1. M

    LXC GPU Passthrough xorg

    Hy Leute Hab jetzt mehrer Tage damit verbracht meine GPU in LXC zu nutzen. Hab mich etwas an dieser Anleitung orientiert: NVIDIA Treiber im LXC funktioniert soweit. Transcoding auch. Mein Problem ist aber das ich...
  2. S

    GPU Passthrough ends up with PCI_NUM_PINS error

    I'm running Proxmox on my server and recently added a AMD Raden RX 5700 XT. It is affected by the vendor-reset bug, but I solved that. I can now reboot the VMs without any errors. The GPU has 1 HDMI and 3 DP Ports. I initally connected it via HDMI to my Monitor, which is connected to a smart...
  3. G

    Gpu passthrough

    Hi, I acquired some '' old '' component and I want to swap then in my home lab. I'm actually using a i7 2600k and just found a 2700x. But I'm running a window vm in which I passed a 1070ti. I use the igpu from the i7 for proxmox. But here I don't have any with the 2700x. Can I use a second...
  4. S

    No display of CLI proxmox pve

    So i've successfully configured PCI passthrough of my Nvidia GPU to my VM. now i still want to use the Proxmox Host CLI locally via vga output on the server. of course i cant use the nvidia GPU for this since its been passthrough to the VM. i also cant use the motherboard video output since i...
  5. L

    Need Help Running Game in VM – Willing to Pay for a Solution

    Hello First of all, I want to tell you about my purpose. First of all, there is a game I want to play and it is closed to virtualization. My system is set up like this My Pc-Windows>VmWare>Proxmox First, I tried to install this, but I got a VM Error, so the game understands that I am running...
  6. D


    That's a lot of words! What I'm investigating if it's possible to pass an AMD Ryzen 5700U iGPU (sorry, it's a Mini PC with dual HDMI) to an LXC guest (Flatcar LXC), which in turn holds Plex. While the above is critical for video hardware encoding, the main idea is for GPU Split Passthrough...
  7. W

    Passthrough Hardware Transcoding - Visible but not being utilised

    Goal - Have hardware transcoding on a virtual machine using a GTX 1070 TI as the GPU. Achieved so far from following I have gotten so far to the point now where running nvidia-smi will show me Picture 1 in the VM. I can't get this...
  8. A

    gpu problem

    pve version 8.1.3 Virtual machine: built cloudinit ubuntu20 When I use gpu graphics card pass-through, everything is normal, but after a while, I will find that when one of my graphics cards is mounted on the virtual machine, the virtual machine cannot start, but it can be replaced by another...
  9. B

    Adding 6600XT GPU causes VM to run one core at 100% and never boot

    I've got a Supermicro X11SPA-TF motherboard with an Intel Xeon 6226R running Proxmox 8.1.1, and I've got a Sapphire 6600XT Nitro+ 8GB in CPU Slot 3 (x16, PCIe 3.0) and an NVIDIA 1660 Ti in CPU Slot 7 (x16, PCIe 3.0). When I assign the NVIDIA card to a VM, it boots and works fine (tested with...
  10. D

    Windows 11 VM Doesn't Cleanly Shut Down

    Hello all, My Hardware: Proxmox 8.1.3 Motherboard - Asrock Rack Rome8d-2t CPU - Epyc 7F72 RAM - 256GB 3200MHZ ECC GPU - RTX-3080ti - passed through to Windows (tried a 2070 Super and a 2080 Super) OS Drive - Samsung 980 Pro 500GB VM OS Drives - ZFS Mirror 2x960GB Samsung P9A3 Windows VM Game...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough - can see but not use

    Been bashing away at this for ~4 weeks so hitting up the forum for help.... Objective: Enable GPUpassthrough on server for use in Blender home render farm. Server; R710 24 core 72 GB RAM 2TB SSD total GPU GT 730 2GB (slim) Proxmox 8.1.3 VM of interest: Info: System has been running VMs fine...
  12. M

    Intel iGPU and HDMI video out stops working every few days

    This is likely a Linux or even a hardware/BIOS-related issue. But I'm posting here anyways in case anyone can shed some light on what might be happening or how to fix it. Thanks! I have an odd hardware problem where every few days my system's onboard HDMI will go to sleep and not be able to...
  13. E

    Proxmox 8.1.3 GPU passthrough soooo close!

    Hi, I'm tying to setup a VM (Linux Mint, or any other Linux) with GPU passthrough. The idea is that I will then connect the HDMI plug from the AMD Radeon RX 7600 to see the VM directly on my screen, passing through a mouse/keyboard. The VM does see the card as you can see from the output of...
  14. G

    AMD APU (gpu) passthrough

    Hello - Relative noob here. I am trying to passthrough my gpu (part of the APU) to a linux vm. I have followed the tutorial here and various permutations and I can't get it to work. Every time I start the VM it causes the host to freeze. Any ssh session is frozen and the web ui is basically...
  15. S

    Ubuntu VM with multiple GPU passthroughs wont boot

    I have a server with mutiple GPUs (NVIDIA A40) and want to create a VM using mutiple GPUs. I created a VM with Ubuntu-22.04, set up passtrough on the host and on the VM. A single GPU is detected and usable in the VM. If i add another GPU, the VM wont boot anymore. Any idea where I should start...
  16. L

    Issues with M.2 NVME ssd

    Hello, I recently added a NVIDIA Quadro P400 as a 2nd GPU to my Proxmox Node for plex transcoding and PiKVM. My Hardware thus consists of ASRock x570 Steel Legend AMD Ryzen 7 5800x NVIDIA RTX 3060 NVIDIA Quadro P400 2x M.2 Samsung 980 Pro 1TB PCIE 4.0 ssd 2x sata 3 ssd's a bunch of sata hdd's...
  17. P

    GPU (Nvidia) passthrough from host to guest on Proxmox LXC container

    context: - i am running the most recent PVE host and would like to access my 2 GPUs in the LXC container question: - is there a guide on how to do this ?
  18. P

    GPU passthrough to Container (LXC)

    loving all things proxmox thus far have created my 1st of many containers (ubuntu 22.04) and have 2 x NVIDIA 2080 GPUs on my host, which i would like to use in the contanier what is the best way to do this ? is there a detailed guide ?!
  19. K

    Can't boot VM when it has 2 GPUs assigned (pcie passthrough)

    I'm trying to passthrough 2 GPUs to the same VM without luck. If I boot it with only one of them configured, the VM boots and everything works as expected. But when I configure both at the same time, the VM doesn't output anything nor collects logs (checked multiple logs inside `/var/log` and...
  20. V

    I can't use Hardware Acceleration with Plex ou Scrypted

    I'm trying to set up hardware acceleration on my Proxmox. If I try to check the libraries, it looks to be shared perfectly. Trying with lspci -v it also is being showed In my host I also got the similar message I'm using GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet intel_iommu=on iommu=pt...


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