1. M

    [SOLVED] GVT-g - mediated device available_instances

    Following the instructions from the [official documentation](https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/PCI(e)_Passthrough#_mediated_devices_vgpu_gvt_g) I'm configuring GVT-g, and I observe there is a limited number of available_instances, as pictured in the attached screenshot. What determines this number...
  2. G

    Linux kernel 6.5.13-5-pve upgrade 6.8.4-2-pve, configured with Intel GVT-g, pass-through core graphics card to virtual machine causing host crash issu

    CPU:i3-8100t 6.8.4-2 dmesg PVE kernel: i915 0000:00:02.0: Direct firmware load for i915/gvt/vid_0x8086_did_0x3e91_rid_0x00.golden_hw_state failed with error -2 1. Start the virtual machine with direct core display 2. error:unable to read tail (got 0 bytes) 3. In the following seconds, PVE...
  3. A

    Enabled GPU passthrough of Intel HD 610 with GVT-g in Proxmox 8

    I was able to enable GPU passthrough for my Intel HD 610 (Pentium G4560) and Gigabyte h110m-ds2 motherboard fairly easily. Jellyfin h/w transcode in privileged LXC and video playback/discord stream in Win 11 was successful. However, I would really love a full passthrough instead of GVT-g which...
  4. I

    No more output to console mid-boot if iGPU is passed through

    I have an Ubuntu Server VM installed and configured. I have also set up that the iGPU on the host is passed through with iGVT-G. However, with this PCI passthrough, the output to console in PVE web UI is stopped when the iGPU is detected by the guest OS (after GRUB, but boots successfully, able...
  5. D

    How can I change the addr of gvt-g mdev?

    Some opengl function of i915 must work on a device with addr 0000:00:02.0(a intel bug or opengl ? very annoying:mad:) In proxmox 7.0 the mdev is at 0000:00:10.0,and there is no way to change it via web or conf file.Is there some args like display=on in libvirt?
  6. K

    GVT-g locks up virtual machine and Proxmox

    Hello, I have a Windows 10 virtual machine that I am using mediated pci-e passthrough so that the virtual machine (Blue Iris NVR) can take advantage of the graphics card. The issue that I am facing is that the VM lock up after 20 minutes to an hour after adding the pci device. I have tried...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] LXC no permission to use VAAPI

    The LXC can no longer be access to the VAAPI When I change my PVE to use gvt-g. But the host works. on host vainfo outputs error: can't connect to X server! libva info: VA-API version 1.10.0 libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/iHD_drv_video.so libva info: Found init...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Intel GVT-g: can't assign more than one 5_4 mdev

    Hi, I've been stuck on this for almost an entire day now... The documentation in regards to GVT-g isn't that abundant. I expected to be able to use at least two i915-GVTg_V5_4 vGPUs. Instead, I'm only able to use 1 V5_4 or 2 V5_8. The resulting performance in my two VMs is thus absolutely...
  9. R

    Mediated Intel iGPU (GVT-g) stopped working after kernel upgrade

    Hi, It seems that Mediated Intel iGPU (GVT-g) stopped working after the latest 5.4.55-1-pve kernel upgrade. It used to work in the past on the same system (Nothing other than the kernel upgrade has happened on the system since). I do see now a stack trace in the "dmesg" log where you can see...
  10. N

    Comet Lake NUC (NUC10i5FNH / NUC10i7FNH) gvt-g support?

    Hi Guys, I currently have a Coffee Lake NUC (NUC8i5BEH) where I use gvt-g for virtual GPUs for some ubuntu VMs (mainly for Intel QuickSync) and wondered whether anyone had tried this on the Comet Lake NUCs (either NUC10i5FNH or NUC10i7FNH) as thinking about buying one of those... According to...
  11. E

    Intel gvt-g not working with 6.2

    I just finished install the newly released ProxmoxVE 6.2 due to a inadvertent resize of the / which had led to my computer crumbled down. After a series of settings to enable pci-e passthrough, a few issues appeared as below: pveproxy webUI reports "No IOMMU detected, please activate it.See...
  12. N

    Live Migration with GVT-g (mdev) passthrough device?

    Hi There, I currently have a 2-node Proxmox 6.1 cluster (3rd node is qdevice) where both nodes are the same hardware spec and support Intel GVT-g (mediated device) Passthrough. I know live migration between nodes is not possible with standard GPU device Passthrough but, if GVT-g enables the...
  13. R

    Mediated i915-GVTg GPU hangs and in some cases crashes Proxmox host when used with KVM

    Hi, I have a Intel Pentium N4200 (HD Graphics 505) PC where I'm running Proxmox. I'm trying to use the Mediated GPU feature (i915-GVTg) on my machine. I tested with Linux and Windows and in both cases I get the following message in the Host (Proxmox): ... [ 144.757656] i915 0000:00:02.0...
  14. R

    Linux kernel 5.1?

    Hi, Coffee-Lake GPUs need at least Linux 5.1 for KVMGT support (e.g. Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 610). Are there any plans for Linux 5.1, yet? Thanx for any hint! :)
  15. L

    When will the 'egl-headless' display merged to the kvm-qemu branch

    I was testing proxmox VE on a xps13 9350 host with a 6th gen i7 cpu and a iris540 gpu onchip. The trial of passing through or using intel gvt-g works fine for me and I can see the intel graphic driver is successfully installed. My need is to use spice protocol while using gpu-acceleration at...
  16. elurex

    Does Proxmox VE 5.0 Beta1 support kvmgt?

    does pve ve 5.0 beta 1 support kvmgt desribed in https://github.com/01org/gvt-linux/wiki/GVTg_Setup_Guide?


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