1. Proxygen

    Is a Discard/Trim Issued When Removing an LV from a ThinPool?

    On PVE 8.1, I have a thin pool on NVME with a few containers. I deleted one of the containers (via GUI) and now I am not sure if the space used by the LV was discarded/trimmed. I can't issue an `fstrim`, unless it is against a directory, nor I can issue a `pct fstrim` against the CT because...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] local-lvm getting full.

    Hi, my local-lvm is almost full and I don't know what to do to fix this. I still don't fully understand what local-lvm is or how it works, compared to "local" (which is cleared with no issues). I tried fstrim on all my VMs and Containers. That only freed about 10 GB out of what's being used -...
  3. I

    passing trim from virtual computer to host block device

    Hi! I think everything runs smooth but i would like to get confirmation if it is really ok. Setup has flash devices (actually nvme samsung and kioxia) and they are directly running on pcie (i.e. without some kind of raid controller etc although raid controller setup + nvme seems to be rare case...
  4. X

    lvm-thin storage trim cleanup with LXC not working

    I use Ubuntu LXC CT on SSD lvm-thin storage and lvm-thin storage just keeps growing (about 90% full) but in LXC only 10% are used. Looks like its same problem like in this case https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/lxc-lvm-thin-discard-fstrim.34393/ But that script is not working Any help how to...
  5. L

    fstrim performance on CEPH RBD with Proxmox

    Hey, we observe major performance issues while running fstrim on VMs backed by a SSD pool (3 replica, 50OSDs) with Ceph (16.2.7) on proxmox. We have a workload that leads to some bigger data fluctuation on our VMs (CentOS 7) . Therefore we have enabled the discard mode for the disks and run...
  6. H

    Trim errors/not working on debian 11 guest / LVM-Thin storage

    Hello, i have problems with trim on debian 11 guest VM , i used windows server as guest on different VM and its was working for it i used virtio-scsi and ssd emulation on/off, discard on underlying storage is NVME drive pveversion pve-manager/7.2-4/ca9d43cc (running kernel: 5.15.35-1-pve) cat...
  7. S

    pct fstrim <CT_ID> ignore /mnt ?

    any way to get the pct fstrim command to ignore the /mnt directory or mountpoints in the LXC? i get an error on all LXC with ZFS mountpoints: fstrim: /var/lib/lxc/121/rootfs/mnt/Media: the discard operation is not supported command 'fstrim -v /var/lib/lxc/121/rootfs/mnt/Media' failed: exit code 1
  8. K

    VE Guest VM Unable to Discard

    Hi everyone, I have a guest VM which seems to be unable to utilize the discard option to free up block space. The guest VM is a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS OS with an ext4 root FS. Underlying storage is Ceph on Bluestore OSDs. VM storage controller is VirtIO-SCSI, with just a standard 1TB disk attached to...
  9. T

    Schedule trim (fstrim) job on Hosts/VMs

    Do I need to schedule fstrim for SSD disks (or even HDD?..) on Proxmox 6.2 ? And if I do, how exactly do I schedule such a job? I've searched online but didn't find anything except for scheduling backups... Thank you,
  10. A

    is it possible to auto trim for lxc disks?

    I have a cluster that has relatively heavy IO and consequently free space on the ceph storage is constantly constrained. I'm finding myself performing fstrim on a more and more frequent interval. Is there a way to auto trim a disk for an lxc container?
  11. I

    fstrim doesn't work in containers (any OS) - workarounds?

    Hi again I've been trying all day to get fstrim working inside unprivileged LXC containers with no luck. Initially I thought it was just a Debian/Ubuntu issue, but I've tried multiple OS templates and it always results in: FITRIM ioctl failed: Operation not permitted. FYI it works fine in...
  12. I

    Is fstrim needed on LVM-thick containers?

    Hi all, I've just discovered that debian/ubuntu has a bug with running fstrim inside containers. However, I am not using LVM-thin, just regular LVM. Therefore my raw disk image size won't change when files are deleted or added. For this reason, I'm thinking maybe there's no need to run fstrim...
  13. jmcorrea

    [SOLVED] FSTrim and Discard needed on ZFS?

    Hello! We have a couple of servers configured to use local ZFS pools for storage. These pools have Thin Provisioning enabled. I used to think that Thin Provisioning + ZFS was enough to have the VMs use on physical storage the same space that they are using into themselves, but it seems I was...
  14. aPollO

    TRIM in Windows 7 Gästen

    Guten Tag Zusammen, ich habe vor kurzem die Einstellung bei allen meinen Windows Gästen geändert. Jetzt laufen alle mit SCSI Controller VirtIO SCSI und die Festplatten logischerweise an scsi0 mit der Option discard.Auf allen VMs sind die aktuellen Spice-Tools mit dem Qemu Agent installiert...
  15. N

    trim or discard mapped size disk from within the host machine

    About returning unused space (trim or discard mapped size disk) I know about use `fstrim` command in guest vm. But I can not login to the guest customers! Now, my question is, is there any way to do this from within the host machine (main proxmox server)?
  16. W

    Thin provisioned VM backup size

    Hello to the community, I was following this thread to find the solution to the problem, but I got different behaviour. My guest VM is using 13GB on /dev/sda1, here's the configuration bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 1 ide2: none,media=cdrom lock: backup memory: 4096 name: pippo001 net0...
  17. E

    Trim virtual drives

    Hey everyone ! We were moving disks from a storage to another and noticed that when they arrive on the new storage, the thin provisioning expanded to full space. Before, when we had a few VMs, we could use the old method to empty the disks (using dd to fill the disk with zeros and deleting...
  18. J

    Copy to ZFS, fstrim

    Hi all, I have two issues: 1. When I do a command like dd if=rawfile | pv | dd of=/dev/zfs-pool/vm-disks/vm-109-disk-1 to import 96 GB large disk to Proxmox (the disk is created with 96 GB size), the occupied ZFS space increases for about 188 GB. Is this normal behaviour? I have tried on two...


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