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    Very high disk IO on one VM when another active

    Hi all, This has me really scratching my head. I have one VM running an instance of home assistant (hassio) which has been running fine alongside other VMs (mix of windows 10 and various linux distros) for a while now. I recently set up another VM to run Blue Iris NVR software under Windows...
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    High IO usage on every VM but low IO delay.

    Hi, I'm facing high io usage on every VM but low io delay. In proxmox gui it shows every VMs are using very high io but I have checked disk io usage inside the VM. Inside VM it doesn't use that much and i have tested the performance everything is normal. Anyone knows what is happening? Does the...
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    I/O usage monitoring from host

    Hello. Proxmox 7.1 Is there any way to monitor per-host I/O usage ? In previous versions i could do that by simple "iotop", that showed certain vms and their writes/reads. But now i only see "io_wqe_worker-*" that means nothing for me... How do u guys monitor which VM uses a lot of disk...
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    i/o usage by VM with io_uring

    Hello there. Today i've faced a strange issue. atop/iotop shows a high disk write rates on the node, but the commands that does it called "io_wqe_worker-1", "io_wqe_worker-0". As far as i know qemu 6+ uses io_uring by default for virtual machines. It seems working fine but how i supposed to...
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    Missing Disk IO graph on a specific LXC

    I have a few LXCs running on a PVE 6.4-14 server. Three of them render the Disk IO graph ok in the Summary tab but one of them shows no Disk IO at all in the past hour which is very odd as this server is quite busy. The only main difference between them is the LXC with the missing Disk IO has a...
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    Disk IOPS and Throughput Limit Best Practices

    Hello all, We're looking for Best Practices regarding setting IOPS and Throughput limits on "Hard Disks" in proxmox. There's obviously limit and brust settings under Advanced on a given disk. Questions we have: Is there a way to see, from the Host level, the current IOPS/Throughput a...
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    VM stored on Truenas VM with raidZ2 with SSD - slow NFS performance

    I find many simmilar posts here, but still can get answer on my question . Our case is - truenas is running as VM inside proxmox. We have DELL 640 with HBA, DELL enterprise SSDs. On truenas is configured VM pool and shared as NFS storage to Proxmox. Everything is working, but performance is...
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    Guests are stopping on data transfer (scp)

    Dear all I have an issue when copying large chunks of data from one virtual machine to another. The RAMs on the source and target machines are filling-up until, disk I/O increases until the whole host system freezes. Swapping however seems to be decent. The hosts are on different SATA discs...
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    All Disk IO shows up as reads in the summary, but iostat shows writes (containers only)

    When opening the summary of a container, in the "Disk IO" section I see only reads, but if I check iostat I see that they are actually writes, not reads. The container in question has its disk on /dev/sda: This also happens on other containers. What could be the problem? Thank you...
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    High disk IO overhead for clients on ZFS

    On our Proxmox servers we've been surprised at how much slower the VM clients are than the host. How much disk IO overhead is normal or acceptable for VMs? These tests were done on a server running Proxmox VE 6.2-15; writing to the dpool on the host machine itself, and then performing the same...
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    High Disk IO and Disk Usage over a short period of time.

    I have Proxmox 6.0.4 installed for roughly just under 3 months now. I am fairly new to using this Hypervisor, but I would consider the disk usage high for the use case. The Proxmox server has 1 active Windows VM which is running 24/7. This is Windows Server 2019 Standard with a 100GB OS drive...
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    Clean install - Proxmox 4.4 High I/O

    Hi everyone. I've noticed that my iotop is showing the following: TID PRIO USER DISK READ DISK WRITE SWAPIN IO> COMMAND 7252 be/3 root 0.00 B/s 3.83 K/s 0.00 % 99.99 % [jbd2/loop0-8] 249 be/3 root 0.00 B/s 0.00 B/s 0.00 % 99.99 % [jbd2/md2-8] Doing...
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    Lack of disk io chart for unprivileged containers

    Starting from about November 15 Disk IO read charts of unprivileged containers disappeared as shown in graphics. Disk IO charts about privileged containers are OK. There are no write disk IO charts at all. I have current proxmox version, installed about two years ago on Debian with ZFS filesystem.
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    [SOLVED] Slow Disk IO inside VM but not Proxmox

    So I am have an interesting situation. I have Proxmox installed on an r610 that I just purchased and have never used this software before. I can create VMs but what I noticed is they are slow. Upon further investigation it appears to be the disk. When I log into the Proxmox box directly(not a...
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    Many ksoftirqd daemons using 99% of I/O

    Hello, after the latest kernel upgrade (i think) there is a lot of ksoftirqd/0,2,3,4 daemons which consuming 99% of disk I/O? I've got this issue with two different servers, different hardware. Does anybody knows more information about that?


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