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    [SOLVED] Non-free firmware moved to its own component in the archive

    Hi to you all ! Upgrade to proxmox 8 was successful, but i have some warnings I'm not sure to understand. This one from apt for example : I add this to my sources.list : but then apt complains like this : So I followed the debian doc, remove the line from my sources.list and created the file...
  2. S

    Modified /root/pve_source for Mini PC router

    Hi, I've purchased a HUNSN mini PC like this one (amazon link) and installed Proxmox VE 7 on it and it seems to run fine so far. After trying to find a way of passing-through a M.2 Wifi/BT card (like this one, amazon link) to a debian VM, and not finding one, I reached out to the seller which...
  3. X

    Firmware should be upgraded

    Guten Abend, PVE 7.3-4, Windows Server 2022 entsprechend PROXMOX-Howto in einer VM mit TPM v2.0. EventLog zeigt: 'The system firmware failed to enable overwriting of system memory on restart. The firmare should be upgraded.' Source: BitLocker-Drive, Event ID: 24629. Gibt es dafuer eine Loesung?
  4. M

    [SOLVED] PVE 7.2-7 ixgbe firmware errors

    Hallo Ich habe das Problem nach dem Update ixgbe 0000:06:00.1: Warning firmware error detected FWSM: 0x00108013 ixgbe 0000:06:00.0: Warning firmware error detected FWSM: 0x00108013 ixgbe 0000:06:00.1: Warning firmware error detected FWSM: 0x00108013 ixgbe 0000:06:00.0: Warning firmware error...
  5. T

    WiFi problem with proxmox (7.2-7) - Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174

    Hi, I'm having a problem with Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 802.11ac (M.2 2230) wireless NIC. I installed proxmox on a protectli device and it works fine except for this wifi card. The adapter doesn't show up in /etc/network/interfaces. I see this adapter only when I run the "lspci" command. What...
  6. H

    Updating firmware

    I keep getting this error message when booting and cannot boot into recovery: Found volume group "pve" using metadata type lvm2 2 logical volume (s) in volume group "pve" now active /dev/mapper/pve-root: recovering journal /dev/mapper/pve-root: clean, 49014/15073280 files, 2437600/60285952...
  7. S

    Firmware update (drivers)

    Hello, everyone I would like to know how I can update the drivers on a node on my Proxmox cluster. The output of dmesg show that the driver of a NIC is very old: root@ich-pve2:~# dmesg | grep r8152 [ 3.725988] usbcore: registered new interface driver r8152 [ 3.895531] r8152 2-3:1.0...
  8. S

    Firmware update (treiber)

    Hallo zusammen, ich würde gerne wissen, wie ich auf meinem Proxmox Cluster auf einem Node die treiber aktualisieren kann. anbei die Ausgabe von dmesg um aufzuzeigen das der Treiber von einem NIC sehr alt ist: root@ich-pve2:~# dmesg | grep r8152 [ 3.725988] usbcore: registered new interface...
  9. K

    LXC Container starten nicht

    Hallo zusammen, so langsam verzweifel ich an meiner Idee mit dem Intel Nuc 11 ein Proxmox Server zu betreiben... nachdem die Kiste nach der Installation von Updates nicht mehr booten wollte und ich bei dem Wetter noch mehr Zeit mit Troubleshooting verschwenden wollte, habe ich die Kiste...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Intel Nuc 11 - Proxmox VE install schlägt fehl.

    Hallo Gemeinde, ich bin blutiger Linux/Debian/Proxmox Anfänger und komme nach drölfzehn Stunden googeln und probieren leider nicht weiter. Die Installation von Proxmox VE 6.4 auf dem Intel Nuc 11 (NUC11TNHv50L) schlägt jedes Mal bei Punkt iwlwifi fehl. Alle Versuche, die non-free Firmware zu...
  11. C

    Proxmox EXT4 FS Error on R210ii with four SSDs

    I am running proxmox on a Dell R210 II, which I recently upgraded to use four Kingston A400 SSDs running in RAID 10 using the H200 RAID controller. After this machine ran for a few hours, it encountered an error and fell back into a read-only root filesystem (I've seen some answers that suggest...
  12. R

    cxgb4 firmware missing from pve-firmware package

    Hello, I'm a newbie trying to use the native kernel driver for a Chelsio T520-CR 10GB ethernet card. I'm getting this message on boot: # dmesg |grep cxgb [ 1.117913] cxgb4 0000:0e:00.4: Direct firmware load for cxgb4/t5fw.bin failed with error -2 [ 1.122854] cxgb4 0000:0e:00.4: unable...
  13. O

    Proxmox Install - HDDs not Detected

    Hi everyone, I have a Dell Power Edge T610 server that I want to install PROXMOX using ZFS. I have four 1TB hard drives that I want to use, I flashed an H310 card I found to IT mode LSI using this guide Everything went well, no errors, no issues. I used this guide as the H310 card came from...
  14. S

    Intel AC-9260 Wireless is not Recgonized

    Hi, All the experienced PVE users: I am trying to use my Intel AC 9260 wireless card to pass through to my Openwrt VM to make a wireless router, but the latest PVE 5.3-6 doesn't recognize the card, and I did some research, many people were saying the card is supported after kernel 4.14, but...
  15. 2

    Possible missing firmware for qla2xxx on Proxmox VE 4.1

    Hi: I have searched the forum, but couldn't find any post related to my problem on Proxmox VE 4.1. After installing Proxmox VE 4.1, I ran apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade. During the upgrade process I received the following message: "Possible missing firmware...


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