1. M

    [SOLVED] Auf Installation Disks das Filesystem ändern BTRFS nach ZFS

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe das Ganze schonmal ganz kurz in einem anderen Beitrag im Forum angesprochen bei @LnxBil (vielleicht meldet er sich ja auch nochmal :)) aber da es dort thematisch nicht reinpasst mach ich jetzt mal ein eigenes Thema dafür auf. Es geht um folgendes, ich habe meine Proxmox...
  2. C

    right filesystem for mini pc (home lab)

    Hello everybody, I need an help to choose the right file system for a new testing cluster. I am going to install proxmox on 3 mini pc (1 nvme with standard ddr4 memory). This cluster will run mainly some vm to learn kubernates (rke2 and longhorn) and, since - at least at the beginning - I will...
  3. H

    Persistent Storage für Docker VM mounten?

    Hey allerseits! Ich bin noch etwas neu bei der Sache, und dementsprechend manchmal etwas überfordert wenn es um das ein oder andere Thema geht, als kleiner disclaimer. Nachdem darauf verwiesen wird, dass man eher VMs anstatt LXCs für docker container benutzen soll, würde ich gerne eine CouchDB...
  4. L

    ZFS vs RAM?

    I have a 64GB RAM system with 16TB in a RAID HHD storage, so with 8TB used. The OS and VM/CTs are all in a 2TB SSD drive. Proxmox is set-up to use ZFS and I've noticed that my system has been peaking the memory usage, even though individually the services don't even use 25%. I've also noticed...
  5. T

    USB Drive disappears from lsblk after a few days

    I have a 240GB SSD drive which is connected via USB. After plugging it in, the drive initally shows up correctly in lsblk and fdisk -l, and I am able to mount it without problem on the Proxmox host. The problem is that the drive seems to disappear from the host after a couple of days, and this...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] mount: /mnt/sda: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'.

    Hallo, ich habe mir leider meinen Proxmox Server beim rumprobieren zerschossen. Daher musste ich Proxmox leider neu installieren. Glücklicherweise, waren alle wichtigen Daten auf einer zweiten Festplatte die in das System ein gebunden war. Auf der SSD hatten drei VMs einen zusätzlichen...
  7. M

    New Proxmox Server Storage configuration advise

    Hi Foks, I know this is a common asked question but yet I am trying to see what would be the best option for my config. I just got a computer and have enough CPU and Ram to run a decent home lab. The storage available is as follow: One SSD 480 GB where I will install the OS Two 2TB SSD for...
  8. Proxygen

    Installation File System Options

    Wasn't the case in the past, but is it possible these days to install Proxmox directly (not on top of Debian) without committing the entire physical disk to that filesystem (as I recall, had to be ZFS)? TIA
  9. E

    [SOLVED] How to remove properly a FS (Directory)

    Hello, I am digging up a old subject : Deleting properly a FileSystem. I know that there is a very similar subjet here but the solution is for a Datastore not for a FS. I am unable to recreate a FS with the same name of a FS that I have previously deleted. Here is the full procedure : # List...
  10. F

    Shrinking filesystem causes corruption

    Hello, I have a VM with too much space allocated and am trying to shrink it's disk from 200G to 100G. Filesystem of VM is BTRFS and of Proxmox ZFS. Steps I've done: 1) Boot into gparted and resize the btrfs partition from almost 200G to 95G (used partition space does not exceed 100G) 2)...
  11. D

    I need serious help

    I did a really dumb mistake due to my lack of experience I was trying to remove cifs from hetzner there causing problems. By mistake, I ran this code root@z1 /mnt # mount -f -a /mnt/pve/Google my df went from this df: /mnt/pve/Google: Host is down df: /mnt/pve/Test: Host is down df...
  12. Proxygen

    [SOLVED] ZFS: How to Restart/Reload Without Rebooting

    In an up to date Proxmox install, I have root on RAID1. There is another partition on ZFS, which has two VMs. There is some free space in a deleted partition adjacent to partition 5, the ZFS partition (BTW across sda/sdb/sdc/sde), where partition 4 used to be. I am trying to get partition 5 to...
  13. Z

    ssd m2 nvme file system

    Hello, I'm planning to run proxmox on ssd m2 nvme so what your suggest file system to install on it? the 2*ssd m2 nvme raid1 so what your suggest to buy for ssd m2 nvme ? what best way as you suggest ? note: I have another 4*ssd kingston dc450r 960g the server hp dl380 gen10 best regards
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Read-only filesystem

    Hi there. I got a problem with a node on my cluster. Here is the conf: Proxmox 7.1 . I tries to remove a lvm-thin provisionning via Datacenter Webui interface. I rebooted one of the nodes where the lvm thin is and i got a read-only filesystem. the system is installed like this ...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] ZFS raid1 with VM-disk filesystem question

    Proxmox is using a ZFS raid1 storage. On there, a disk has been created for a VM. This disk is currently formatted as ext4. Does that make sense? I guess its up to me. I'm just double checking. I might format the disk to ZFS, since it has the ability to check integrity.
  16. C

    VMs are converting to read-only file system once a day. Why is this happening?

    I have Home Assistant and Ubuntu 20.04 running in virtual machines and every day I come home to find the console flooded with these messages. I ran a SMART test on my SSD and it came back clean with no errors. Sometimes when I reboot the VM it starts back up fine, other times I have to run fsck...
  17. T

    Adding redundancy after installation

    Dear Proxmox Community I recently started renting a dedicated server. The Provider allows for automized installation of Proxmox VE 6, which I've chosen. The server has 2 SSD's of 74.5G and an additional HDD available. However, the installation was done (as to be expected) on a single drive...
  18. G

    Gast Filesystem: XFS vs. ext4 auf ZFS-Host?

    Hallo, dank einem Beitrag habe auf eine Frage von mir habe ich nun meinen Server auf ZFS umgestellt. Nun stellt sich mir die Frage: XFS oder ext4 als Gast FS? Bisher war ich immer ein Freund von XFS: - defrag online möglich (auch unter Linux relevant; ggf. weniger/gar nicht bei SSD?) - stabil...
  19. H

    Share a virtual drive amongst multiple VMs?

    I'd like to create a virtual hard drive and mount it to multiple VMs, some with read-only access. I do not want to share anything with the host and do not want to use networking to accomplish this. Is this something that's possible? Thanks.
  20. William Edwards

    File system in VM

    I am trying to decide between using XFS or EXT4 inside KVM VMs. My goal is not to over-optimise in an early stage, but I want to make an informed file system decision and stick with that. Situation: Ceph as backend storage SSD storage Writeback cache on VM disk No LVM inside VM CloudLinux 7...


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