1. A

    Question about vlan documentation

    In the page, under "VLAN on the Host" section, "Example: Use VLAN 5 for the Proxmox VE management IP with VLAN aware Linux bridge" shows the configuration for a single NIC and it's easy to understand. However the following snippet, starting with...
  2. K

    Dumb question: should the docs specify that editing /etc/pve content is supported?

    I've been editing /etc/pve/lxc/vmid.conf files manually so far, because as far as I know, you cannot set lxc.idmap entries automatedly (is that right?). That seems to work as I expect, requires restarting the container to apply, etc. Now I'm automating more of my config, and I was thinking of...
  3. U

    [SOLVED] How to Copy/Paste from API Documentation

    How can I copy and paste easily from the "Parameters" section of the API documentation? Here is an example. Navigate to this page of the API docs (they're all the same, and this is just one example):{node}/qemu/{vmid}/config I can...
  4. U

    [SOLVED] Broken Help Link in Proxmox GUI?

    If you navigate to Datacenter -> Firewall -> Security Group and then click the "Help" button in the upper right corner, it takes you to the table of contents / introduction of the Proxmox VE Administration Guide. It should behave like the other help buttons in the other GUI components of the...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Details about the VM graphic card options.

    Hi everyone, When we create a VM under System\Graphic card there is a bunch of option Default Standard VGA .... I've look in the GUI embed help, but I don't found that much of documentation. Any idea where to look ? Thanks.
  6. U

    [SOLVED] Error or Missing Documentation

    I'm getting most of the API end points into an API client for testing. I have run into an entry that is either an error in the documentation or there is a missing bit of documentation. Or it has been removed and there is still a remnant: /api2/json/nodes/{node}/execute If you look in the API...
  7. S

    *.pxar vs *.fidx

    There is a large (3tb) file storage of mixed content on a non-virtual host (text files, archives, videos, etc.). From the documentation it is clear that I can backup as a .pxar or completely as an .img device (after starting it in the console it says that .img.fidx is being created) But from the...
  8. J

    Snapshots, templates, clones, backups: how do they all compare?

    PVE newbie here. 1. How does the following wiki page apply to LXC Containers? 2. There's no mention of "snapshots" in the above wiki page, even though PVE 6.2-11 seems to feature snapshot feature prominently over "template." Is this above...
  9. A

    Default Firewall Ports and Documentation Bug?

    The documentation at seems to indicate that "If you enable the firewall, traffic to all hosts is blocked by default. Only exceptions is WebGUI(8006) and ssh(22) from your local network." ports 8006 and 22 are allowed by default when enabling the firewall. On...
  10. A

    Deployment Guide for version 5.1

    Hello; I couldn't find Deployment Guide for PMG v5.x, only for v4.0 and it is outdated. Specifically, I need detailed steps for deploying PMG in DMZ as a mail gateway for Exchange environment. Thanks
  11. J

    A wikipage made my day suck

    This post should originally be me asking for help of how to get out out the fucked up mess this wiki page got me into: Yes, I wanted to rename a node... Fortunately I managed to do it after a while with troubleshooting. So here is the case. Why...
  12. R

    About the Proxmox VE API documentation

    Hey all, I'm starting to develop a middleware to interact with a proxmox installation so I need to work with the API. Unfortunately, the only two resources I found about it were the wiki ( and the API viewer (
  13. P

    [SOLVED] qm create --template option clarification

    Hi, I'm working on configuration some new infrastructure and am planning to use templates, so I'm wondering what this option does. According to the documentation (man qm), it it's to "Enable/disable Template", however, that doesn't really make sense to me since the command is for creating a new...
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    [SOLVED] API Changelog

    I have written a python wrapper for pvesh that integrates with Salt-Stack (not Salt Cloud). Going forward, I need to establish a review process for new releases of Proxmox VE so that API changes can be identified before we apply updates. I've looked through the pve-docs distributed with Proxmox...
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    Request for VMBR doc references

    Hi, I'm looking for an "official" and consistent technical documentation about VMBR (not a how-to). I don't find anything satisfying on the internet... Would someone have some references, please ? It doesn't matter if it's a book or a website, as long as it's complete. Kind regards, Antoine
  16. grin

    [SOLVED] [cpu::cores] pct in v5 diverges from documentation

    In proxmox5 cpu setting have diverged from all the documentation. It seems that cores setting is gone, as well as cpusets, and right now only cpulimit prevailed. First, documentation thinks otherwise. Very probably should be updated. Second, this may be a problem if the programs in the...


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