1. D

    Recommendation Request: Dual Node Shared Storage

    Had a client request a fully redundant dual-node setup, and most of my experience has been either with single node (ZFS FTW) or lots of nodes (CEPH FTW). Neither of those things seem to work well in a dual node fully redundant setup. Here's my thinking, wanted to see what the wisdom of the...
  2. S

    Slow write speeds DRBD

    Hi all, Since the github of drbd seems a bit dead i hope someone here can help us out since we're working with qemu and drbd: Currently we are running 2 servers with a drbd configuration: The machine we're logged into in this picture is the v02, where drbd1 is primary. Here we run a Windows...
  3. A

    Issue with multiple NFS storage mounts on the same server

    Hi! i am currently a bit lost while trying to get a storage running. In my current setup i am trying to add two NFS storages to my cluster that both reside on the same server runnign with DRBD. The storage.cfg is definetely correct pointing to the right exports: Stor1 - export /mnt/drbd0...
  4. A

    Setup GlusterFS with Linstor DRBD for High Availability

    Hello everyone, I created a 6 nodes cluster running ProxMox 7.4. High Availability is on. Every node has 2 nvme ssd dedicated to the storage and 10gbit dedicated connection. OS runs on different drives. These ssd are a zraid-1 volume and are part of a DRBD storage pool. VM disks are stored...
  5. F

    Kernel 6.2 & DRBD - inkompatibel

    Hallo ins Forum, ich teste aktuell recht intensiv das Zusammenspiel zwischen Proxmox und DRBD/LINSTOR. Dabei ist aufgefallen, dass sowohl Kernel 6.2.9 aus dem Enterprise-Repo als auch 6.2.11 aus dem Non-Enterprise-Repo nicht mit der aktuellen DRBD-Version (9.2.3) kompatibel sind. Mit Kernel...
  6. R

    Speeding up sync/flushed-writes in ceph

    Hi all, Running a reasonably small proxmox and ceph deployment, four servers split across two buildings in our school, then a fifth witness server (which doesn't host any VMs/storage) in a third location. In order to sustain things in the event of failure, we run 4/2 copies on ceph, so any two...
  7. W

    PVE 6.4 to 7.0 update, DRBD no longer works on updated node

    I have a 3 node cluster and one node updated from 6.4 to 7.0. For the Linbit controller and DRBD I use this repository: "deb http://packages.linbit.com/proxmox/ proxmox-7 drbd-9.0 ". I followed all the steps in https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Upgrade_from_6.x_to_7.0 and had no visible errors during...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox installation choices for storage

    Hello, I am planning a migration of our infrastructure to Proxmox asap. I am having some difficulty choosing how to store VMs and application's data. So I am writing this post to have some advices from your part. What I would like is the possibility of having a cluster, as online/redondant as...
  9. E

    micron p420m SSD IO stall on Proxmox 6

    I have a p420m SSD that uses the mtip32xx driver in the kernel. This drive worked perfectly fine in Proxmox 5.x, after upgrading to 6.x write IO to the disk stalls frequently and can only be recovered with a reboot. We first experienced the problem within hours of upgrading to 6.x The...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] VM Migration failed. Incorrect storage detection

    Hi Folks! I'm trying out Proxmox VE ( 6.0-9 ) plus Linstor Plugin as a Datacenter Virtualization Solution for the company I work for. So far, pretty good. I've found a glitch though, and as I dont really know if it's about proxmox or about Linstor + ZFS, I'll post this in both communities. My...
  11. H

    Can i configure the DRBD or Fire Replication trough Web Interface ?

    i know its sound stupid but i just want to know lol
  12. K

    [SOLVED] 3 Nodes cluster with Proxmox 5.4 and DRBD 9

    Hello, first of all I know that there was a license change about DRBD and I should be posting this only on Linbit's website but, because I couldn't find any information at all about my problem, I prefered posting it on both sites to maybe help out someone who's in the same case. (I think too...
  13. M

    Drbd - Node type

    Hello. I readed somewhere in mailing lists that --node-type when you creat node is just for administrator visual help and understanding what this node do and no any backend side affect to node. So, if I have controller and satelite on the same host and not set type Combine, just default...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Can't install drbd 9

    Hello. I install proxmox 5.4-1 and then added repositories and install packages (couz I new user, cant post links :(, see screenshot ): Then I look throught modprod, but see 8 version. But I see 9 version throught dkms status: root@pve1:~# modprobe drbd root@pve1:~# cat /proc/drbd version...
  15. M

    Pacemaker in Proxmox cluster

    Hello and thank you for making such a great product. I need a little bit strange configuration of Proxmox cluster: 1. I need three nodes cluster; 2. node 1 and node 2 have the same hardware configuration and are not used by now (no storage/vms). 3. node 3 is running in production with multiple...
  16. E

    Mount block device inside container for drbd usage

    Hello everybody, I'm a beginner both on proxmox & drbd, and I'm testing a cluster based on Heartbeat + Drbd to get an HA solution. Currently I'm running a Promox VE 5.1 server where I created 2 CT with Centos 6 + Heartbeat. But I'm having some difficulties to activate the drbd part. On this test...
  17. E

    General Protection Fault with ZFS

    This is reported upstream already by someone else, I added my info there too. https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/issues/6781 I setup DRBD on top of a ZVOL. When making heavy sequential writes on the primary, the secondary node throws a General Protection Fault error from zfs. The IO was from a...
  18. P

    Perfect setup for active/active homelab

    Hi, I'm currently setuping a Proxmox LAB at home and I'd like to have some guidances/recommendations. Here is my hardware : 2 HP Proliant Microserver Gen 8 : - 16 GB of RAM - 220 SSD - 2 Gigabit interfaces on each server - MicroSD port for Proxmox installation I would like to have an...
  19. Y

    HA with 4 nodes and 2 DRBD pools

    Hi, I work with several PVE Cluster set with 3-nodes + 1 DRBD9 pool. But is it possible (and correct) to set a cluster of 4 nodes : - PVE1 / PVE2 nodes with 1 DRBD pool - PVE3 / PVE4 nodes with another DRBD pool - two groups for HA (PVE1+PVE2 - PVE3+PVE4) Is there any problem in this HA four...
  20. D

    DRBD problems after failed upgrade 4.4 -> 5.0

    So to start of this. I have a two node proxmox cluster at home running on a couple of HP G7 servers, PX1 and PX2. Both have identical setups, where two SAS drives for the system are in raid1 and then 5 more drives are in raid5. All this is configured on the RAID controller, so nothing wierd...


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