¿Simple way to backup all proxmox VE to internal disk, and update buckup later on?

Discussion in 'Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration' started by turdor, Dec 14, 2017.

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    Hi all!

    I'm using PVE 4 at homelab to host 10+ VMs, using all w passthrough videocards. I have 250 ssd and 2tb hdd and want to add another 250ssd. All ZFS.

    I need to backup all my VE, not just vms.
    I know its fantasy, but imagine osx timemachine hdd for entire pve.

    1. Is there a way to backup 3 disks to another 3tb hdd (internal, esata or better if not usb) and once aweek sync it (I don't mind manually)
    2. If I haveidentical hardware, so I do cluster/high avalaibility? Isnt it even harder to backup them then?
    3. So I believe the best for me to find the way to just make exact copy of all disks and have spare setup aside to just plug that backup disks to it and run instantly in case of any failure (hdd, ssd, hw...), BUT: How to make backup of all 3 to 1 3tb hdd and keep it usefull?
    4. Im planning to move to pve 5 in couple of months, so I read it's a bit different there?
    5. Is external nas server will help me better? Can I do just a mirror copy of physical ssd/hdd there?

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    why you want to backup the whole pve-system?
    Normaly it's enough to save config-data (like below /etc, /etc/pve, /root). An new install is done in 5 minutes and then you can copy back all used files, reboot and fine! This should be faster than recover some GB of data...
    I would save the configs, and use pve-zsync for all VM-hdds.

    And an usefull backup is an tested backup - so you need an second system. (or sync to an zfs-nas but test the recovering)

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