15.102-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.15.102-1...
  6. M

    ZFS Pool issues and Ubuntu VM hangs on boot

    Virtual Environment 7.2-3 Hello, I have a home server running Proxmox without any major issues for the past 1-2 years or so. I have two 4TB HDDs in a mirror raid using ZFS for a total of ~4TB usable storage and this is where I keep all of my VMs, ISOs etc. Proxmox itself is installed on a...
  7. T

    Windows 10 VM hangs when booting

    Hi all, I have a cluster of 4 Proxmox servers, all running version 6.2-4, a version that I prefer not upgrade unless I necessary have to. I have a preinstalled Windows 10 VM template (with 4 CPU cores and 6GB RAM with minimal hardware) which I used to create linked clones from. When I create...
  8. J

    Server hangs during backup

    Hello, we have 3 proxmox servers, we take weekly backups of our containers on an external drive using NFS. The first 2 server's backups are successfully being stored. However, the 3rd server seems to get stuck while taking a backup. Here is the backup job logs, we had added a write bandwidth...
  9. J

    Shutdown/Reboot issues and questions

    Am having issues with shutdowns/reboots. 1. Windows 10 VM will not shutdown unless someone has logged in. I could set up autologin but that's not the most secure thing to do. Is there something I can/need to do to either enable shutdown in windows when no one is logged in, or a different...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Install hangs at nvidiafb: unknown NV_ARCH

    I'm attempting to install Proxmox for testing on an old Dell workstation. I've got a GT 620 and a GT 1030 installed. The installer threw this error with both cards installed as described in this thread: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/proxmox-installation-nvidiafb-unknown-nv_arch.64400/ I...
  11. M

    pve-kernel hangs without info on AMD Opteron 6380

    Hi, I want to write here about problem with I'm fighting from several months. I was migrating my old hosts (from centos/opensuse with libvirt) to proxmox. 4 servers working without problems, with last (5-th) I have big problems. Problematic server is Dell PowerEdge R815 (4 socket of AMD)...
  12. D

    Storage replication regulary hangs after upgrade

    Hello, all. After upgrade one node of our cluster (3 nodes, 2 of them is pve 6.2, replication hangs from 6.2 to 6.2: pve2->pve1) - we seen that replication regulary hangs on different containers and only reboot whole node is helps. Before upgrade - all working fine in this configuration. pvesr...
  13. P

    Proxmox random hangs/crashes

    Hi All, I've been having issues with my server for months, where by my server becomes unreachable. This can be anywhere between a couple of days to a month. I'm currently stuck on how to go about debugging the issue as no log files are written to and nothing out the ordinary in the last entry...
  14. M

    Proxmox 5.2 VM stalled during restore backup

    Hi, I have problem with restoring machines on proxmox5.2 with kernel pve-kernel-4.15.17-1-pve. Problem is that when I restore machine from backup everything is going all right but when task gets 100% it stalled and VM machines that are running got stalled. Everything is freezing. After few...
  15. B

    LVM Volume Groups with same name

    I am creating multiple VM's on my single node PVE host and I've hit a problem today where everything was hanging in the web console and 'vgdisplay' hung for >3 minutes before completing. Looking into it it seems that having LVM volume groups called the same thing on each VM is an issue. Each...


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