external storage

  1. grin

    Minimally required packages for external ceph cluster

    Hello there! I have tried to search the forum but found no definite answer, and the documentation seem only mention "hyper-converged" clusters (where the ceph daemons are on the proxmox nodes, which is - based on exprience - is not a good idea in the long run). Proxmox see the cluster storage...
  2. K

    Kernel panic on some VMs while adding a vm disk

    Hi, I experienced yesterday a peculiar problem while adding a storage. We have a file server on which i created a SMB share. For our PBS, i created a vmdisk of 10TB on that SMB share. when i added it the process timed out. What is weird is that on the file server, i saw the object created and...
  3. B

    Move backup to external drive and restore on a new cluster

    Hi guys, we have a PBS and a need to copy some our backups to external disk once a month. Is it possible to copy only last backups of particular vms? As far as I understand in a folder with vm id there are only metadata: So copying this folder won't do the trick. What is the right way to achive...
  4. B

    USB3 external raid-1 storage?

    I installed Proxmox on internal SSD inside my Dell 3020 Micro PC and I also install and run OpenMediaVault VM guest on the same internal SSD. As my host server is Dell 3020 Micro with USB3 port, I intend to attach a usb3 enclosure which supports Raid-1 on two 3.5" SATA drives. The external...
  5. O

    Problem connecting to external ceph running on same Proxmox node

    Hi, I am experimenting with cephadm and I've done a couple of proof-of-concept installations. For this issue, I have a new proxmox installation and I have installed and bootstrapped cephadm. Proxmox is running fine and ceph is running fine on the same hardware. I have tried to add a ceph rbd...
  6. A

    Add an external ceph pool with cephx

    Hi, I'm new to Proxmox, trying to use an external Ceph cluster for my Proxmox VM storage. Here my storage.cfg regarding the storage : rbd: ssd-pool-ext content images krbd 0 monhost pool pool_ssd_test username admin I copied the...
  7. S

    NFS TrueNAS - ISO-files können nicht gelesen werden

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Nation :) Für mein Abschlussprojekt habe ich als Aufgabe bekommen einen Virtualisierungs-Cluster zu Evaluieren. Der Cluster besteht auf 4 Nodes und der sowohl VMs als auch ISO-files liegen auf einem Server mit TrueNAS und spricht mittels NFS. Mein Problem: Ich kann eine VM...
  8. B

    [SOLVED] externes ISO File einbinden

    Hallo, ich habe eine Frage zum Themo iso upload: Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, dass ich ein ISO File nicht in das Verzeichnis /var/lib/vz/template/iso uploade, sondern eine externe Festplatte einbinde, um das ISO File von dort zu verwenden? Der Hintergrund: Das File ist relativ groß (200 GB) und...
  9. elurex

    Ceph How to connect to External RBD w/o auth

    I have an external ceph storage cluster and its /etc/ceph/ceph.conf has following options with sets auth =none [global] auth client required = none auth cluster required = none auth service required = none ....... my storage configuration Example for a...
  10. T

    ¿Simple way to backup all proxmox VE to internal disk, and update buckup later on?

    Hi all! I'm using PVE 4 at homelab to host 10+ VMs, using all w passthrough videocards. I have 250 ssd and 2tb hdd and want to add another 250ssd. All ZFS. I need to backup all my VE, not just vms. I know its fantasy, but imagine osx timemachine hdd for entire pve. 1. Is there a way to...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] No access to LVM over iSCSI after a node reinstallation

    Hello community. (this is my first post :)). I was working with ProxmoxVE from the 3.0 version. I always followed the guidelines, wikis and forums, and so I was able to solve problems without major complications. Thus tasks such as updating, re-installing nodes, configuration of different types...


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