1. L

    many error on HDD for Pool or HDD is uncorrectable ?

    evening everyone , I have to ask for help because I am going crazy.Last night I created a new pool called hdd1 , configured everything and backed up the data from my mac via Vorta.After all this I shut down , removing the power supply connector to the zimaboard.This afternoon I said to myself I...
  2. P

    Need help, My installation has failed

    This morning while I was running an update on a VM running on this proxmox instance, This instance also runs my router PFsense. Suddenly my network goes down, Which means most likely my vms have failed. Now when I can't connect to the web interface, and when i run `journalctl -f` I get this...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] No hard disk found

    Hi, I'm trying to install Proxmox VE 8.0-2 on an old laptop (Dell XPS 15 9560). I can start the installation but then I get a "No hard disk found" error. I know there is no issue with the hard disk as I just booted Windows 10 from it. So the hdd works just fine, but maybe the fact that Windows...
  4. R

    Getting an error on 1 vm when backing up

    I get this error when backing up a vm, it gets to 25% and fails "job failed with err -61 - No data available" I can't find anything on it in the forums. Thank you in advance for the assist.
  5. H

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 7 to 8 upgrade failed

    Hi. My upgrading process from version 7 to 8 failed with this error. I've double checked that my repositories are pointing to bookworm. If i run apt install -f I get the same error. What can I do? dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libpve-storage-perl...
  6. C

    installation failed to xfusion server

    It gives an error when trying to install version 7.4.1 on an OEM server called xfusion. I've attached a picture of the error screen. I have also included the manufacturer's solution proposal as an attachment. My question is: Is the solution provided a safe and healthy solution? For example, will...
  7. P

    Get more details of failed backup

    () INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 100 --compress zstd --remove 0 --notes-template stable2 --storage local --node pve --mode snapshot INFO: Starting Backup of VM 100 (qemu) INFO: Backup started at 2023-05-01 12:30:56 INFO: status = running INFO: VM Name: windows INFO: include disk 'scsi0'...
  8. M

    Unable to access via SSH and the GUI after failed nano attempt

    Hi first time posting here. I've been working on my homeserver for the past couple of months using proxmox. This is my first real attempt at making an homeserver and I was pretty happy with my installation with truenas, jellyfin, radarr, sonarr, etc... and I think I just broke my proxmox access...
  9. F

    Grub install failed during a recent Debian update

    Hi all, I have Proxmox installed on a ZFS mirror. My server has been up and running for over one and a half years now and I have had no major issues. I am current running: pve-manager/7.2-7/d0dd0e85 (running kernel: 5.15.39-4-pve) My zpool looks like this: pool: rpool state: ONLINE...
  10. K

    Live migration failed

    Hi, I have been doing live migration (local storage to local storage) from 6.3 node to 7.2 node, there have not been any issues with 5 of the VMs, but with the last one, I had issues, and the output of the error is: 2022-07-05 23:47:53 migration status: active (transferred 29642295186...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] backup connect failed: command error: namespace not found

    Hi Dear Community, i have an issue about PBS and start´s Backups received following error ERROR: VM 100 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: command error: namespace not found can someone help me please what can i do ? EDIT: check systemctl status proxmox-backup...
  12. E

    pveproxy.service & pvedaemon.service - PVE API Daemon | FAILED

    Hi, I have the same issue but doesn't work for me, Help Me please... ● pveproxy.service - PVE API Proxy Server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/pveproxy.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Mon 2022-02-21 08:25:43 CST; 22min ago...
  13. G

    UEFI: Install on 2 SSD ZFS Z1 - "unable to init esp and install proxmox-boot loader"

    Hi I am running into a weird issue while trying to install PVE 7. I have a Dell R520 with and HBA (H330, IT Mode) and 2 Samsung SSD (consumer grade) connected to it. The system was set to BIOS boot mode and I was able to install Proxmox with ZFS RaidZ1 on those two SSDs, everything worked so...
  14. G

    Can't restore or create LXC container on new PVE7 node

    Upon upgrading (reinstalling one-by-one) our cluster to PVE 7.0, I ran into the following problem: restoring an LXC container shows an error. recovering backed-up configuration from 'NFS:backup/vzdump-lxc-321-2021_11_12-04_38_58.tar.lzo' restoring...
  15. M

    Failed to run vncproxy.

    Hello! When I want to run Windows VM, the VM do not see hard disk, and do not working.Task bar I see this error How I can fix it? Thanks in advance for your answer
  16. M

    VM ### qmp command failed - VM ### qmp command 'query-proxmox-support' failed

    hi all! Got this errors on 3 big(only big) VM in PVE 6.4 (128-256Gb RAM) with Ubuntu guest OS, storages: external CEPH cluster (RBD pools) May 31 09:31:13 pm-cal-56-02 pvestatd[3589]: VM 134 qmp command failed - VM 134 qmp command 'query-proxmox-support' failed - unable to connect to VM 134...
  17. L

    zfs send/receive fails to unmount pool

    Hey all, I have my backups in a zfs pool ("s_pool") of which I take regular snapshots. These are then streamed elsewhere with zfs send ... | zfs recv .... Today, however, it is failing to stream because zfs can't unmount s_pool. Running an export fails as well (specifying that the device is...
  18. O

    SSL connect attempt failed, error 500 when trying to view changelog of updates and git clone a repository TLS error

    Hello everyone, 1- Everything works fine when I update the repository list and upgrade all packages, but when I try to view the changelog, 50% of the time for the debian packages and 100% of the time for Proxmox enterprises packages, I get the error you can see in both screenshot. Looking at the...
  19. C

    after daily backup fails Node is not usable

    Hi, we have a 4 node cluster with ceph configured and running for years. Recently starting with around 6.2-6 we got problems that our smb backups regular failing (ZSTD/Snaptshot). Same situation with 6.2-12. Likely its due a network failure, but why this happens no idea - nothing obvious were...
  20. T

    Can't assign more than 16384 MB RAM to Windows 10 VM

    Hi there, I am running proxmox on a AMD EPYC 7402p with 128GB ram. Mainboard is asrock ROMED8-2t In there I have a Windows 10 Pro VM with GPU PCIE passthrough and Ethernet Card PCIE passthrough. Everything works really great and stable and I am super happy with it. But now I found a weird...


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