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    FUSE - selektiver Restore

    Hallo liebes Proxmox-Forum Es geht um folgendes: Im Moment nutzen wir den Backup-Server um VMs zwischen verschiedenen Clustern umherzuziehen. Das funktioniert auch hervorragend, allerdings ist die Wiederherstellungsgeschwindigkeit recht langsam. Jetzt haben wir das Problem, daß wir ein aktiv...
  2. J

    Container replication stucked at "freeze guest filesystem"

    Hello, During my test to HA, i'm trying to enable replication between 2 proxmox 8.0.3 nodes (using ZFS). When lauching replication, i'm stucked at "freeze guest filesystem". This only happens if option FUSE=1 is checked (and my CT has a SSHFS mounted point) Unchecking the option (and...
  3. J

    zstd: error 25 : Write error : Input/output error (cannot write compressed block)

    I'm trying to send a VM backup to a S3 bucket that has been mounted to a local file. I have succesfully backed up to this mounted share directly from proxmox with a ~25GB disk, but fails on a ~125GB disk. INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 900 --notes-template '{{guestname}} baseline...
  4. J

    Use ACL to share writable directory with multiple users over sshfs?

    Use ACL to share writable directory with multiple users over sshfs? I am trying to make it so that multiple users can connect via sshfs and have access to a directory (/fs) where they can modify or create files, either their own files or other peoples files. I am having trouble finding a way to...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Snapd, Certbot inside a Proxmox container

    I'm trying to install the Certbot snap inside a Proxmox container but having issues. Reading the forum threads, I've added the following features to the container: 'nesting=1,fuse=1' But unfortunately, this doesn't help. The relevant error messages are: Unpacking squashfs-tools...
  6. F

    proxmox-backup-client backup stops at gvfsd-fuse mount - exclude does not apply

    Hi, I freshly installed PBS on top of my existing Homeserver/Fileserver and try to backup my users home dirs, which exits while creating the file list for backup. homeserver:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Debian Description: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)...
  7. R

    Persistently Use FUSE Inside of LXC Container

    I am using a package called s3fs which allows you to mount s3 object storage on a linux machine as a disk. When trying to mount it, I get the error fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first After referencing this thread, I was able to figure out that I need to run the following...
  8. Z

    Error while doing snapshot on LXC unprivilegied container with snap installed

    Hi I got the following error messages while doing snapshots on my Debian 10 running container failed to open /snap/core/11187: Permission denied failed to open /snap/core/11167: Permission denied failed to open /snap/certbot/1201: Permission denied failed to open /snap/certbot/1150: Permission...
  9. M

    Problem starting container after dist-upgrade: safe_mount_beneath_at: Function not implemented

    Hi everybody, I am facing problems starting all of our containers on a pve node after dist-upgrade and reboot. All containers fail to start, VMs are coming up without problems. It seems to boil down to a lxcfs / FUSE problem -- full messages attached. Starting on console reveals: # pct start...
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    [SOLVED] Fuse not load

    Hello, I wish use sshfs, but despite that fuse and sshfs and install this command give me nothing lsmod | grep fuse Is there a special tips to use fuse with proxmox ? If not how can i start fuse on boot ? thanks
  11. M

    Make Google Drive accessible in an LXC: Best practices?

    Basically I want to run Plex in an LXC and have it use my Movies stored in a Team Drive. I guess rclone mount, which uses fuse, is the best option to access the movies. In the Wiki it says that it is advised against using fuse inside an LXC. Is that still up to date? I mean there is a fuse...
  12. H

    [SOLVED] LXC Features: keyctl - nesting - FUSE

    Guten Morgen, könnte man mir bitte mal erklären, was für Auswirkungen die Aktivierung der Features keyctl nesting FUSE haben? Vielen Dank
  13. D

    Fuse in proxmox 6.1

    I'm trying to get fuse working properly in proxmox 6.1 inside of an LXC container. In my configuration, I have the following: mountpoint (mp0) backupVolume/path >> Works and mounted Options --> fuse=1 So I think* its all OK, but I'm not sure. Inside the LXC container, I am trying to get...
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    pveproxy - /dev/fuse not mounted to /etc/pve

    Hello, Since upgrade to Proxmox 4.3 (I think) we've started to have problems with rebooting it. Process pveproxy not mounting /etc/pve saying only in logs: pve01 pveproxy[2463]: /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.key: failed to load local private key (key_file or key) at...
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    Enable fuse in LXC container

    Hi. Is there a way to enable fuse mountpoints in Proxmox 4? My aim is to mount svfs disks in LXC containers. Thanks ;)


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