1. N

    Nvidia K1 Grid Help

    Hi all, i was wondering if anyone has had any luck finding/configuring/installing a k1 grid gpu in their proxmox setup. it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could explain where to access the correct drivers for proxmox. Currently running Proxmox 8.2.2 Dell r720 Nvidia K1 Grid Gpu
  2. E

    Netzwerk disaster - r8169/r8168 | server neu aufsetzen?

    Moin, vor kurzen hatte ich starke probleme mit meinem proxmox-server nachdem ich ihn direkt an einer fritzbox geschlossen habe, anstatt an einem switch. Ich bin FISI Azubi im ersten Jahr und habe auf einem HP Prodesk g4 einen proxmox server. Die Links zu meinen bisherigen Beiträgen, die...
  3. S

    wrong host controllers in rocket lake system

    hi, good evening, i hope someone can helpme, im new using proxmox. i have a mainboard asus tuf z590 plus wifi with an i5-11600k, it has a usb controller 3.2 2x2, i install the proxmox 8.1 and i have update upgrade everthing i can. i was trying to use an usb type c port that runs on 20gbps and...
  4. D

    Can't boot without 'nomodeset' parameter

    My system is running on a i7-10750H processer with no dedicated graphics card. I followed instructions on this post to have PVE successfully installed on my system (by modifying /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-quirks.conf, and adding nomodeset to grub). But the system would crash and go black...
  5. P

    Driver Problem with r8169 Network Card after Kernel Update

    Hello, I have a PC with a Realtek r8169 network card. Since the update from PVE 7 to PVE 8 (and thus the kernel update from 5.15 to 6.2). the driver of the network card crashes every few days. I have done a clean install to test. But has brought nothing. I believe that the driver is not stable...
  6. K

    No working network during/after install of PVE - GK41 Clone

    I'm trying to get Proxmox up and running with this PC. It is a clone of the Minisforum GK41. This PC has two separate ethernet controllers, each wired up to one of two ethernet ports on the back of the machine. I have tried to plug an ethernet cable from either of these ports back to my router...
  7. M

    ixgbe: passing parameters doesn't work?

    I'm trying to use the parameter allow_unsupported_sfp=1. One of the SFP modules i'm trying to use is probably not officially supported. I've tried it in/with: - /etc/modprobe.d/ixgbe.conf - /etc/default/grub - modprobe All with no result. Also tried it with parameter debug=16 to find out if it...
  8. J

    Realtek 2.5Gbit network interface drivers?

    Hi, While investigating stability issues with my Proxmox installation, I have looked into the Realtek R8125B interface I use. It seems to use the wrong driver. My UniFi switch often “auto-negotiates“ the ethernet speed on the switch port to Fast Ethernet (10/100mbit) instead of 1 gigabit (max...
  9. S

    ixgbe driver hang up | Detected Tx Unit Hang Tx Queue

    Hello, I have two supermicro servers (SM-HV01 and SM-HV02) running proxmox ve 7.3-4. These servers are directly connectet with two 10Gbit/s Fiber DAC Cables (enp3s0f0 and enp3s0f1), and one 10Gbit/s Ethernet cable (eno2). The outside interface of these two servers are connected to the...
  10. C

    vmxnet3 MTU bug? Patch available?

    I am working with nested ESXi 7.0, which I have found is only compatible with the vmxnet3 NIC. When powering on the VM, it eventually crashes quick enough that it doesn't even fully boot and I see this event in syslog: QEMU[1560506]: kvm: ../hw/net/vmxnet3.c:1444: vmxnet3_activate_device...
  11. F

    HBA card Areca ARC-1380-8i after upgrade PVE7.2 from 5.15.30-2-pve to 5.15.35-2-pve doesn't work any more

    As in title i installed proxmox 7.2 from iso and after that i installed the driver for Areca HBA ARC-1330-8i downloaded it from areca website (there is a specific version for proxmox). Allworks fine and i install some vm. After install subscription key the proxmox did the upgrade from...
  12. S

    Firmware update (treiber)

    Hallo zusammen, ich würde gerne wissen, wie ich auf meinem Proxmox Cluster auf einem Node die treiber aktualisieren kann. anbei die Ausgabe von dmesg um aufzuzeigen das der Treiber von einem NIC sehr alt ist: root@ich-pve2:~# dmesg | grep r8152 [ 3.725988] usbcore: registered new interface...
  13. F

    No 2.5GbE connection on Intel NUC 11 pro

    Hello all, I just bought an Intel NUC 11 Pro and wanted to run some VMs on it via proxmox. First, the installation did not work and aborted with an error. Now I tried the new version with the 5.11 kernel and the installation goes through cleanly and everything works. Unfortunately the network...
  14. A

    How to check/update NIC drivers

    I'm wanting to make sure we have the latest NIC drivers installed on our VM, how would I go about checking that?
  15. P

    [TUTORIAL] Getting Realtek 8125 Drivers working with Proxmox

    This post is a modification of a tutorial I used to get Realtek 8125 drivers installed on proxmox. Ensure you have 2 USB’s, one for Proxmox and the other for the driver. You will also need an android for this to work. Download the driver from this link and put it on a USB...
  16. E

    Hauppauge drivers

    Hello! I have a Hauppauge WinTV QuadHD pcie adapter, and I would like to run it in a CT, the drivers are only available for ubuntu (, how can I install it to debian?
  17. W

    Installing new NIC. Can't locate package.

    I am trying to install a new NIC driver. Whenever I try to apt-get packages, I get E: Unable to locate package. I updated the no-subscription repository in the sources.list and disabled the enterprise repository. Not sure what else to try here.
  18. R

    ASUS XG-C100F driver in kernel for Proxmox 5.4-15 ?

    Hello, i´d like to ask if the kernel from Proxmox 5.4-15 (4.15.18-10-pve) includes a driver for the ASUS XG-C100F ? Its a affordable 10Gbit SPF+ card Chipset: Aquantia AQC107
  19. D

    No Network Interface Found for RTL8125B

    Hey, i was trying to install Proxmox onto an Odroid h2+ with the 2.5gbe Realtek Nics. Apparently windows includes it no problem but for Linux you have to install them manually, how can i do that with Proxmox? When i boot up the usb to install it, it fails with the No network interface found...
  20. R

    cxgb4 firmware missing from pve-firmware package

    Hello, I'm a newbie trying to use the native kernel driver for a Chelsio T520-CR 10GB ethernet card. I'm getting this message on boot: # dmesg |grep cxgb [ 1.117913] cxgb4 0000:0e:00.4: Direct firmware load for cxgb4/t5fw.bin failed with error -2 [ 1.122854] cxgb4 0000:0e:00.4: unable...


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