[TUTORIAL] Getting Realtek 8125 Drivers working with Proxmox


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Jan 17, 2021
This post is a modification of a tutorial I used to get Realtek 8125 drivers installed on proxmox.

  • Ensure you have 2 USB’s, one for Proxmox and the other for the driver. You will also need an android for this to work.
  • Download the driver from this link and put it on a USB: https://github.com/awesometic/realt....05-1/realtek-r8125-dkms_9.003.05-1_amd64.deb
  • When you boot up Proxmox spam (f10) to go into advanced boot options – choose to boot into debug mode.
  • Press ctrl+d to proceed to a terminal where you can install the driver
  • Type “ip addr show” to see the different ethernet interfaces on your system.
  • Plug in your android to your PC, in your android settings look up tethering. You should see an option to enable tethering.
  • Type “ip addr show” again and you should see an extra ethernet interface – that is the one you will connect to (that’s your phone)
  • Type in “Ip like set enp####### up” replace enp####### with your phone interface.
  • Type “dhclient enm#######” replace enm####### with your phone interface.
  • 10 - C: At this point, test the connection by using the following command “ping” you can use ctrl+c to stop the pinging.
    • At this point If you cannot connect to the internet do the following.
    • Ensure your device is plugged in.
    • Use the command “ip link set enp###### down” for all interfaces that are NOT your phone. In my case vmbr0 was the issue.
  • Change permission on tmp: “chmod 777 /tmp”
  • Edit the sources folder: “nano /etc/apt/sources.list” and type the following into the file: deb [trusted=yes] http://download.proxmox.com/debian/pve buster pve-no-subscription
  • Exit out of the editor with ctrl+x
  • Try updating the repositories: “apt update”
    • If you receive an error regarding the updating of the repos not being available for another XXXX minutes try the following command:
    • sudo apt-get -o Acquire::Check-Valid-Until=false -o Acquire::Check-Date=false update
  • install build essentionl: “apt install build-essential”
  • install dkms “apt install dkms”
  • mount your usb drive – you can find the usb drive with “fdisk -l”, look for a drive that will contain your driver. Mount with the following format “mount /dev/sd## /mnt/”
    • note that the ## will be unique to your drive.
  • Navigate to the mount location “cd /mnt/” and list the files with “ls” – If you do not see the drivers, you mounted the drive incorrectly.
  • Attempt to install the dvires with “dpkg -i NAME_OF_DRIVER_DEB_FILE”
  • The drivers will not install properly, rather you will be prompted that a “pve-header” is not installed.
  • Install the pve-header version specified. For the purposes of this tutorial, lets assume the command is “apt install pve-headers-5.4.73-1-pve” YOUR VERSION MAY DIFFER.
  • At this point the drivers are installed. Set your phone ethernet interface to “Ip like set enp####### down”. Turn off USB tethering for your phone.
  • Use steps 5 – 9 to connect to the new interface (your Realtek port)
  • Type ctrl+d to resume installation.
  • After the installation is complete you will need to do steps 1 – 24 again – after that you should be set to go.
    • In the event that, after install proxmox you are not able to connect to the internet via USB tethering refer to step 10 – c.
    • After all interfaces are down try the following command to stop your network services “/etc/init.d/networking stop”
    • After this point I am unsure how I get things to work, try connecting now. If you cant set “/etc/init.d/networking start” and try again.
Wish I'd seen this before I bought an Intel nic, but oh well. Also for those wondering, there is a method somewhat similar to this for those of us who have iphones which involves installing a base debian with desktop environment (I used KDE) and installing proxmox on top of that.

For some reason (once you select 'trust this computer' on the iphone,) tethering works from debian. From there just install the realtek drivers, and then proxmox.


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