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    Proper configuration of HA in a HCI configuration

    Hi, Is there any recommendations (or things to avoid) when configuring HA in an HCI deployment with Ceph? especially regarding Fencing? Regards.
  2. H

    Expected behavior from watchdog-mux with a networking outage? (HA, Corosync, and Softdog fencing)

    What’s the expected behavior here? I have a 3-node cluster with dedicated physical corosync network, and a 2nd faster network for storage and networking. The corosync network is configured to failover to the fast network if interrupted. High availability is configured on guests with shared...
  3. S

    Proxmox VE: HAence configuration

    Hello, I have a promox 6.3 3-node setup and I'm planning to configure fence & HA. But I do know how to configure and there is no documentation for it. Pls, help me with configuring this.
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Prevent node fencing while updating corosync config

    Hi, I am about to manually change the corosync config on my PVE cluster to introduce a 2ng Ring-Interface. I have read up on how to do that and although I am pretty sure, I got the config right, I was wondering if I could somehow prevent my nodes to be fenced, should I have messed up the new...
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    Why did PVE reboot all nodes im my cluster, when only 2 needed to be fenced?

    A couple of daya ago, we experienced an issue with a switch, which carried the corosync traffic for two of the 6 PVE hosts in our cluster. I can understand that PVE fenced those two hosts, but why did the other 4 ones rebooted as well? How can I fin out, what caused all my nodes to reboot...
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    How to delay the HA procedure with 2 nodes

    Hello, I have 2 proxmox PVE 6 nodes in HA (softdog) at two different sites connected by internet through a VPN. I use a third computer (Synology) to keep the VM (high availability) using the NFS. The problem is that I don't want the HA process to start just for the loss of connectivity for 30...
  7. S


    Dear community, i do not seem to find any answer. Fencing is crucial for the cluster config and operation, but also very little documented. I did configure IPMI-Fencing, it is working (2-3 minutes until VM would come up on the healthy node after node failure). But there are options in ui and...
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    ha-crm unable to read file

    We've been working on upgrading our proxmox/ceph cluster to new machines and 10G for ceph. Another system engineer was in the process of removing 2 nodes from the cluster. He followed a tutorial that suggested manually removing the old nodes from /etc/pve/nodes. This was obviously false...
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    No Cman Service and /etc/default/redhat-cluster-pve

    I'm trying to run two node cluster for the first time. I'm using Proxmox latest version which is 5.1. Now I'm stuck at the fencing part. the guides says that I have to edit the following file but it does not exist on either of my nodes. nano /etc/default/redhat-cluster-pve there is no any...


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